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  1. Icense

    primitive plus

    they do not care about
  2. Icense


    ALL PRIMITIVE servers are NORMAL now????? why????? all primitive engrams dissapear!!!! Normal ARK is really bad!!! wanna primitive backkkkkk
  3. When will Loading time on Primitive plus servers repair?
  4. So you put 2 days shipping and pay 20 usd for that but you must wait they to send it 3 days later without saying nothing. (?¿)
  5. I have problems with my ARK: SURVIVAL EVOLVED “Digital Superfan Collector’s Edition” Order #1468 I have send emails an noone answer me. The time of shipping I paid has passed and I am here until tuesday. On the order page only is a messege: Your order is confirmed We've accepted your order, and we're getting it ready. Come back to this page for updates on your order status. Oder is from 24 october and I pay Shipping method UPS Second Day Air
  6. Hello. I buy a spino on the ARK 3D Print Shop. Have paid, no confirmation. Only I know is that will be ready on three weeks and I will not be here...there is not place to contact who makes these things?? IDK what to do
  7. Icense

    Primitive + loading time.

    With a i7 7700k and GTX 1080 TI the game loading time is 3 / 5 minutes. WC say that will repair this but we have not answer for now. It will be great If we can have a date or something.
  8. Tek Tier is ridiculous. It does not make sense with the mechanics of the game, it will ruin it. It's just a new set to make the alpha tribes even more invincible. My opinion is that instead of putting ridiculous things because someone liked the movie iron man you should be devoted to what is important. Just my opinion. I leave you a photo of a giganto flying in a quetzal last week. Since we are going to ridicule, enjoy all the content.
  9. Icense

    Evolution Event: Cross ARK Transfers & More!

    Primitive plus transfer servers are not working, IDK why...