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  1. The moderators move threads around pretty often and pretty liberally. Particularly if the thread could possibly be construed as negative and hasn't "Taken off" yet. They know most of their users frequent General Disco and not much else, so they like to keep it as clean and positive as they can.
  2. Getting Started on Official?

    That's actually the exact opposite of what you should do on Official pvp. Noobs can't build up "Under the radar" on Official PvP. Low pop servers are usually either dead from a raid, and usually suffer continual griefing afterwards (This type of griefing easily wipes new players and tribes), or are low pop because its a key server for an already established group. This game doesn't have a skill curve that allows you to "Covertly build up and take over" a server. Couple that with the wide-spread abuse of both exploits and third party programs and the advice you give is a recipe for disaster. Instead, new players should look for fairly high pop servers, spawn new characters there, and scout them. There are a few different kinds of groups in Official PvP, and a couple of them are welcoming to noobs/new players. Assuming we're talking about PvP of course. Easier in PvE. Just spend a couple days trying to find a decent place that isn't pillared off, and start playing single player.
  3. v278 Dragon Boss on Island now Harder??

    Not sure if applicable, but possibly relevant. During one of the first 5-6 nerfs they did on Bosses, they specifically targetting Alpha Brood . Instead of nerfing it, like they said, they ended up accidentally buffing it to absurdity. (It was one shotting 300k HP Rexes with 200 armor saddles) They may have done something similar with the Dragon, as the nerf with Brood was also targetted at her acid spray.
  4. Major Update at key playtime nice one

    It was long since established that Wildcard has no typical or normal business sense at all. Just from top to bottom, the devs are amazing, but from a perspective of business, management, or even rudimentary common sense, they've always completely lacked it. The only part of Wildcard that performs even moderately well by any capacity or standard is their developers. They completely lack any QA, Support, Legal or management staff, and always have. I was just explaining what likely happened. They normally don't roll patches like that out in that bad of a time frame, but when they do, it's likely due to the reasons I listed. A series of cascading delays put them in that position.
  5. megatribes cheaters prosper!

    I can agree with that, though I still find it distasteful. I've said before to more then a couple people that the only thing that can "Fix" Ark is a complete redesign from the ground up. From that perspective, I would expect to see an "Ark 2" at some point. Though I continue to have issues with the ethical failing of ending support to official servers without saying anything, and claiming the opposite, it does support what we've seen thus far, not just with this last incident, but with dozens of them prior, going all the way back to legacy. The thing being, I wonder how Wildcard really intends to host a game where they are so wholly ineffective in dealing with or providing the tools to deal with, cheaters.
  6. megatribes cheaters prosper!

    Yeah. It's very similar to what they did during the last legacy migration, where they eventually just stopped supporting the servers and gave cheaters the go ahead to go full bore ahead and cheat as much as they want. The problem is, if that's their plan, they need to inform the entirety of the community instead of just keeping this pretense of "No Cheating". I know quite a few people would devote their time elsewhere if their plan is currently to stop supporting official servers akin to what was done in legacy.
  7. WC doesn't really care about the performance of it's officials. Our group just dropped a Rag server (IE Left the server), where raising a Giga took almost two whole extra days, and imprints were reliably around 9-10 hours per, due to the lag inherent to the servers. They host 3-4 "Servers" per box and their performance is famously bad. They will likely take no steps to make up for the shortfall. To be frank, even if the lag was increased by 50% on all servers, most people probably wouldn't notice the difference given how bad most Officials are.
  8. Center boss fight

    Yeah. It doesn't do damage to the rider anymore. Gamma monkey on Center was fixed to not do damage to the rider now, and Beta+Alpha was bugged and continued to do the damage. Now I'm hearing instead of fixing Beta/Alpha, they made Gamma one shot the rider as well.
  9. Major Update at key playtime nice one

    Don't tempt me
  10. Major Update at key playtime nice one

    I aware of that, I'm just skeptical of it, due to the fact that if this was true, it's the first time since steam release that I've seen Wildcard has ever release something on time, or before their predicted date. That or they cut something major out of it along the way.
  11. Major Update at key playtime nice one

    If possible, try switching your download region to like, Mexico. There's something messed up between Ark's main download server, and some of the download nodes in Steam, which is resolved by using other regions to force a different IP route. A similar solution may be applicable in your case with consoles as well.
  12. Major Update at key playtime nice one

    Ill be completely honest with you. The patch was probably internally slated for something more reasonable, like a week or two ago, and then due to whatever in the code not compiling, it got delayed until now, where they immediately released it. The devs do actually care, but it is worth remarking on how poor their timing and management in general seems to be.
  13. PvP/PvE Dino Tier List

