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  1. I mean, just be glad they didn't toss down a Giga and eat all the neutral dinos. That's what I would have done. The Pokeballs are a bit silly. I personally don't think you should be able to suck up the dinos mid-fight (Or even in flight). One of my favorite tactics is to suck up fliers mid flight (Wyverns/Griffos) when being chased, then Wingsuit away from the enemy (Since the Wingsuit is faster then any other flyers). The cryoballs are a good idea, and I like what they did to the PvP meta, and the game in general, but it does need some tweaking. Hopefully we'll see some common-sense adjustments in the future, once the devs fix more pressing things like Drake/Wyv eggs being invisible, Drakes/Wyvs all hatching at level 1 and the Tek Drake saddle being deleted from the game. Yes and yes. If you have the cryopod, the dino is yours, 100%. If I kill someone, or break into their base, and find pokeballs and dinos, I can use them as if they were mine. I won't get the imprint, of course, but still.
  2. It's a question of efficiency. Sure, a Mek can deal with a Titan, but a Titan with support is extremely difficult to deal with, as Mek's are ungodly squishy, and impossible to support due to it. It's very necessary for things like Titans (Which are tamed, fairly easily, with low investment and no real cost), to have counterplay available in terms of other dinos in order to attempt to keep the resource costs as close to equivalent as possible. Raising a Wyvern is, already, arguably far more work and effort then taming a Titan, so the trade is still in favor of the Titan assuming they trade 1:1 (Which they very likely will at least).
  3. The biggest problem with the Titans, in their current form, is that counter play *to* them in PvP is few and far between. They need to do something like making tamed Titans take extra damage from, say, Tek projectiles. Possibly a bonus percentage based damage amount when hit by Tek projectiles. Or possibly let the Titans be an avenue to give Wyverns relevance in end game PvP. Fire Wyverns (And flame effects), deal bonus damage to the Forest Titan. Lightning Wyverns deal bonus damage to the Desert Titan, and I guess Poison Wyvern (and effects) deal bonus damage to the Ice Titan. Or something similar.
  4. Sounds like you not taking into account how the meta would change with pokeballs. That doesn't make them OP, that simply requires you to adjust to it. Then move the turret line up and kill them before they can throw the pokeball? Place giant hatch frames above the entrance so that they can't port in dinos, there is a collision check. None of this makes them broken, it simply changes the dynamics of how the game is going to be played. Not very much, but still, it changes how the game works. Every major content patch is going to change the meta, and how you should be building your bases and fight in PvP.
  5. Literally everything in Ark PvP is a delaying tactic. Putting up 100 turrets and filling them all to the brim doesn't stop raiders, it just makes then take an extra hour to raid you. Being attacked without any defenders online to actively fight is an automatic loss in Ark. It always has been. It doesn't make PvP stupid easy. If your turrets are so badly designed that they can just "Run high speed" behind them, then the issue is your turrets. Not the cryopod. Not that Cryopod doesn't have it's own issues, but being able to drop tames inside a base you already control (Which you do if you manage to run past the turret line), is towards the bottom.
  6. No, I had issues with the Mek because it was broken. Not that it had the possibility to hurt bigger tribes. It was a mechanic in the game that had absolutely zero counterplay in any capacity. Though yes, most things that allow you as a solo player to beat potentially hundreds of players on equal or greater footing then yourself, is usually broken. The Mek never fit that description, but you were almost a little correct.
  7. I would kill 9 different ways for a water wyvern. I always enjoy when people say this, without realizing how silly it sounds in a vacuum. You want extinction to provide you, as a solo player, with some mechanic that allows you to take on potentially hundreds of experienced people. Solo. It doesn't make any sense. Anything they give you, the Mega tribes will also have, except by virtue of numbers alone, it will benefit them more.
  8. You get this error if you attempt to place a dino on a map, or in an area, where it is specifically disallowed. Such as a Mek (Or any flyer) on Aberration, which is likely what happened in this specific instance.
