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  1. Snail Games, and the tribe TEA runs enforcement on Conquest. Wildcard is supposedly in charge of enforcement on all other servers (I assume, it's not specifically said, but until that announcement, no one assumed differently). As far as the difference between CoC being enforced. The CoC in Ark is more of a set of vague guidelines, the rules enforced differ from person to person (Whose enforcing). I haven't seen a CoC posted by Snail Games/TEA yet, but I assume it will be somewhat similar to the CoC Wildcard has posted. The only meaningful difference might be a ban on attacking Snail Games' tribe. Further, it's unseen as to whether they will enforce the CoC the same way as Wildcard does, which is to say with wild inconsistency. Given that Snail Games has a vested interest due to people connected to it playing *on* the cluster, they might enforce the rules consistently and possibly (With the exception of when it involves them) fairly. It's yet to be seen if this is a step up, or step down from the normal Wildcard interns enforcing rules.
  2. iAmE

    Extinction TEK Engrams

    Nah, it'll just require eggs that aren't in the game. Like Mammoth. You know, like Aberration kibble for the first 6 weeks.
  3. Fair enough. I'm just jaded because I've played out this little discussion of "Will Wildcard finally enforce rules?" a couple dozen times myself. It would be nice if they actually did it, but I wouldn't recommend getting your hopes up. We have nigh on a hundred examples in the past that they won't/don't follow up.
  4. Here's the thing though. They have dev wiped these people, as I mentioned, dozens. If not hundreds of times. I can't help but think that time has *already* shown that they won't be consistent.
  5. TEA has a direct line to the developers and has *always* had immediate action taken against people breaking or even bending the rules against it. That being said, your fight is far from over just because they dev wiped two tribes on CQ servers. You realize that those two tribes still existing is an enigma right? The leader of BLDX has been banned literally over a dozen times, and still plays. He actually is one of the largest Ark streamers. BLDX alone has been dev wiped dozens if not hundreds of times. What they did today is spit in the face of a hurricane. Much more is needed to do anything to stem the tide. And if history is any form of thing to go by. Nothing else will happen.
  6. 1. PvP servers would literally be dead without transfers. 2. People are just going to team anyways, and all you do is kill the enjoyment of groups. 3. ORP is a broken system for a variety of reasons 4. Random arbitrary rules that serve no purpose. The reality is that this is Ark. This game is not designed for groups of 3-4 players. Particularly not PvP wise. You are not supposed to have a life and play Ark at the same time (lul 14 day raises). The game you *want* is a game that is fundamentally different then how this game was designed and intended to be played. Your 3-4 man tribe is not supposed to have a "Fair chance of PvP" against a tribe of 40 people. You're supposed to take your 3-4 people, and find a group of 35 people, join them, THEN fight the 40 people.
  7. iAmE

    Meshing got to go!

    Meshing is basically a form of cheating that can't actually be fixed. The problem is it, like most forms of cheating, require an active moderation team capable of responding to incidents of meshing, and resolving them. Currently Wildcard does not have a meaningful Support system in place, the tools the few support staffers that exist have, are inadequate and they are bound by an internal policy preventing them from addressing the problem in a meaningful manner. Even with all that being the case, that's not actually the worst part. The worst part comes when you then go on to realize that Wildcard has been in this situation for years, and has neither acknowledged it as a problem, nor made any steps or progress towards fixing, or even curtailing the problem in any measurable or meaningful way.
  8. iAmE

    Wildcard’s post Extinction plan

    My biggest question to Wildcard, will always be, Why did you skip hiring minimum wage support staff and QA staff. The cheating problem would have never reached such endemic proportions if the developers had the basic support staff capable of processing the tickets and acting as moderators punishing them. Half the "Exploits" wouldn't have reached public release if the developers had basic QA staff capable of just exploring the map, and trying to break things. I don't necessarily see those diaries as admitting defeat, exactly, but it does go to show just how ignorant the developers are of basic facets of game development. Testing your game before you release it so you can't just shove a chair into a wall, sit down, and get up outside the mesh, and supporting the game so people who do exploit these glitches don't destroy the game's playerbase are so basic in the industry.
  9. iAmE

    Wildcard’s post Extinction plan

    You can actually make assumptions because it was leaked at a point in time where Ark is entering its natural decline/end point. It's unlikely the developers will continue supporting the game post-extinction. Not only are they incapable of it from an administration point of view, but it also, at least to all our knowledge, makes no money. The developers have been hard set on chasing cash infusions for their company while completely ignoring just about everything else. There's two options. One they abandon Ark and begin working on a new game, which may or may not be Atlas (The timing just seems a bit off for the leak if it *isn't* Atlas), or they announce new Ark DLC and begin working on it.
  10. iAmE

