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  1. I really wish WC would just come out and say something about it. I turned on a stream for about five minutes before realizing that nothing had changed and turning it off. At this point I really am starting to believe some of the reddit conspiracies about WC being unable to do anything to TEA due to TEA having some kind of undue influence on them.
  2. iAmE

    Ark Devs Showing favoritism

    Problem is that the people everyone is crying about have been dev wiped and banned. Only to have their bans reverted, their server rolled back (Every time they're attacked/wiped mind you, not just when the dev does it, it's happened a few times now), and now all of their enemies are banned.
  3. I dunno mate. I look at any community outlet for Wildcard at any given time, and I almost always see threads flaming Wildcard, upvoted and constantly present. Sure, Wildcard and fans of the game will do everything they can to bury the negative, but the negative still exists. There was a post made by a PR guy from Valve, if I recall correctly, that every piece of negative review/media, takes 9-10 pieces of positive review/rep to eclipse. I don't know how accurate that is, but I'll be honest, if I look at reviews for games like Ark, and all the positive reviews are by people with less then 100 hours in the game, and all the 1k+ hour reviews are negative, even if they do bury the negatives, I see them more then the positives. That's kind of where Ark is right now. It's a thankless thing to do, and you will have little to no individual impact. You will never know if someone avoids Ark because of your honest reviews. But it's all you can do, and to be frank, I've been doing it for months. I don't make youtube videos, I don't QQ on twitch/in game. I provide an honest review and reaction to Wildcard, their actions and the game. I get flamed for it all the time. I've been banned from various streams/sites for voicing my opinions. But in the end, it's the only thing you can do, to have even the smallest amount of influence on Wildcard. I do it gladly because Ark is one of my favorite games, of literally all time. Seeing it being ruined by devs who, for whatever reason, literally do not care about the game, makes me sad, angry and disappointed. This is all anyone can do.
  4. Having every major forum/community discussion outlet basically rioting every couple months makes for some pretty solid negative press. Posts like yours are why maybe someone doesn't buy the game, who might have bought it if they hadn't seen the reviews by people playing the game. It's not a lot, but it's about the only way to influence Wildcard at all. Given, they've completely ignored the community up to this point, and show no real intention of changing that policy, it's all we have the power to do.
  5. Hurt Wildcard by allowing them to shut down the servers they're hosting due to inactivity and save money? To be honest, I don't think anything we do aside from complain incessantly will affect Wildcard in the least (At least until the next DLC comes out, then we can vote with our wallets), if they cared about their official playerbase to begin with, things would never have gotten to this point.
  6. I actually entertained this idea much more then I really should have. It makes quite a bit of sense overall, well, more sense then the only alternatives (IE That the tribe in question has Wildcard on leash for some reason). One of the biggest problems in Ark in general has always been that the devs don't play it. One of the biggest problems with PvP, particularly Official PvP, is that they have obviously never played either Official or PvP. At all. Assuming they set up the tribe as some kind of experiment/undercover ninja stuff means they're playing and competing using their admin powers (Mainly cheats), in order to catch and punish cheaters they run across. If that's the case, a lot of stuff makes sense. Why they don't say anything. Why the tribe in question seems to have admin powers, etc.
  7. iAmE

    Ark Devs Showing favoritism

    Part of the problem with this is we've done steps one and two, but the people reporting the cheaters are the ones that got banned. Now we don't know what to do. So you understand the problem, kind of.
  8. I doubt anyone will *really* know, but they are on record as having offered to buy different tribes on several occasions. They seem to act like they have large sums of money to throw around (They offered one mega-tribe 10 grand for owner on two of their servers). If that's not a bluff, then Wildcard being a business, undoubtedly has a price. That being said, it is a bit farfetched, but given the fact that Wildcard has said and done absolutely nothing, with only the farfetched being feasible, what else do we have?
  9. Official PvP has been dead for years. It's been years since they were taken over by "The cheating tribe".
  10. iAmE

    Ark Devs Showing favoritism

    I'm going to be really honest. Most of the servers on that list had heavy affiliation with cheaters. There are, really, only two real mysteries: Why does Wildcard enforce their rules so sporadically that legit players of any major degree are impossible to come by (And then they ban people for affiliation, even though you literally cannot play Official PvP without being "Affiliated" with cheaters)? and Why wasn't TEA involved in this wide-spread wipe?
  11. iAmE