  9. 1. PvP servers would literally be dead without transfers. 2. People are just going to team anyways, and all you do is kill the enjoyment of groups. 3. ORP is a broken system for a variety of reasons 4. Random arbitrary rules that serve no purpose. The reality is that this is Ark. This game is not designed for groups of 3-4 players. Particularly not PvP wise. You are not supposed to have a life and play Ark at the same time (lul 14 day raises). The game you *want* is a game that is fundamentally different then how this game was designed and intended to be played. Your 3-4 man tribe is not supposed to have a "Fair chance of PvP" against a tribe of 40 people. You're supposed to take your 3-4 people, and find a group of 35 people, join them, THEN fight the 40 people.
  10. If I recall this problem correctly, the BattlEye server responsible for handling the traffic to the server you are attempting to connect to is having hiccups. The problem *should* resolve with time. We had this issue frequently on Official PvP for about 4-5 months where people were DDoSing the BattlEye service and crashing the BattlEye server associated with whatever server they were attacking. The result was that players with BattlEye bypass could connect, but no one else could.
  11. I haven't PvP'd since the latest patch, so I don't know, exactly, if the Giga nerf is in yet. If it is, then I would put both in S tier somewhere, but if it's not, the Giga needs to be above the Rex, as it's literally an almost completely superior dino in almost all regards. Titanos are good for their demo potential, but I'll be honest, it just seems like mentioning that they will be vastly harder to tame once the tek tape nerf goes through, and its rank should reflect it. For most tribes, if you are taming a Titano, it's better to just shoot the cannonballs at the enemy base. The problem with Rock Elementals is that, while it is the only one that can break stone, it doesn't justify that high of a ranking due to the ease of accessibility to explosives and the existence of a Cannon. S Tier should be reserved for dinos that are the best in their respective categories, and those categories (IMO) should be fairly applicable. Rock Elementals are extremely niche, and seeing some dinos (Such as Stego) not getting to S tier, it's hard to justify putting a third tier tank there for its niche ability to damage stone. The problem with Doeds is that they only ball up at 10%? of their life remaining, and while it does get a 90% reduction at that point, it's worth pointing out that Pachy Rhinos and Trikes both have (85?%) damage reduction on their heads, and they can block riders from being shot. While the doed is a *decent* tank, if the only reason it is their is its tanking ability, it needs to be brought down a bit. It's also worth noting their counter synergy with the major player in tanking, Sweet Cakes and HP Regen, as they unball as soon as they get above 10% life from the cakes, and thus burn through them faster then a turtle/trike/stego. For the Therizino, I'd place it above the Rex, but where those two should go is debatable due to the current set of nerfs set to go live for the Giga. If the nerfs for the Giga make it unusable in PvP, the relative power of the Rex/Theri skyrocket. However if Gigas remain a staple in raids, they will outclass the Rex/Theri to a fairly meaningful degree. Sweet Cakes are a major factor in determining the relative value of Theri vs Rex, and it means a lot. As for Chargelights, it depends. A lot. They aren't useful in a lot of PvP, as most PvP is fairly heads up, but for hunting down people, Chargelight pets are extremely useful, and underrated. Personally, I never fly around without one, as the utility they have from the light, to the enemy player detection, is far and above what any other shoulder pet provides. I'd personally rank them a solid B+ to A, but people might disagree with me there. They are certainly far more useful then an F- though.
