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  1. Reaper King

    A tamed Giga will do, usually, somewhere between 1.5-2x the damage of your reaper, after some levels. A good tamed Giga could push 3x. A bred, levelled and imprinted giga, could push over 5x. A tamed Giga will have slightly less eHP then your reaper, but a bred Giga, will have substantially more, and to put that in perspective, that's from Official Server stats. Not Single Player stats. Given that your reaper is, quite literally, over twice the amount of stats that any Official server reaper will have. Well, that's part of the meta. What you are, selectively, not seeing, is that the Giga is mainly brought out in defense to kill those tank dinos. Or just dinos in general. The meta of what people are doing in raids is pretty different compared to what someone would do if confronted with a reaper on open or dry ground. 55k HP in boss fights would be 73k eHP (Mateboost), and they inherently do more damage then your reaper. The reaper resist is only better in boss fights (Because most people will bring light pets if PvP is a thing. Speaking as a member of an Official PvP mega-tribe, we've already bred them for use on Aberration and have plenty of them). Reapers have better imprinting, but without the imprinting, they're strictly worse then even tamed dinos. The better imprinting only makes them competitive. Mate Boost is a 33% damage reduction and damage increase, and it makes both the Mega and the Rex do more (In the rexes case) to substantially more (In the Megas case) damage then the reaper. It also bridges the gap between reaper's resist in the dark and saddle, as that gap is only 1-3%, while mate boost gives an additional multiplicative 33%. I'm not saying reapers are bad. Just that Megas and Rexes will be better in most combat scenarios that you'd use a combat dino for, but not so much better that you overly gimp yourself using the Reaper. As for drakes. You don't want to kill the drakes. You just want to run away from them. If you kill the high level drakes, they no longer lay eggs.
  2. Tips for surviving official pvp?

    I wouldn't be salty if the problem I was having was player created is my problem.
  3. What Has This Game Become?

    It's worth mentioning that it isn't only a valid tactic, it's been the meta in Ark since it's creation. The game is designed to heavily favor and encourage offensive strategies through a number of design choices ranging from next to no meaningful defensive mechanics to the fact that the defensive mechanics that exist are woefully inadequate (Again, by design).
  4. No, if what he's seen, and I've seen, it should be impossible. I can confirm that each "Cycle" is 11.x%. You get 35 imprint possibilities on those animals, which looks like this (3.x+3.x+3.x+2.x)*8+3+3+3. Which, ends up being roughly 96-97%. You have roughly 35 minutes to do all those imprints (Which is a tight window to begin with given how stupid the walk mechanic is sometimes). I can't confirm it, just speculate that it's how it works. I haven't done a full imprint giga since Aberration. They just need to round it up just a tiny bit more. If each imprint was a flat 3%, you'd get a possibility of missing one imprint for 100%, and miss two for 99%. Still a net-nerf to the relative ease of imprinting (Where as pre-change you could miss 10-12 and still hit 100%).
  5. Tips for surviving official pvp?

    Fair enough. Was just salty.
  6. It's still worth bearing in mind that pre-change, you could hit 100% on Giga/Squid/Mosa with around 40 hours to spare. With the new system, you can't hit 100% at all. You do bring up that it isn't a "Big deal", but it's highly unprofessional to have the primary end-game in your game, with some of the primary end game dinos be "Unable to get 100% for arbitrarily no reason what so ever".
  7. Leading causes of death in ARK?

