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  1. ARK 2 = ATLAS ?. Key staff transitoned to Grape Shot. The best of the ARK MOD development competions winners/sponsored went into ATLAS. They have announced that GENISIS is the end of the story and that it was paid DLC to keep the DEV Teams funded as they were delightfully supprised at the continumg numbers of playerbase. That equates in my mind to most likley QOL and bug fixes with maybe more community developed maps like Rag, Center, Val, Crystal etc. Should of been a small subscription service.
  2. @Joebl0w13 Can we or you poke a Community Manager?
  3. Do @Joebl0w13 are you doing anything helpful like escalating?
  4. LOL, Gensis is supposed to be a simulation (not real). No tranfers should be allowed.
  5. Official Server Crashs Official Server 612 crashes every 5-10mins unplayable.
  6. It depends on your consumer laws of your country. Valve/Steam got fined $3 Million for telling Australians they could not get a refund on games. Under Australian laws there is not this 2 week crap or its a DLC blah blah, If a product or service is not delivered when and to the standard as it is advertised within reason than you must get a refund.
  7. Sueing is a mainly a American thing. Not a thing in Australia. Players did not sue, they submitted compaints to the Australian Government (ACCC) who investigated and fined. A poll of Ark players results would be interesting.
  8. You are right; I missed that but for a good reason... The news article was named "Fear Evolved 3 Begins!". Why was it not named something like "GENISIS RELEASE DELAY". IMHO Genisis more imporatant then Fear Evolved at a consumer level.
  9. Maybe in your country you have crap Consumer laws.. Steam/Valve tried that crap BUT under Australian Law you must give a refund. Steam/Valve got fined 3 million dollars for not giving refunds to Australians. https://www.accc.gov.au/media-release/valve-to-pay-3-million-in-penalties-for-misrepresenting-gamers-consumer-guarantee-rights
  10. It is not a promise; it is a legal binding contract in Australia. They advertised on steam a delivery date of December 2019 and took customers money. Long term customers know the ability of Wildcard to NOT deliver a fit for purpose product on time. Many customers do not follow this website, just Steam and have not received any direct communication (e.g. Email) updating them of the new delivery date. I myself (stupid trusting me) bought Genesis and took two weeks off work to play the new DLC then find out by chance on Steam that it had been delayed until January without any customer c
  11. Accepting money for a product and or service with an agreed delivery date and not delivering is a breach of Australian Consumer law: https://www.accc.gov.au/consumers/sales-delivery/non-delivery-of-products-services Genesis was sold on Steam/Valve with an advertised delivery date of part One by December 2019. An undeniable fact. I understand that because of the Non-Subscription service model that WildCard have employed provides minimal financial revenue to support the longevity of this game title and necessitates the sale of DLC to maintain viability. What is lacking from Wildca
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