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  1. Because that explains Compies and Phiomias. Also the horse isn't useful, it's a useless meme tame like the last two.
  2. They said that they were planning on integrating S+ "Shortly" a year before Ab was released. Just like the Kibble rework.
  3. Because the developers have little to no sense of objective reality.
  4. I mean, just be glad they didn't toss down a Giga and eat all the neutral dinos. That's what I would have done. The Pokeballs are a bit silly. I personally don't think you should be able to suck up the dinos mid-fight (Or even in flight). One of my favorite tactics is to suck up fliers mid flight (Wyverns/Griffos) when being chased, then Wingsuit away from the enemy (Since the Wingsuit is faster then any other flyers). The cryoballs are a good idea, and I like what they did to the PvP meta, and the game in general, but it does need some tweaking. Hopefully we'll see some common-sense adjustments in the future, once the devs fix more pressing things like Drake/Wyv eggs being invisible, Drakes/Wyvs all hatching at level 1 and the Tek Drake saddle being deleted from the game. Yes and yes. If you have the cryopod, the dino is yours, 100%. If I kill someone, or break into their base, and find pokeballs and dinos, I can use them as if they were mine. I won't get the imprint, of course, but still.
  5. It's a question of efficiency. Sure, a Mek can deal with a Titan, but a Titan with support is extremely difficult to deal with, as Mek's are ungodly squishy, and impossible to support due to it. It's very necessary for things like Titans (Which are tamed, fairly easily, with low investment and no real cost), to have counterplay available in terms of other dinos in order to attempt to keep the resource costs as close to equivalent as possible. Raising a Wyvern is, already, arguably far more work and effort then taming a Titan, so the trade is still in favor of the Titan assuming they trade 1:1 (Which they very likely will at least).
  6. The biggest problem with the Titans, in their current form, is that counter play *to* them in PvP is few and far between. They need to do something like making tamed Titans take extra damage from, say, Tek projectiles. Possibly a bonus percentage based damage amount when hit by Tek projectiles. Or possibly let the Titans be an avenue to give Wyverns relevance in end game PvP. Fire Wyverns (And flame effects), deal bonus damage to the Forest Titan. Lightning Wyverns deal bonus damage to the Desert Titan, and I guess Poison Wyvern (and effects) deal bonus damage to the Ice Titan. Or something similar.
  7. Look at Phiomia and Compy. I don't think Wildcard *really* cares.
  8. Sounds like you not taking into account how the meta would change with pokeballs. That doesn't make them OP, that simply requires you to adjust to it. Then move the turret line up and kill them before they can throw the pokeball? Place giant hatch frames above the entrance so that they can't port in dinos, there is a collision check. None of this makes them broken, it simply changes the dynamics of how the game is going to be played. Not very much, but still, it changes how the game works. Every major content patch is going to change the meta, and how you should be building your bases and fight in PvP.
  9. That doesn't mean there aren't challenges to be met, it simply means an end to the "Ascension" of your character. There are plenty of concepts to explore, such as reclaiming the ARK system and/or Earth.
  10. Literally everything in Ark PvP is a delaying tactic. Putting up 100 turrets and filling them all to the brim doesn't stop raiders, it just makes then take an extra hour to raid you. Being attacked without any defenders online to actively fight is an automatic loss in Ark. It always has been. It doesn't make PvP stupid easy. If your turrets are so badly designed that they can just "Run high speed" behind them, then the issue is your turrets. Not the cryopod. Not that Cryopod doesn't have it's own issues, but being able to drop tames inside a base you already control (Which you do if you manage to run past the turret line), is towards the bottom.
  11. Even despite all my negativity surrounding the game in its current state, I hope so. With Ark1s success maybe they can make Ark 2 and properly support it this time. Though personally, I still think it will be a year and one DLC for Ark1 before we see any teasers or updates on the potential Ark2
  12. No, I had issues with the Mek because it was broken. Not that it had the possibility to hurt bigger tribes. It was a mechanic in the game that had absolutely zero counterplay in any capacity. Though yes, most things that allow you as a solo player to beat potentially hundreds of players on equal or greater footing then yourself, is usually broken. The Mek never fit that description, but you were almost a little correct.
  13. Meks got nerfed a bit ago. The Titans are the new "OP". Official PvP though has a pretty ambitious goal. Despite the fact that the game mode encourages heavy ecocide, it's offset by having so many servers that you can't actually hold down or defend them all properly. Group A beats group B, but Group C might wipe Group A, and Group D might wipe Group C and by the time that happens, Group B is built up enough to wipe Group D, perpetuating a non-stop cycle. It's actually quite ambitious.
  14. Dying simply means that the population is trending downward. And yes, prior to Extinction, it had lost roughly 40-60% of it's population compared to the same times last year. The data is consistent with ups and downs, but the general trend has always been down, with a marked decline beginning last year. The data isn't cherry picked, it's easily accessible on multiple different sites, and Ark hadn't been on the top ten for steam until the expac came out. It actually had fallen off that list early this year after Ab hype died. Just because the game is not dead (Which is what NMS/CE look like) doesn't mean that the game is not trending downward, or "Dying". The only difference is you seem to think that everything is perfectly fine if the game doesn't lose 90% of it's playerbase within a month. Hate to say it, but cases like CE/NMS are exceptions, not the rule. Most games simply have a gradual decline. As Ark is having.
  15. It's to be expected with a new expac. The influx of players never really stays. The game has been on a very steady decline, losing roughly half it's playerbase over the last year. How much of that is due to the game naturally having very limited content, mismanagement of the game and/or other factors is debatable.
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