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  1. I haven't PvP'd since the latest patch, so I don't know, exactly, if the Giga nerf is in yet. If it is, then I would put both in S tier somewhere, but if it's not, the Giga needs to be above the Rex, as it's literally an almost completely superior dino in almost all regards. Titanos are good for their demo potential, but I'll be honest, it just seems like mentioning that they will be vastly harder to tame once the tek tape nerf goes through, and its rank should reflect it. For most tribes, if you are taming a Titano, it's better to just shoot the cannonballs at the enemy base. The p
  2. Ok. S+ Tier:No mention of Paracer or Giga in the S+ tier, despite the fact that those two dinos, alone, are more vital to any major raid then literally any of the dinos you have in the S+ tier. Rexes are only used in Raids when Gigas can't be. Gigas are, in the vast majority of PvP (Until the upcoming nerfs) superior in every way. S Tier: Mention Tapejaras here due to the fact that the only reason Titanos are really relevant are due to their ease of taming due to tek tape. Without them, Titanos are not worth the time and effort in the vast vast majority of PvP. Rock Elementals are bo
  3. Yeah. The bosses are far far easier now then they were then.
  4. This thread was from a time period roughly 6-8 boss nerfs ago. Just saying.
  5. Lost another 240+ Basilisk to the non-existent mesh on Aberration today. 20$DLC, 60$ Game, no bugs. G_G
  6. It depends on if you need them. A lot of the time you simply don't need to commit a yuty or daedon. Just a Stego with some cakes can crack the majority of bases. However, for major server wars/wipes, yes, you bring, and use, both. Kentro's are highly underrated. Drop one into a Giga that's fighting and it will instantly enrage itself, dismounting, and likely killing the rider. It's one of the easiest, fastest and most effective ways to stop a meatrun dead in it's tracks.
  7. Logged onto an (Official) Aberration server. Lamented the fact that my Babies all want Featherlight kibble. Decided to farm some metal, picked up an anky with a crab. About twenty minutes later the anky fell out of the crabs claw under the mesh, sealing its fate and the metal run with it. Got on my Mega, farmed some meat and logged off. Probably won't try Aberration until the devs get back from their holiday and make the map playable again.
  8. >Your going to be spending a couple hours killing egg dinos with a poison wyvern when it takes about 15 seconds of fabbie shots to kill your wyvern? >Anyone relevant carries a gas mask for PvP, so you aren't killing anyone riding a giga. > Flame arrows kill plant species faster then gas >Rexes have more HP by a factor of at least two, and do more damage then a Wyvern. Assuming they've bred rexes for any length of time. >Pteras and Griffins pick much better then Wyverns. >No experienced Alpha is going to "ride wyverns". They're worse then Pteras, Rexes
  9. Basilisks are better now, and Narc grenades do the same thing prior to Basilisks coming out. Wyverns have never actually been useful in PvP in a world where Ptera/Griffin exist. They're extremely slow and easy to pick, and the Wyverns are too squishy to fight anything larger then a saddled Carno/Allo on the ground. Poison Wyverns were decent until people figured out Gas Masks prevented them from killing the rider. The problem with Wyverns is that their breath weapon (The biggest source of damage from a Wyvern) is classified as something different then standard "Dino Bi
  10. Nope. I've been around for quite a while. Just curious why people think Wyverns are good in PvP when I can kill them with a couple clips from a fabbie, outrun them on foot, and ignore the damage they do with good flak. They're eye candy. Not actually good in PvP, but look cool. Just wondering where all the people who think Wyverns are good are hanging out, because I haven't seen a Wyvern used in serious PvP on Official since.....well actually since Scorched Earth came out. Only time I saw Wyverns used (Ignoring C4 Wyverns), in serious PvP was when Scorched was a closed expac.
  11. I don't understand where people are seeing all these wyverns? Is it fotm on unofficials or something?
  12. Wyverns are about a C rank. They have no use in PvP. If you're fighting people in the sky, a Griffin or Ptera is better. If you're fighting something on the ground, almost any ground mount puts them to shame. Brontos are A rank, they're useful but outclassed in about 95% of cases by either a Rock Elemental (For dealing with plant X), a Stego (For C4ing) or a Paracer (For outright soaking). They're really bad at soaking. You'd be better off using a decent rex with a decent saddle. They only get ~20% damage reduction from being in the dark and can only get around 60k HP. Where as
  13. No. What they have doesn't bother me at all. It's just the futility of it. To give you a synopsis of what's happening on PvP servers, basically every tribe dupes, and 2/3rd the servers have bases built under the mesh. It's basically a cheating extravaganza, as there's essentially no rules there. No reason to raid that base because, even assuming I raid it, and level it, and they don't roll the server back (As in the tribe I raided), they'd just dupe it all back in about fifteen minutes. When the loot in the game loses all its value, the game just becomes PUBG with wors
  14. Undermesh means that the base, in this case, was built below the ground, in an area that isn't supposed to be playable. However, since there are probably about 50-60 holes in the mesh on the Center alone, or ways to get under the playable map area, people frequently, and commonly, have bases down there. 45-60x60x30 are the dimensions of the base in question, meaning 45-60 foundations long, by 60 foundations wide, by 30 walls high.