    1# is definitely disconnects and/or crashes 2# is Frozen Spores 3# Baryonyx perma-stun lock 4# Falling under the mesh because crabs can knock any mount under the mesh if you fight them near plant Z or buildings. 5# Beavers/Bees, wild or tamed. 6# Everything else (Comprises less then 5% of unintended deaths) Didn't include intended deaths because. Yeah.
  8. Personally I just don't think they know what their change did. They don't test their changes, and in most cases, rarely consider the implications of their changes on a case by case scenario, as opposed to the larger scale of things. It is quite annoying considering that Gigas are, second to Reapers, the dino that needs the imprinting the most.
  9. He actually addressed your point. To add to the discussion, they actively made imprinting on Squid/Gigas/Mosas much harder with the new update. They possibly don't know that, or to the extent to which they did. You used to be able to get 100% with a couple days to spare, now it appears to be impossible even if you hit each and every imprint on time.
  10. Read above quote, put yourself in those shoes. Make sure to have a vault right next to a bed for easy offloading.
  11. The person with the least weight in the deal usually has to pick up. Two people can easily transfer that much ingots. You drop ingots to the person with the egg, as long as the items he is picking up are picked up manually with E or with a Whip, he can pick up an infinite amount of weight. He hits 11k Ingots, and then transfers off the server after giving you the egg. You might have to assist him (Via punching) to get him a little closer to the obby/transmitter.
  12. Reaper King

    That's only because you aren't paying attention The statement I made that he's contesting is that I think the reaper is in a decent place. Usable without feeling bad in every scenario, and the best in none of them. Like the Wyvern. As for the nuts and bolts of the posts, I was pointing out that the Reaper is simply inferior to standard bred (Not super bred) Rexes/Megas for most applications you'd use them for. Boss fights, the Rexes/Megas pull out ahead due to Mate Boost, Breeding and the saddle scaling. PvP it's inferior to Gigas and guns. Running Reapers, Mega's are just better. Drakes do Eggs better. I was only using the assumption that the reaper is fully imprinted (He was using single player stats, and I was comparing them to his own given rex stats, which are likely not single player stats), and Rexes always come out ahead mathematically and practically. The Reaper is a viable alternative to the Rex/Mega in most cases, but isn't better then them. Which is something I've stated before I'm happy about. Only thing I would like to see change is *maybe* an adjustment to the nameless mechanic in conjunction to the reaper. Other then that, I think it's in a good spot. Tamed Gigas hit for 480 damage base. Reaper hits for 75. A bred Giga will be hitting 4-600% melee with 480 damage base, which is well over double the amount of damage your reaper is doing per bite, with comparable HP in the light. As for Rex Saddles. Yeah. Dunno why you have such a hard problem. We have half a dozen, to a dozen blueprints ranging from Journeyman to Ascendant that can hit 120 (Armor cap). Are you looking in underwater drops, underwater cave drops and Ice Cave drops?
  13. Not really. The turret mechanic simply doesn't work as the developers intended. For a variety of reasons. They've tried a whole variety of band-aids, between gutting the movement speed on mounts to reduce the viability of Suicide Mounts, to Characters receiving fairly substantial movement speed nerfs. The reality is, I could do the bunkers with a prim riot shield just as easily. I would just need more shields. Until the developers address the overall problem with turrets (They don't scale with dino or item quality), Turrets will inevitably be outclassed by those particular mechanics. The last time auto turret damage was addressed was in an era where good brontos had, literally, a fifth the HP that they do now, and turtles (The Stego of their era) had under half the HP that Stegos had now. Also Veggie cakes literally didn't exist then. The problem lies in the turret mechanic, largely, just being outscale because they don't scale, unlike every other mechanic in the game. I wouldn't disagree at all, but given that it took years to fix the drops landing in unobtainable locations (IE falling into mesh), on drops without random spawns, it would take a major effort I don't see them taking to make that all work. For minimum return. They could circumvent the entire issue, and solve many others, by simply making defense a valid and competitive option as compared to offense.
  14. Tips for surviving official pvp?

    Yeah. I'm just salty over the recent debacle. They rolled back OF servers 2-3 hours today and deleted a couple hundred characters. Half my tribe lost their characters because they transferred, and Wildcard Support isn't allowed to restore characters, dinos, items or TEKgrams.
  15. Tips for surviving official pvp?

    Most of us give the same advice. No one from Official will really disagree. Official is just there if you want to play Ark without admin support for when you inevitably lose dozens to hundreds of hours of your time.