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  1. Phoenix update required Since tek creatures have been added and do appear on this map, it only seems prudent to update the phoenix so that it can smelt the scrap metal into ingots as well. Surprising that I searched and could find no reference to this. Since I only recently tamed one, I just found this out today after harvesting a tek parasaur only to discover the scrap metal just sits in the inventory. Seems like an oversight to me.
  2. Thanks, good to know it's mod related. Now to track down which one it is. I'm going through their relative item listings to check how they are recorded to see if I have to adjust the recipe based on that, or maybe adjust mod order. ***figured it out, Had to use the mod version, and adjust for it's naming. FYI, for Ultra Stacks the command is -> ConfigOverrideItemCraftingCosts=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemResource_ElementRefined_US_C",BaseCraftingResourceRequirements=((ResourceItemTypeString="PrimalItemResource_ElementDust_US_C",BaseResourceRequirement=100.000000,bCraftingRequireExactResourceType=False)))
  3. Can't change cost of unstable element via game.ini I'm running my own private cluster and have been attempting to change the cost of the conversion rate of dust to element from 1k to 1 down to 100 to 1, yet no matter how I do this it will not take. I've restarted the server after the change, mindwiped and even suicided using polymer to refresh the character to no avail. I do use a stack mod (Ultra Stacks) and still have S+ running (I prefer not to lose the ability to pick things up and move them around, it's not exactly game breaking in PvE). Has Unstable element been hard coded to prevent people from changing this, as that appears the only thing left that I can find? Please, no silly responses about how easy it is to do nodes or farm dust from lamps and benches, those aren't helpful or relevant. I'm trying to determine if the game code is at fault or one of the mods.
  4. It cannot attack or be attacked when healing. It also can't pick anything up. I would recommend not trying to use turrets and going for the kill with a flyer like an Argy. If you can manage it you can endlessly stalemate by being in range of the owl when it freezes as that will heal your dino too. You can probably frustrate the owl rider more than he can frustrate you. Also, try to hit the rider, that might work better. You should also probably use tranqs rather than bullets, the cold freeze might heal health but it does nothing to restore torpor. I imagine a couple shots in the owl head with bio darts and you'll see it turning tail and running for home.
  5. I'v also tried to adjust the rate of conversion via Ark Server Manager to make it cost only 100 dust for 1 element as that seems far more realistic due to the weight of the stuff, but even those changes are not taking effect. Has the asset been hard coded into the map, or am I just doing it wrong?
  6. Maybe a necro, not sure, but since it's related, I'm asking this. I use Ark Server Manager, and am attempting to get this command to work on a dedicated private server, but no matter how I do this it never changes the recipe, even when performing a polymer-cide. I use Ultra Stacks, S+, and a few other mods, but those two seem to be the only mods that would affect the engram in question. Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this issue? I've tried adjusting the command based on item lists from structures plus but they have no effect.
  7. The statement about PvP is meant to be taken as an extension of the whole game design, whether PvE or PvP - as some crossover takes place in either direction when you consider grief behavior and kiting of dinos. And what is done in the PvE maps regarding dino kiting is really an attempt at griefing and no risk PvP using a game mechanic. The AI would not normally put them in the city at all except near entrances, especially at higher elevations in the map as the corrupted dinos aggro on everything, even each other. As far as small dinos getting dropped, well, if someone doesn't have a leash and dinos set to aggressive they kind of ask for it simply for the education, but it is STILL not PvP, it's PvE. And when you think about it, fighting other players using PvE mechanics on a PvP server kind of flies in the face of the whole premise of the design of PvP. Part of the problem with the game environment on officials is that they have spike walls in the game but they won't enable them to hurt wild dinos , which is the whole point of them. Passive defenses have to be more valid than dino kiting, or the game is simply poorly thought out and poorly implemented. And spike walls should be working on all servers. But of course WC has far too much focus on PvP to begin with, to the detriment of the game. Why it should even matter to them if spike fences damage wild dinos on a PvP map isn't logical, not when taken in context of active players raiding a base - they can destroy the fences before they cause a problem.
  8. I'd also like to know why the doed or the anky can't harvest from the element node anyway, that seems like the perfect fit to me.
  9. Element Dust to Element conversion Is there anywhere to adjust this rate for Unofficial servers? My mind can't quite digest why something that can weigh so much in a stack (the dust) comes out after combination into something that weighs next to zero. Seems to me you should get 10 Element per 100 dust in my view. Considering all pure element is gated behind timesinks anyway, whether you spend an hour flying around with a doed tagging light poles or running a node, the only difference is the node gives more element than the poles ever will. And if you can do the node, then it should not matter if you can get more element on a conversion from dust. As you get far more dust from a node than you can get from poles.
  10. Online games are full of ahats. It's not really PvP when it happens in PvE as well. Build your stuff inside and then they can't reach in and turn your stuff on and off. I can't even understand why you wouldn't be doing that already anyway.
  11. Daedons are your friend...
  12. Kiting is what bored kids do, and is as much crap as what you've stated. That isn't really playing the game, and in PvP the other player isn't really part of the equation at all unless they happen to be around when you do the kiting. It's just meta gaming the rules and calling yourself skilled when any level one player on a borrowed ptero can do that job. Players wanted PvP so they could have stronger challenge, which is what you claim (and the "tactics" like this really make me suspect that sort of claim is utter BS), but then use the game mechanics instead of fighting players themselves? You can't play the game that way with zero challenge to yourself in that act and claim you want a game with challenge. Rank amateur cowardice is what it is IMO. Unless you want to claim kiting dinos is what the devs had in mind for PvP when they designed the game. When it happens in PvE it's simply trolling, if the player doing the kite had any stones he or she would be on a PvP map.
  13. Something tells me you can cryo any dino, including water dinos, and take them where ever you wish.
  14. The original game comes with console access included. This should too, as it's more or less a direct port. However since it's free to download and play the basic game, getting more access to other features is something that happens to apps in any app store. Basic features=free. Advanced features=$$.
  15. I don't think any raptor should be able to pounce you while it's being hit, particularly from larger dinos like the Spino. Seems likely the mechanic is there purely to annoy, similar to pegos and itchy's.
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