    I haven't PvP'd since the latest patch, so I don't know, exactly, if the Giga nerf is in yet. If it is, then I would put both in S tier somewhere, but if it's not, the Giga needs to be above the Rex, as it's literally an almost completely superior dino in almost all regards. Titanos are good for their demo potential, but I'll be honest, it just seems like mentioning that they will be vastly harder to tame once the tek tape nerf goes through, and its rank should reflect it. For most tribes, if you are taming a Titano, it's better to just shoot the cannonballs at the enemy base. The problem with Rock Elementals is that, while it is the only one that can break stone, it doesn't justify that high of a ranking due to the ease of accessibility to explosives and the existence of a Cannon. S Tier should be reserved for dinos that are the best in their respective categories, and those categories (IMO) should be fairly applicable. Rock Elementals are extremely niche, and seeing some dinos (Such as Stego) not getting to S tier, it's hard to justify putting a third tier tank there for its niche ability to damage stone. The problem with Doeds is that they only ball up at 10%? of their life remaining, and while it does get a 90% reduction at that point, it's worth pointing out that Pachy Rhinos and Trikes both have (85?%) damage reduction on their heads, and they can block riders from being shot. While the doed is a *decent* tank, if the only reason it is their is its tanking ability, it needs to be brought down a bit. It's also worth noting their counter synergy with the major player in tanking, Sweet Cakes and HP Regen, as they unball as soon as they get above 10% life from the cakes, and thus burn through them faster then a turtle/trike/stego. For the Therizino, I'd place it above the Rex, but where those two should go is debatable due to the current set of nerfs set to go live for the Giga. If the nerfs for the Giga make it unusable in PvP, the relative power of the Rex/Theri skyrocket. However if Gigas remain a staple in raids, they will outclass the Rex/Theri to a fairly meaningful degree. Sweet Cakes are a major factor in determining the relative value of Theri vs Rex, and it means a lot. As for Chargelights, it depends. A lot. They aren't useful in a lot of PvP, as most PvP is fairly heads up, but for hunting down people, Chargelight pets are extremely useful, and underrated. Personally, I never fly around without one, as the utility they have from the light, to the enemy player detection, is far and above what any other shoulder pet provides. I'd personally rank them a solid B+ to A, but people might disagree with me there. They are certainly far more useful then an F- though.
  14. Major Update at key playtime nice one

    It's a known issue with downloading Ark through Steam. For some reason, Ark, and seemingly Ark alone, has issues with certain download nodes. For instance, the 9 odd GB patch they put out last major version took me 45 minutes to download and install if I downloaded it from Mexico, but if I tried to use a US node, the download speed was around 5-10 KB/S. It isn't necessarily my computer, as about 20-25 of my tribe mates, from places ranging from Brazil to Germany, were having similar issues with non-Mexico download nodes. It should be stated that yes, it was Ark specific for some reason, as I had no issues downloading PUBG updates literally minutes before in a normal amount of time from my native US node.
  15. PvP/PvE Dino Tier List

    Ok. S+ Tier:No mention of Paracer or Giga in the S+ tier, despite the fact that those two dinos, alone, are more vital to any major raid then literally any of the dinos you have in the S+ tier. Rexes are only used in Raids when Gigas can't be. Gigas are, in the vast majority of PvP (Until the upcoming nerfs) superior in every way. S Tier: Mention Tapejaras here due to the fact that the only reason Titanos are really relevant are due to their ease of taming due to tek tape. Without them, Titanos are not worth the time and effort in the vast vast majority of PvP. Rock Elementals are borderline useless in any case as a Paracer and/or Tuso is going to be better in any non-iso SE server, for ranged damage, Wyverns and Basilisks are better (And in SE only, Morello and Paracers are still better tanking dinos). S-: I have literally, in over 11k hours of PvP, seen someone use a Pheonix in any form of non-lul troll PvP. Stego should probably go up to S Tier, as they are better tanks then Paracers, but suffer from picking. Also much better tanks then Rock Elemental. Would consider upping Tuso to S tier, by far the strongest dino in the game (Yes, it beats Gigas). A+ Tier: Mention the fact that Kentros are perhaps the only reliable way to enrage a Giga in a fair combat situation. Remove Doed, it's a PvE dino outclassed in tanking ability by no less then a dozen dinos. A Tier: Arthro is useless as it can't hit anything moving more then half a foot a minute. Karkinos needs to be in the S tier, as it is the best PvP tame on Aberration iso, and a solid tame outside of it for fights due to its ability to pick riders off anything in Aberration. Mention the Reapers ability to ground fliers. A- Tier: Therizino deserves to be far higher on this list, as it is competitive, if not straight superior to the Rex for the majority of PvP content. B Tier: Baryonyx needs to have its rank upped. At least A, if not S tier. It is the strongest, in practice, water mount in the game in 1v1 encounters due to its ability to permanently stunlock and dismount other water dinos. Wholly Rhino needs to be in A Tier. A very common, and effective, anti-personnel mount with easy one shot potential. Consider mentioning that Megas are A tier in Aberration Iso as they still remain the most powerful combat mount on the map with breeding and mateboost. C Tier: Consider upgrading Argentavis ranking to be slightly below Ptera. Argents are extremely effective in actual fighting situations, due to the common place use of Gigas, which can easily 2-3 shot Pteras. Argents inherently higher HP gives them more operating time, and less of a suicide tame. F- Tier: Chargelight pets are extremely powerful for dealing with griefers on a server due to their ability to give, what amounts to, a primitive tek helmet effect by detecting hostile players. Also turns Reapers, which are fairly useful and seen in PvP, into paper. Easily the best and most useful shoulder mount, so it should be ranked above those, at the very least.