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  1. Like I said if you cant get better internet in your area then you are SH*T OUT OF LUCK. So what would you rather have? The game never progress and patches don't get sent out to fix bugs lol? The reality is your internet is garbagio and its 2020. An age where your internet speed is a quality of life thing. As I said before, 30 mins to download 19 gigs. If its that much of an issue I suggesting moving to a new area so you don't have to suffer these atrocities.
  2. so your complaining your internet is absolute garbage and not really Wildcards fault. How about you PAY FOR BETTER INTERNET lol?? Unless you cant then you are SOL. Just so you know I download 19 gigs in less then an hour. Get rekt NERD
  3. proabably on pve, All the tames ppl keep, you know, that lvl 68 blue owl you tamed cuz you were gonna breed in the stats later. That pink and blue wyv thats level 84 max level sitting in your base cuz it looks cool. PVE pillar spam not only on bases with 100's of tames but structure capped in stone cuz they were making a castle. All this makes your server lag. Your babies raise but food doesnt drain. Literally only PVE nerds complain about this problem. PVP servers dont have this problem unless theres massive tribes on serve with multiple base spots and generally rai
  4. Well your first problem was using rexes for the Spider. Megatheriums actually have a better chance at beating brood. Rexes to me are a waste of time as it takes too long to get good stats and breeding takes too long on official. I would rather raise megatheriums which the imprinting is broken and you dont have to waste weeks raising them and killing yourself for good imp. Rhinos are also a good trade off but i dont think they do good vs the spider. Spider is actually really strong and if you are not prepared you die super fast.
  5. ext killed land bases. If your not in a cave its too easy to wipe. Tek saddle dinos pushed behind soakers bye bye tower.
  6. they changed it multiple times, there is no way to stop someone from spamming with how it works. Change foundations, people use pillars, change decay timers, people use more structures. The only way it would ever change is if there was a limited number of "land claming" objects such as a flag or beacon. Everyone would have the same size bases but it would help with pillar spam. The only issue is people would alt tribes to claim more land. it never ends, pve is trash anyway.
  7. @ Level 10 you cant even outrun Raptors or Dilos for that matter. GG, only the strong survive. You are mentally weak if you give up at the first sign of adversity. This game is the most brutal game ever, 100's of hours gone in less time it spent to do a single giga raise.
  8. I dunno about cloning babies but you cant imp clones. They have 0 imp, a simple search could have netted you this info. You must have never cloned a thing in your life, make a cloner in single player and test.
  9. Massive base, mass amount of tames, in the city with not so much room, on a mega tribe server, no issues raising 100 plust tames. You must play pve? Not trying to be rude but if your server is a lag fest, sometimes the game is lagging but food, water, cold still effects. Only time I heard what you are describing, otherwise you just suck at raising lol. ? Ionooo which one
  10. happened to me with a gacha, throw the cryopod on the floor and see if its empty or full. Mine showed the gacha still and I was able to re-throw it out after pick up.
  11. Meh atleast well get to build back up quicker after getting undermapped, titan stomped, or titan meshed in a cave
  12. No offense to wazza but I would make a trap. Not the row of pillars people use in Hods gaming video. We have a behe gate with a circle of dino gates which we kite them in. Its next to a plant so you can heal while keeping the reaper in render. My argument for this is because A lot can happen in the readiation zone which could just come down to luck. I used to get prego on the spot but after the last update I dc more? anybody Else? have been attacked by the random drake, purlovia, or arthro. So much easier to kite it into the trap, hurt it, magnifying glass i
  13. 6500 health and 370 melee. Mutated blue, orange/yellow mutated underbellys.
  14. Just because your trash at pvp doesn't meant everyone is. Go play pve, surely you can get tek there
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