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  1. Explorer Notes Gone

    I have been on the grind to getting all of the Explorer Notes. I logged on today and started my daily routine..check caves for megalania and then to start looking for the last 5 survivor notes i need. Well while walking through my first cave, the lower south, I was given the new dossier visual where it pops up on the screen and all. I had thought i already found all the survivor notes in that cave so i checked my list and and all of my survivor notes were gone. Is there anyway i can get all of them back, because its very time consuming searching for them all and then grinding to gear up to fight the bosses all over again..or am I just out of luck?
  2. Thylacoleo and the Titanoboa

    Thylacoleo and the Titanoboa So, I am an Xbox Arkster, and I was wondering; are the taming calculators correct when they say that the Thylacoleo take Titanoboa kibble? If it is true, do you guys on the pc have any tips for gathering Titanoboa eggs. When Ark fist came out for Xbox, I was able to find a bunch of Titanoboa eggs quite often in the swamp and the caves. In the recent months though, I have noticed a swift decline of the spawning of the Titanoboa eggs. And on a side note, is there any news on when we will finally be ableto tame those frisky snakes that enjoy climbing in the trousers of my phiomia.
  3. Tusoteuthis and Black Pearls

    I have yet to see a bag drop from any underwater dino be it squids, alpha squids or alpha mosas
  4. Tusoteuthis and Black Pearls

    My squids weight sits at 1360.
  5. Tusoteuthis and Black Pearls

    No its not full. i knew about the 300 slot limit because of giga meat runs. So before i pick a fight a squid or sea alpha i cleared all useless pick up clutter and all but 1000 fish meat...so far of the dozen squid ive killed only one has actually given me the pearls on death
  6. Tusoteuthis and Black Pearls

    So, I solo tamed myself a 145 squid. I think it is quite the accomplishment being I play Xbox and lagging doesn't with this colossal beast, but that beside the point. So after the hour and a half tame, I am now down ~350 pearls but up a 217 powerhouse of a squid. I decided to go out a farm the islands resident wild squid to restock my Black Pearl box. I noticed that unlike my Mosasaur the squid has never had the wild squid rewards transfer to my inventory thanks to the Victim Item Collection function. Normally this wouldn't be a problem since you can just hop off and check the dead squid's inventory. Now this is where my issue comes to light. The way the tamed squid attacks (multiple hits per action) tends to cause the dead squid to be mined in the same attack action it was killed forfeiting all pearls, oil, absorbant substrate and tentacle trophies. Is there a way to fix this problem? I've been having fun on my squid and it is nice to show it off to my service since its the first and only squid at the moment. I would like to continue using it for the time being but being unable to farm up black pearls is putting a damper on my island laps on the squid.
  7. What is that noise?!?!

    It was hell when i was in search of 150 chalicos...i hear the moan "where is whered it go...i hear you somewhere around here chalico"
  8. Stupid rules alphas enforce on your sever?

    There is a tribe on my server wont let you build water pens...theyll pillar out as you build so you cant finish it
  9. Why you should ignore pre-tame stats

    Well i use the SA Companion ap and here is what it shows Here is and inventory screenshot http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/PsychicShark101/screenshot/5648082 I cant tell you the health or melee roll because those are the stats i lve been boosting but i think it had between 1k and 1300hp
  10. Why you should ignore pre-tame stats

    Nope im serious my 145 troodon has a food stat of 370...which is its starting food at level 1...but has a weight of 250ish Soryy for late response was having trouble with the forums
  11. Xbox Question here. Just wondering. But...

    Ah well then idk lol
  12. Why you should ignore pre-tame stats

    nothing like taming a 145 troodon....then checking its stats to find it has 0 points in food, but has 105 in weight...yea luck of the draw
  13. Xbox Question here. Just wondering. But...

    You dont need to buy a second game for another console. look into the game sharing through setting your home xbox feature. Just need 1 digital copy of game, 2 xbox profiles--1 profile with xbox live, and a second xbox
  14. Therizinosaurus is too common and too feisty

    Im still on the hunt for 150 pegomastax...my first attempt was a failure cuz i didnt have enough berries...but i made a building with like 20 fridges of berries...i can now tame a couple at the same time
  15. Therizinosaurus is too common and too feisty

    My friends and i tamed a 10 with great issue, since we werent quite prepared for not so friendly edward scissor hands....wasnt hard to knock out but that torpor for a 3 hour tame is crazy Whats worse was that we knocked it out in a pegomastax spawn...the little buggers kept stealing the narcotics