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  1. Began raising another big litter of wolf pups, set the existing pack other than the breeders out in my hunting area to train for the upcoming test vs a wild giga.
  2. Keeping 40 wolves from tangling up and getting stuck on eachother is difficult in the best circumstances. That's why I've organized them in follow lines. The only way I can think of to properly pull it off with a "kill pen" would be to have something outside of it on passive that each leader could be following, but then the predators might lock onto those instead of the wolves, So it wouldn't be as effective. thought that does give me an idea... I could build a stone cage in the middle of my hunting area, drop my raptor in the center on passive with each lead wolf following... and then se
  3. Prep continues. 40 wolves for the next army. Over the course of the next week, I'll be taking each of these packs, divided into groups of 5, out to lay waste to the surrounding wildlife to strengthen them for the coming battle. Transport may be difficult, as they will not all fit on a Quetz platform, and I am a solo player. Current ideas: 1: Place the lead wolf from each pack on the back of a quetz platform on passive, while the rest are on follow in their respective lines on aggressive to kill anything that gets in the way. 2: Build a bronto "raft" and load them all on that, on pas
  4. Hmm... I do have OBS... Haven't done much with it. I guess I could record when I take another pack over to try again. Would be good to show people the results instead of just talking about them.
  5. I raised and imprinted 11 dire wolves with levels ranging from 250-254, and am currently waiting for the next batch.
  6. That's pretty much what I want. Though I'd like to avoid having to break my theme to do it. Back on Legacy, I had a bronto that could take gigas if I was riding her. So I know that can be done. But that's a LOT of kibble to rebuild that line, if I even got that lucky again. Also I like Wolves better than Brontos, so... Yea, that's what I want to make able to kill Gigas.
  7. Considering that less than 20 managed to bring the 140 giga to around half, I think I'm already on the right track. will just need more health and melee.
  8. I appreciate the suggestions, but Daedons and yutys don't fit what I do. Anyone can breed a big bad dino like a giga or a rex to do the job. I want to do it with something smaller. It's more of a challenge, and more fun. That's why I've been limiting myself to herbivores, and things that get a pack bonus. I could use Allos of course, get a good saddle BP and go to town... but other than finding good ones to breed, that feels too easy too. I like the wolves. So that's what I wanna use.
  9. Valguero, gamma difficulty, unnoficial server I think. His wolves had better stats than the ones Chaser mentioned.
  10. So, this question is as much a goal, as it is a general curiosity. How many Direwolves do you think it would take to kill a giga? I've been breeding them awhile, almost 3k base health, 312 base melee. I recently took a large pack I was culling from the breeding program to the highlands (23 wolves, leveled to 5k+ health, and 500+ melee.) 9 of them got stuck somewhere and I haven't been able to find them. The remaining 14 fought a 140 giga. Obviously, they lost. But, they did manage to bloody it. I believe it was only first stage bloody, so halfish health, but the fact that they g
  11. Why is the game size so ridiculous? I have a 225GB SSD. Ark is the only thing on it. I've compressed everything on it as much as possible, and still the newest update can't install because of insufficient space.
  12. I mostly like the kibble rework, but, I'm not a fan of the fact that a 150 Bronto takes over 3x as much of the same kibble as a Giga of the same level. Also some of the lower end kibbles are harder to make than the higher end.
  13. Integrate it into the main game, and implement a technological tier system so that you can shut off the advanced stuff, which basically allows you to play the same mode.
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