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  1. Dossier art from the Jurassic Park Expansion Mod. Nanuqsaurus tyranus Nanuqsaurus may have lived in the north in real life, but since The Center doesn't really have any snowy areas this Nanuqsaurus is able to survive anywhere. Compared to the Yutyrannus survivors have encountered before, the Nanuqsaurus seems to be way more dangerous, I have seen packs of these feathery tyrannosaurs hunt in packs of four or more. I have seen survivors try to take these packs on, and let's just say those survivors didn't really live too much longer. When they're not going after survivors they tend to turn their attention on Pachyrhinosaurus, it seems like the ancient rivalry continues even on the Ark. When they are in each others presence they seem to get much more agressive toward each other. If a survivor is attacking either of them they will ignore them. I have seen survivors use this vulnerability to their advantage and get behind the Nanuqsaurus to feed it Prime Meat. Once tamed packs of Nanuqsaurus is a virtually unstoppable force! Alone a Nanuqsaurus can't do much, but in the presence of 2 or more they are a force to be reconed with. The highest level of them is usually the alpha of the pack. In the wild you can tell which one is the alpha based on the light blue haze around it. Much like the Yutyrannus the Nanuqsaurus can boost any of your tames that are following you, on top of that in the cold the Nanuqsaurus can insulate you from the cold, making sure you are nice and warm.
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