    100 Turrets Is Not Enough

    Yeah, you can. Unless they changed it in the last 3 months, the aggro overrules the tether. You just keep them aggrod the whole time (By staying closer to them), and get them out of render of the tether, and the tether drops.
  12. The main problem with that is that these "strange" situations have happened over and over again. Mainly speaking, the players want answers to a couple things, but I can sum them up in about two points: Why was TEA granted amnesty on three separate occasions (This one, and another incident that occurred where they were recorded for about three weeks using aimbots constantly on two servers) Why are TEA's bases rolled back by developers after being wiped (Happened two or three separate times, by both players and developers) TEA has only really existed for about 4 months in the "Popular" light, and the biggest problem is that they appear to have Wildcard in their pockets. Their enemies are consistently banned, their bases are constantly rolled back whenever they are attacked, their servers go down when capped out of their favor, they use Aimbot blatantly (If you want clips, PM me, I can provide over a dozen, as well as the reddit thread they are documented in), they build and raid from under the mesh. Etc It just seems strange that everyone *but TEA* is being banned/wiped for cheating, and not for the first time either.
  13. iAmE

    Ark Devs Showing favoritism

    The tribe in question has already been banned for DDOSing once (They'd DDOS servers to effectively shut off turrets). Couple that with watching certain enemy servers going down for weeks, or months, and it's not exactly hard to say "Oh, they're DDOSing the enemy servers". It takes about five seconds to spot the trends of mega tribes DDOSing each other. It's been an accepted and staple Ark meta for years. It is cheating, and to be frank, I'm kind of glad the devs are punishing people for it now instead of just ignoring it. As for why you could have gotten banned. Take your pick. That tribe is well known for aimbotting, duping, meshing and just in general, cheating in every capacity possible. You can deny it, but there's plenty of proof out there of it being done.
  14. The problem really ends up being that those tribes they provided amnesty to, and the tribes they banned today, are some of the same tribes they have banned at least, literally, 9-12 times in the past year. That's without counting the dozens of dev wipes and bans earned by those tribes before the "New servers". Wildcard doesn't enforce their own rule set in a consistent and timely enough manner. Now, they did wipe some of the servers (Not remotely near all of them) and ban some of the cheaters (Not all of them), but the problem is they do it so sporadically and rarely, that it has absolutely no impact on official servers. All of the wiped stuff can be reduped in a couple days. The dinos are safe with bloodlines stashed on servers that didn't get wiped. Ark game keys are like 10$. 10$ to cheat and run rampant in Ark for 6 months is a pretty good deal. Wildcard never learned how to really implement a zero tolerance policy. That's the biggest downfall of Official PvP. Nothing else. Except maybe actually fixing the exploits like duping, but I have more sympathy for that then not banning known cheaters as they stream the game for 8 hours a day for years.
  15. I'm here because I've played so much Ark I get tagged in random reddit threads by people who still play, so I come back and catch up a little. As for "Plenty of good tribes that are not cheating/exploiting". I'm sure there are, I guess. The problem with Official Servers is that you can't compete, or really even progress meaningfully. The situation for the past, oh, I don't know. It's been years I suppose, is this: Cheaters cheat. You don't. You lose a fight. Wildcard does nothing for months. Wildcard does some half-stuffed ban/dev wipe and the cycle repeats. The problem is, quite literally, they only ever punish/show any presence enforcing the rules every 4-6 months. So cheaters get to cheat unimpeded for months. Which slowly drained the Official PvP community down the drains. Now, don't get me wrong. I love Ark. Still. I do. I put over ten thousand hours into Official PvP exclusively (According to steam). I played exclusively legit, and was burned. Often. For that fact. As for selling my viewpoint, I'm not. I'm kind of just stating reality as it has occurred for literally over a year now. Let me put it to you this way; The people who were banned in this wave, were the same people who have basically ruled Official PvP, and been banned, every single "Ban wave" since roughly the start of server transfers. There are streamers who have streamed Ark for years, who have been banned multiple times. Some of those tribe names have been dev wiped, and their players banned *dozens* of times. Nothing ever changes. I'd love to play Ark, but I'll have to wait until Wildcard shows some basic competence in enforcing their rules and punishing cheaters.