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  1. Brilliant, I was aiming for 25+ HP and 600% melee so it’s good to know.
  2. After so many months of server corruptions, I finally have a stable rented server, and now prepping for the Broodmother. I’m currently breeding Rex’s. I’m not too worried about post hatch stats because I’m always looking to improve those but a ball park figure would be great, and what are your recommended stats going into the fight after levelling? Preferably beta Broodmother. Also, does saddle armour rating significantly help? I have an ascendant blueprint with 124 armour. FYI my server consists of me and a few friends so mature rates are highly accelerated with 100% imprints guaranteed - as long as you’re on the ball.
  3. What building teir is classic elevator?

    Assuming OP is on PC.
  4. @EmberStar The mindwipe tonic is a legitimate consumable made in the cooking pot/industrial cooker to allow a respec of your stats and engrams. The devs nerfed it to a single use per level because people exploited it on officials but there’s an override on unofficials. It’s not the devs fault you were too incompetent to use it before levelling to 100.
  5. Wait, so what you’re saying is, they are ninja considering the different time zones because for what ever reason, they can’t start the events at different times specific to region? Well I’ll be damned. Though let’s be honest, even if that was the case, you’d still get people complaining (mostly NA folk) that they miss the start of the event and go on to say how hard done by they are without ever considering it’s the norm for people on the other side of the world.
  6. I tried to agree with your earlier comments until I re read them and realised you disagreed with the flyer nerf and thought it killed the fun in the game. Guess what buddy, I play PvE mostly and welcome most nerfs because it adds more challenge to the game - challenge gives more fun and enjoyment because it’s not as easy to achieve the same thing. You claim you can do a better job but that’s laughable when you can’t even accept major changes that actually give balance.
  7. I may not always agree with everything you say but for this and most things, your delivery is exceptional.
  8. Seems like an over exaggerated response to enabling one setting. Well good luck finding your answer because I’m clearly of no help.
  9. Dinos you just feel bad about killing :(

    Most stuff that flees, especially Lystro’s - I kept them as pet dogs before the Hyenadons were introduced.
  10. Do beavers leave an area?

    Ragnarok has all SE creatures and engrams. I prefer the thorny to the beaver simply because it eats meat and you save far more on resources to tame one.
  11. Is PvE better? Does it get boring fast?

    My taming is 6x, egg hatch 30x, mature 60x, no mating interval, and 11 min imprints - so you can enjoy the rest of the game without messing with such tedious tasks as taming and breeding. It’s just me and a bunch of friends, so ORP is on and no structure/dino decay.
  12. Seriously, why is this an issue now, all of a sudden? Evo events have been happening for around a year now and people are only now complaining about start times? Maybe if you piped up when they first started, Wildcard may have done something about it. Let’s face it, the bulk majority of their player base came from early access and many of them have been here since the beginning, so they have witnessed all the changes. If they have accepted the event start times then so should you, despite how unfair you may think it is.
  13. How is the note useless? Have you never made a custom recipe before? @EmberStar Just mindwipe. Make sure only to do so when you have a level up (and aren’t level 100), or enable unlimited respecs and not worry about the one use per level. That’s how everyone else gets by.
  14. So anyone who you disagree with is labelled a fanboy? I’ll make sure not to interact with you in the future if that’s your attitude.
  15. Crashrage

    It’s part of the Scorched Earth lore. Unfortunately I can’t tell you the exact explorer note but I think it’s one of Raia’s