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  1. It would be a massive boon to solo players, if we could set up a formation that the dinos would "follow" in. Especially if running a pack of wolves, or Allos, which benefit from having many with you. I'd keep it simple, It would basically be like the current follow system, but rather than always following directly behind, you could have something follow slightly behind and to the left about 10 feet, or have something small "following" ahead of you to draw in predators, and then you and the pack swoop in for the slaughter. It would have to have a limit to keep it from being abused and too powerful, so since the max pack bonus is +8, that is the number I would go with. Maybe even limit it to things that get the pack bonus, since they are the ones that would be the best at working together.
  2. With how little kibble some of the newer dinos take to tame, especially really good ones (if used properly) like Velos, it seems really strange to look back, and still see things like Brontos taking over 100, especially for the new, and objectively harder to make kibble. It always seemed odd to me, that something that is basically a quality of life upgrade is harder (in terms of resources) than the old go-to endgame bossfight dino, the Rex. The Giga takes the same kibble, and only 37 of it for a 150. And that is a much stronger dino. (Only 4 more than a Rex of the same level too...) With all that in mind, I propose a full pass over the amount of kibble needed to tame each thing. Use the most powerful dinos in each tier as the baseline, and go down from there. And do away with the "Herbivore tax" of always requiring more to tame them. Them being easier to keep fed is meaningless when a 5 minute run can give you enough meat to feed a small army for a month.
  3. I ran around, gathered lots of berries, got eaten a few times, knocked out a high level Bronto, and it will hopefully be tamed in a couple of hours. I say hopefully, because it got to 75%, and then the server hit the cap, because everyone still thinks they need 800 of each dino.
  4. I ATE A BABAY! Okay, so only part of one. Prime jerky, had a random single piece that just wouldn't fit in the jerky fridge... So I ate it.
  5. Didn't help at all. I'm not getting the time out error or anything like that, it just takes a ridiculously long time to load that one file. The rest load normally for me.
  6. Long loading time I don't understand why this takes so long to load. Is there an actual reason? Is it because I primarily play normal and it has to reconfigure everything? I assumed that's what the restart was for, not loading things before even loading the server.. It's been working on "PrimalGameData_BP_PrimitivePlus" for about 15 minutes now...
  7. Use your crossbow to take out the cnidaria around the area you plan to fight in.
  8. I always kill them no matter what they stole... Nobody takes food off my plate.
  9. Pegomastax are Ark's equivalent to bandits in Skyrim. Bandits: "Hey, you see that guy who just killed a dragon and ate its soul? Lets mug him!" Pegos: "Hey, you see that guy riding around on that Rex/giga/anything else that could kill us in one hit? Let's mug him!"
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