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  1. The TLC models look great, but I am really looking forward to the changes to abilities on the original dino crew. Parasaur, new king of the ARK!
  2. I would not go so far as to call it a scam yet, but having a sale on the Season Pass twice before anything new is out is probably not looking good for people who bought it back in September at a higher price. Especially if they already had Scorched Earth for a year and were then told they could not refund because of time played.
  3. I thought this only requited transfers being turned on on the private server. Yours is set this way already? Have you transferred anything in the past?
  4. A few of the issues as I understood them from before: SE tribes could build on SE, then invade Island servers without risk to their base (drawback was, they could not bring the dinos back to SE with them) Possibility of unbalanced fights with the new SE creatures against Island creatures The above points are particularly relevant to players who do not have the expansion With today's changes The drawback of raiding Island servers from a base on SE is removed (albeit with a 12-hour cooldown) Now you also need to worry about balance in the other direction Players without the expansion are still stuck with the same issues, but now SE players may be able to breed Island dinos off-server to bring back Should be an interesting weekend
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