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  1. DJRone89

    crossplay Crossplay hosting

    Even if what you’re suggesting came to light, it wouldn’t under Ark’s lifetime. Crossplay took over a year to set up between Win10 and Xbox through Play Anywhere and they’re both Microsoft platforms.
  2. I even told you that it’s in the recent topics, your inability to check the topics astounds me.
  3. It doesn’t mention those additions in the console patch notes because they have only just been implemented on PC. All fixes come to PC first with usually a month delay to console. In hindsight, I’d advise reading your platforms patch notes before commenting.
  4. DJRone89

    Turning off Admin Command LeaveMeAlone

    Actually, you disagreed with everyone who was trying to help you. Big difference.
  5. DJRone89

    Turning off Admin Command LeaveMeAlone

    Yeah it’s strange however it will reset after a server restart. I’ve also noticed that when you fast travel, it will remove god and infinite stats but not the enemy invisible, possibly because god and inf stats are a toggle where as the enemy invisible requires a different command to disable it.
  6. Future free content maybe? Seems like a logical step in the right direction as it currently ends in metal tier.
  7. Transferring imprints between players should be a thing through console commands. Just target the creature and enter in a command along the lines of: GiveDinoImprintToPlayer <PlayerID>
  8. DJRone89

    Ragnarok Dino Cap Increase

    All official servers have a tame cap of 5500.
  9. What’s broken? Your statement doesn’t address the issue.
  10. DJRone89

    crossplay Crossplay hosting

    Lol it’s never going to happen. I follow all Ark news and have never seen any info on this apparent merger so it’s likely people have been talking out of their asses.
  11. DJRone89

    crossplay Crossplay hosting

    Nope. It’s Nitrado, or Win10/Xbox player dedicated. That’s it. Wildcard initially said that Nitrado would be the first server providers to test the waters as they are the official hosts/partners. I honestly believe other providers simply don’t care enough because of the need to go through the Microsoft store and potentially lose a profit. Why would people pay more money on an already expensive model? Nitrado made a choice with Microsoft so that servers are only a fraction more expensive than those using Steam or PS4. Because of the way Nitrado is set up on Xbox, I’d imagine Microsoft would make all potential server providers developer their own app for use in the Microsoft store just as Nitrado did, again something I doubt other providers care about doing.
  12. Map? Only Ragnarok and The Center have common spawns of dinos at high levels due to certain levels not spawning at all.
  13. DJRone89

    helppp I cant tame anything

    Probably playing on a tame capped server.
  14. DJRone89

    Baby Mature Speed Bug?

    Probably have singleplayer settings enabled