  12. Ok. S+ Tier:No mention of Paracer or Giga in the S+ tier, despite the fact that those two dinos, alone, are more vital to any major raid then literally any of the dinos you have in the S+ tier. Rexes are only used in Raids when Gigas can't be. Gigas are, in the vast majority of PvP (Until the upcoming nerfs) superior in every way. S Tier: Mention Tapejaras here due to the fact that the only reason Titanos are really relevant are due to their ease of taming due to tek tape. Without them, Titanos are not worth the time and effort in the vast vast majority of PvP. Rock Elementals are borderline useless in any case as a Paracer and/or Tuso is going to be better in any non-iso SE server, for ranged damage, Wyverns and Basilisks are better (And in SE only, Morello and Paracers are still better tanking dinos). S-: I have literally, in over 11k hours of PvP, seen someone use a Pheonix in any form of non-lul troll PvP. Stego should probably go up to S Tier, as they are better tanks then Paracers, but suffer from picking. Also much better tanks then Rock Elemental. Would consider upping Tuso to S tier, by far the strongest dino in the game (Yes, it beats Gigas). A+ Tier: Mention the fact that Kentros are perhaps the only reliable way to enrage a Giga in a fair combat situation. Remove Doed, it's a PvE dino outclassed in tanking ability by no less then a dozen dinos. A Tier: Arthro is useless as it can't hit anything moving more then half a foot a minute. Karkinos needs to be in the S tier, as it is the best PvP tame on Aberration iso, and a solid tame outside of it for fights due to its ability to pick riders off anything in Aberration. Mention the Reapers ability to ground fliers. A- Tier: Therizino deserves to be far higher on this list, as it is competitive, if not straight superior to the Rex for the majority of PvP content. B Tier: Baryonyx needs to have its rank upped. At least A, if not S tier. It is the strongest, in practice, water mount in the game in 1v1 encounters due to its ability to permanently stunlock and dismount other water dinos. Wholly Rhino needs to be in A Tier. A very common, and effective, anti-personnel mount with easy one shot potential. Consider mentioning that Megas are A tier in Aberration Iso as they still remain the most powerful combat mount on the map with breeding and mateboost. C Tier: Consider upgrading Argentavis ranking to be slightly below Ptera. Argents are extremely effective in actual fighting situations, due to the common place use of Gigas, which can easily 2-3 shot Pteras. Argents inherently higher HP gives them more operating time, and less of a suicide tame. F- Tier: Chargelight pets are extremely powerful for dealing with griefers on a server due to their ability to give, what amounts to, a primitive tek helmet effect by detecting hostile players. Also turns Reapers, which are fairly useful and seen in PvP, into paper. Easily the best and most useful shoulder mount, so it should be ranked above those, at the very least.
  13. iAmE

    Reaper King

    A tamed Giga will do, usually, somewhere between 1.5-2x the damage of your reaper, after some levels. A good tamed Giga could push 3x. A bred, levelled and imprinted giga, could push over 5x. A tamed Giga will have slightly less eHP then your reaper, but a bred Giga, will have substantially more, and to put that in perspective, that's from Official Server stats. Not Single Player stats. Given that your reaper is, quite literally, over twice the amount of stats that any Official server reaper will have. Well, that's part of the meta. What you are, selectively, not seeing, is that the Giga is mainly brought out in defense to kill those tank dinos. Or just dinos in general. The meta of what people are doing in raids is pretty different compared to what someone would do if confronted with a reaper on open or dry ground. 55k HP in boss fights would be 73k eHP (Mateboost), and they inherently do more damage then your reaper. The reaper resist is only better in boss fights (Because most people will bring light pets if PvP is a thing. Speaking as a member of an Official PvP mega-tribe, we've already bred them for use on Aberration and have plenty of them). Reapers have better imprinting, but without the imprinting, they're strictly worse then even tamed dinos. The better imprinting only makes them competitive. Mate Boost is a 33% damage reduction and damage increase, and it makes both the Mega and the Rex do more (In the rexes case) to substantially more (In the Megas case) damage then the reaper. It also bridges the gap between reaper's resist in the dark and saddle, as that gap is only 1-3%, while mate boost gives an additional multiplicative 33%. I'm not saying reapers are bad. Just that Megas and Rexes will be better in most combat scenarios that you'd use a combat dino for, but not so much better that you overly gimp yourself using the Reaper. As for drakes. You don't want to kill the drakes. You just want to run away from them. If you kill the high level drakes, they no longer lay eggs.