    Extinction TEK Engrams

    Tek Climbing Pick please. Basically it combines the ability to phase through any mesh in the game with the ability to fly like the Tek Sword.
  11. iAmE

    Wildcard’s post Extinction plan

    I don't think I've ever been named chief anything for connecting the A-B-C dots, but I'll take it I suppose.
  12. iAmE

    Wildcard’s post Extinction plan

    The devs openly said in an interview that they were done with Optimizations because "Hardware will eventually exist that can run our game". As far as bug-fixes, those don't really earn money. As far as the OP. The post-Extinction plan is probably to pull all working personnel to work on their new game (Atlas iirc), while leaving a skeleton crew to deal with Ark for the next year or two while the game continues its decline. It makes the most fiscal sense, and is entirely consistent with their course of action for the past year or so.
  13. iAmE

    Devs need to change their ways...

    They used to be. Now they aren't. Because allowing them to completely run amok, essentially unaddressed, has led them to be the majority. That is how cheaters usually work in any given environment. Particularly when you can literally just place a chair next to a wall, get on it, and end up inside the mesh. That isn't "Advanced engine knowledge". It's pretty basic. But the problem with what you're saying is that they're understaffed, have inadequate tools to do anything, and historically, have done so little that it is near indistinguishable from nothing. Sure, technically you're right, but as long as 99 of every 100 Cheating incidents go completely unaddressed, you are representing the exception. Not the rule. An official incident reporting system that can have tickets lasting months, if not literal years, if you don't play on their latest FotM servers. Sure. Maybe life is "Nice" on Conquest servers, but why has it taken multiple years for them to provide a service this basic? Why do I get shafted for playing Official PvP and not wanting to jump servers every 3 months when they release their new fotm servers? Don't get me wrong. I want to be optimistic. Two odd years ago, I was quite optimistic. In the interim I have been meshed. Dozens of times. Dealt with aimbotters on a weekly basis. Was here when streamers on Official Servers literally streamed themselves duping and laughing about how Wildcard won't do anything (They didn't actually do anything, that streamer still plays on the same account). I've even watched tribes who got meshed on a daily basis, put up mesh defenses (IE put up turret towers in the mesh), then get wiped by Wildcard for putting up turrets under their base, under the mesh. Not just once, or twice, but multiple times. I physically can't be optimistic anymore. I've spent years waiting for Wildcard to support the Official Server network adequately, and to date, they never have. They've never even appeared to have *tried* to sufficiently support the game. It hurts to have a game have so much potential, like Ark, and watch it fail because Wildcard, for whatever reason, can't seem to manage their business out of a paper bag. Server performance is notoriously bad? Maybe stop hosting four servers off a single box. Every expansion/major content patch you release is plagued by game-ending or breaking bugs? Maybe hire some QA people. Your game is being ruined by cheaters? Maybe hire some support staff. Minimum wage positions could have fixed so much, yet here we are. Where the community has been literally frothing at the mouth for about three months over problems those same minimum wage positions could have fixed. Frankly. I'm depressed about it.
  14. iAmE

    Devs need to change their ways...

    The problem being that for every screenshot a bob has of stuff like this, there's literally dozens, if not hundreds of people with videos and concrete evidence of "CoC" violations that had nothing and no one doing anything about them. Let me put it this way; It's hard to logically explain that cheating has been adequately, or even majorly addressed, when the largest mega-tribes on Official are tribes that have had hundreds if not thousands of accounts banned in it, and been wiped dozens, if not hundreds of times. It's extremely easy to think nothing is being done when they're trying to handle the reports from the entire game network with a single unpaid intern who devotes 4 hours a day to enforcing the rules in a game where exploiting is so easy and simple it can be done with a wooden chair or sleeping bag, and basic knowledge of how UE4 works. These kinds of views will be prevalent among the playerbase as long as cheating is literally meta, and Wildcard takes no sufficient steps to actually dissuade it.
  15. iAmE

    Just how dumb is wildcard?

    I can't bring myself to blame the CM's because, eventually, we'd still just be angry at the company and they'd be irrelevant. CM's are good for explaining/controlling firestorms that happen every once and a while Which they did for a pretty long time. However, as many of us know, they have no real power, and the people with real power in the company, refuse to change.