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  1. ARK 2 = ATLAS ?. Key staff transitoned to Grape Shot. The best of the ARK MOD development competions winners/sponsored went into ATLAS. They have announced that GENISIS is the end of the story and that it was paid DLC to keep the DEV Teams funded as they were delightfully supprised at the continumg numbers of playerbase. That equates in my mind to most likley QOL and bug fixes with maybe more community developed maps like Rag, Center, Val, Crystal etc. Should of been a small subscription service.
  2. @Joebl0w13 Can we or you poke a Community Manager?
  3. Do @Joebl0w13 are you doing anything helpful like escalating?
  4. LOL, Gensis is supposed to be a simulation (not real). No tranfers should be allowed.
  5. Dont be a c##k, take the money and delay the delivery of goods is breach of Consumer Laws in my country. Wildcard HAVE NEVER delivered anything on time and when they do, it is still full of bugs.
  6. "preparing for Season 2 " does season 2 start on Friday as well?
  7. Wildcard, do we keep our characters or are they wiped as well?
  8. I am experiencing the same issue.
  9. Still enjoy this game after 4000hours.

  10. Since the Valentine Event is only 48hours the ETA (Hour) of the patch is important. What is the scheduled Patch Time for the Official PC servers?
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