  14. iAmE

    Reaper King

    That's only because you aren't paying attention The statement I made that he's contesting is that I think the reaper is in a decent place. Usable without feeling bad in every scenario, and the best in none of them. Like the Wyvern. As for the nuts and bolts of the posts, I was pointing out that the Reaper is simply inferior to standard bred (Not super bred) Rexes/Megas for most applications you'd use them for. Boss fights, the Rexes/Megas pull out ahead due to Mate Boost, Breeding and the saddle scaling. PvP it's inferior to Gigas and guns. Running Reapers, Mega's are just better. Drakes do Eggs better. I was only using the assumption that the reaper is fully imprinted (He was using single player stats, and I was comparing them to his own given rex stats, which are likely not single player stats), and Rexes always come out ahead mathematically and practically. The Reaper is a viable alternative to the Rex/Mega in most cases, but isn't better then them. Which is something I've stated before I'm happy about. Only thing I would like to see change is *maybe* an adjustment to the nameless mechanic in conjunction to the reaper. Other then that, I think it's in a good spot. Tamed Gigas hit for 480 damage base. Reaper hits for 75. A bred Giga will be hitting 4-600% melee with 480 damage base, which is well over double the amount of damage your reaper is doing per bite, with comparable HP in the light. As for Rex Saddles. Yeah. Dunno why you have such a hard problem. We have half a dozen, to a dozen blueprints ranging from Journeyman to Ascendant that can hit 120 (Armor cap). Are you looking in underwater drops, underwater cave drops and Ice Cave drops?
  15. iAmE

    Reaper King

    You don't need a light pet, but a Mega with a light pet just does it faster, as its dps is fairly significantly higher. The damage on a mega is the same, but the mega attacks faster, can be bred to have much better stats and gets mate boost. That's assuming they're ridden, Reapers might be the better choice for unridden mounts. You can use Reapers for the boss, but why would you go through the trouble when a Mega does it better? That's all I'm saying. As for Rexes vs Reapers for boss fights. You won't use reapers for it, because in boss fights, Rexes are both tankier, and do more damage thanks to the combination of breeding and mateboost (For comparison, Reapers have a base of 75 while Mate Boosted Rexes will have a base damage of ~81, and the Rex stats you gave will have an eHP roughly 10% higher then that of even your super-reaper. Manticore and Dragon are run by either Rhinos or Therizinos (I wonder if Reapers resists decrease the flame breath) normally, and any progressing tribe will be much better off using those two tames. Brood is run by bugbears. I'm not sure what people use on the Mega, but all things considering, the reaper is simply strictly worse then a decent Rex with a decent saddle as we've already established. Reapers, with their new buffs, might indeed take the cake for Aberration PvP as a "Giga"-esque role, but while the Mega is vulnerable to crabs, Reapers become basically Spinos in the light, which is a significant weakness. Couple that with Flashbangs and I really wonder if mounted dinos will ever have any bearing in a heads up fight on Aberration. If that is the case (Where mounted dinos don't get used), Reapers might come out on top as long as Megas remain bugged. As for what you will rarely see or not. You're right, you will rarely see a rex and transferred light pet. You'll see something worse, and that's a Giga, which hands down, will eat you for breakfast. Particularly if it's imprinted. Even a tamed Giga probably has no issues eating a reaper, and given that's the most common response (That or you just getting picked/sniped off the back of a fairly slow moving mount), discussing the implications of a ridden Reaper in a combat capacity is probably not fruitful. It is worth noting that, in the case of people using Quetzals, Reapers are fair deterrents, as they can ground fliers with their tail attack. Outside of that, I don't see any application for them. Which is good and bad. It's a mount that has a large impact in a closed Aberration environment, but is not hands-down the best at anything. It can be used, without hindering yourself horribly, in a variety of tasks, even if other dinos are better in that environment, but like the Wyvern, is largely inconsequential outside of that environment. Another bonus is that it's fairly balanced, the same of which can't be said about the Rock Drake, Basilisk and Giga.
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