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  1. This one solved a crash I had for like 3 months.
  2. If you are on PVE you might ask if someone has an argent you could borrow to get him out.
  3. Because I have invested over 3 years, I have grown attached to my pets. I plan to keep them alive till they kill my legacy servers then keep the save files so I technically still have them.
  4. Cowgirl


    I don't have arb but I watch youtube vids and I dont think I even knew they are a thing lol
  5. Cowgirl

    how long does it take to preserve meat

    I just hate to lose a bunch to spoiling is the only reason why
  6. Cowgirl

    how long does it take to preserve meat

    You can put some of each meat (I usually do half a stack of each, so 15 of each roughly) and it will do both kinds at once, BUT it does take extra spark powder because it uses spark powder when making the jerky as well as to run the preserving bin. (I do 15 each of cooked prime and cooked meat, then about 100 oil and 200 spark powder in multiple preserving bins then collect it the next day)
  7. Cowgirl

    Where were you when the server crashed?

    All the servers crashed?
  8. Cowgirl

    Why does eveyone seem to hate the diplodocus

    I loooooove my tamed ones but I hate the wild ones, specifically the ones near my base, or if you are trying to trap one and have to go out of render before KOing it. They are HORRIBLE for just walking through the wall. And one time I had a wild one pushing on my base but I ignored it, later that day it was INSIDE my base shoving my pets around! One of my gigas poofed at the same time as that so IDK if the diplo was at fault or not but still dont want them near my base.
  9. Cowgirl

    Kill all Legacy Servers

    Just because they aren't new doesn't mean newbies don't join them, I have a LOT of new members on the server I have been on the longest, they are still getting plenty of use.
  10. Cowgirl


    Aww dang, I'm sorry (it usually does, so its a good thing to remember just in case)
  11. Cowgirl

    Favorite dinos

    Favorite so far: Mothra (Boss dino on pugnacia) on vanilla... Therizino (zino) Spino Doed
  12. Cowgirl


    That was happening to me the other day, I don't know if it was the server reset that fixed it, or me verifying my game cache but you might try the game cache. go to steam, then library, then ark, then right click and click properties then local files then verify integrety of game files. it will probably take a while. Were you in the redwoods on the center map by chance?
  13. Cowgirl

    No PC legacy removal list?

    Ah I overlooked that little teeny bit, thank you!
  14. Just wondering if there really is no list, or if I am not seeing it? If there is no list does anyone know if that is an accident or if they aren't culling any?
  15. Cowgirl

    Easiest creature to solo raise?

    Gallimimus are pretty easy to raise, I found them easier to raise than to tame, but I was taming low lvl ones.