  15. I logged onto PvP Official, realized that my bases on three servers had been undermeshed, so I went to the server that undermeshed me, raided their duping cave, then realized they had a 45-60x60x30 under the mesh, so I logged off and left.
  16. I joined the server one of my characters is on. It's still not actually up to date, so that character is spending day 136 on an outdated Asia server, because the server hasn't updated to the current patch version in four months, still no transfer. I then joined ANOTHER server, where ANOTHER one of my characters (My main actually) got stuck, been about a week since it got stuck, it's not updated either. Checked both tickets, made sure both were opened, and then shut off Ark.
  17. As a PvP player, this tier list makes me so confused. And sad. Most of the dinos on the latest tier list aren't even worth taming on PvP servers (Except for Eggs), and the ones that are (Like the snail) have an F rating.
  18. As a Solo player, not on Single Player, I would forget entirely about the Bosses. You won't be able to do them. That being said, from the perspective of a person in a tribe that runs the bosses; Easy/Medium Brood: Rexes Hard Brood: Calicotherium Ape Easy/M/H: Some tanking turtles and with the players riding 5 Galli's. Kill with guns. Dragon: Therizino/Rex/Allo/Baryonyx for tanking/add killing, kill with guns. The issue is that no Dino currently in the game can actually "Tank" the bosses long enough to kill them. Turtles are included for the M
  19. I'm not crying, and I certainly agree that the nerf needed to happen, but my issue is how everything is panning out where Wildcard is making these bosses progressively harder and less accessible, in part, because they wanted to make it more accessible. Nerfing those BP's hurt how fast and how cheaply bosses could be done. Further, fixing the "Exploits" while ignoring the fact that the Bosses are, without exploits, nearly impossible. The goal should be to make Tek Tier an expensive, but viable, option for use in combat, however that will never be true if they continue t
  20. I was trying to draw the connection that the fact that they keep increasing the difficulty of the bosses (As well as nerfing everything else in the game) is an extremely bad move. The reason why Tek Gear isn't used, was never that it was "Bad", it was the fact that it was prohibitively expensive to make, maintain and potentially lose. Yet, all the devs have done is increase that gap. 800% Fabbie rifles never decided PvP fights. What decided PvP fights was which tribe had more expendable resources. The best dinos in the game aren't the hard-to-get Dinos, like Wyverns o
  21. Even if you succeed, the cost:return ratio is extremely bad. Take the Shield Generator, for instance; 250k HP, and roughly 250 damage per tek rex shot. 1,000 shots from the saddle kills it. One thousand shots costs roughly 50 Element, which is easily doable for a raiding tribe. Meanwhile, the damage that 50 element does to the defending tribe is 5,000 Ingots and 75 Element. A Tek Rifle with 2 Element will destroy a wall. That wouldn't necessarily be bad in and of itself, except for the fact that Tek Rex/Rifle outrange turrets and can't be shot down by T
  22. Dinosaurs are really only good on the Broodmother in general. The issue with that is it attaches such a price tag to doing tek tier that it borders on the insane. Sure. We can *do* hard Dragon. It just costs 20k ingots a run now, which is ridiculous. The biggest problem with Tek Tier, particularly in my experience (In PvP), isn't that the stuff itself isn't "Good", it's always been that it's so prohibitively expensive to craft and maintain that it's non-viable. These changes simply perpetuate that. Add to the fact that it's so easy to destroy Tek structures, and incredibl
  23. We don't have any issue with that really. The biggest issue is just living to do DPS. Even our 40-50k rexes get shredded too quickly by most of the bosses. Just in general the bosses do way too much damage to be feasible to run outside of "Glitch" or "Exploit" runs, and if they plan on fixing the exploits that people are using to actually do the bosses, they need to address the absurdity that the bosses are.
  24. Yeah, all the Rexes aren't built solely for the Dragon boss, so some of them had high HP (Mainly for H. Broodmother) But even with the ledge method with a rex for cover, it's still using an exploit, which will, in all likelihood, get patched in the future. We've killed the boss, but "Fighting the dragon", or really, fighting any of the bosses "The intended way" without exploiting their AI in some way, is nearly impossible at the moment, and needs to be addressed. If they're going to fix the exploits that make the bosses "Doable" they need to actually address the broken
  25. We went on the Medium Dragon with 78-92 armor saddles, 30-40k HP rexes with 3-700% melee, and all, to some degree, Imprinted (50+%), and the dragon boss killed everything before we got it to half health. With the "Nerf" or rather "Fix" to bosses today (Monkey Ledge no longer exists and Dragon can't be pinned), you will need 50+k HP Rexes to even survive in there.
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