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  1. I heard the valentines day event is until today Wednesday, but anyone know if they're going to let it holds through until weekend?
  2. Hello everyone.?

    Let you know a little about me. Well I love playing Ark so much. I literally  play 18,20 hours per day 7 days a week. Since last year.

    Gaming knowledge:

    Pve player. I know how to do everything in the game Pve related. Know a lot tips and tricks. I like to horde resources you can never have to much, NEVER..I'm a giving person and helpful when I can be. I treat you as you want to be treated. If I find out differently karma shows up. Don't like drama,liars cheaters,Hypocrites, trolls, and people who think they're better than everyone and aren't. 

    Looking for the same in people on Ark to game and play with.Not in anyone tribe. 

    Free agent

  3. WC you saved the game. PLEASE DON'T ever remove 2x harvest etc. Can't wait for 3x on weekends?
  4. I'm addicted  to ark and  play literally 16, 20 hours per day 7 days a week. I'm a knowledgeable and crafty with ideas. I treat others as they treat me. Not for starting the drama, like some I know and hate people who use others time for their advantage only to be treated badly by them.

  5. Is this all for Xbox One? I see mention Pc but I would like to know for sure what xbox one is going get? I see something Octv18th a map etc. Appreciated if someone kindly sheds more info on this thank you
  6. Hey Kevin. Just ran across one of your posts here. Hope things are going well. Catch you back on 291 one of these days soon.

    1. KevinElkins77


      Hey man all good. Recall Shadowborns dinos dying by Titan to, we'll Nats and his new material Ruthless said they asked Hanks for help,and he got them killed by a growing Titan on their dinos which attacked it. Everyone  that's knows shadow been here for a long time should've known that keep them on neutral, why they do I have no clue, but I was told from Nate it wasn't  intended  to happen they're just trying to get it out but,. Here is weird thing it stuck inside no way for to leave unless walls demolished plus it was invisible. They had to leave game return and come back to see it. So Shadow was disgusted  without cause all their green house stuff was demolished etc. Offered  if they wanted to merge with us. James said I don't have a problem. He stated make sure they're  sure cause once it's done they lose it becomes our name. They said fine and agreed cause they have school and classes and work this way they keep stuff, so 1 big tribe they inch are or theirs us ours but we will help when needed as well they said the same. They're happy. All matters. But yeah cyan soon. BTW new dinos aren't here like pelagornis Titan.  Ticks me off new dinos but not in game 4 of them now bs...

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