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  1. Explorer Notes Gone

    I have been on the grind to getting all of the Explorer Notes. I logged on today and started my daily routine..check caves for megalania and then to start looking for the last 5 survivor notes i need. Well while walking through my first cave, the lower south, I was given the new dossier visual where it pops up on the screen and all. I had thought i already found all the survivor notes in that cave so i checked my list and and all of my survivor notes were gone. Is there anyway i can get all of them back, because its very time consuming searching for them all and then grinding to gear up to fight the bosses all over again..or am I just out of luck?
  2. Thylacoleo and the Titanoboa

    Thylacoleo and the Titanoboa So, I am an Xbox Arkster, and I was wondering; are the taming calculators correct when they say that the Thylacoleo take Titanoboa kibble? If it is true, do you guys on the pc have any tips for gathering Titanoboa eggs. When Ark fist came out for Xbox, I was able to find a bunch of Titanoboa eggs quite often in the swamp and the caves. In the recent months though, I have noticed a swift decline of the spawning of the Titanoboa eggs. And on a side note, is there any news on when we will finally be ableto tame those frisky snakes that enjoy climbing in the trousers of my phiomia.