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  1. vanyelxp5


    Broken in what way? and is this PC or console?
  2. Did they actually announce that? Or is that just the assumption?
  3. Are we ever getting any news about Primal Survival? This was once a highly anticipated DLC. It was announced, and even had a trailer. But here we are, over 3 years beyond the original release date, and there has been no announcement regarding it at all. Is it canceled? Still in development? I might be in the minority, but I would like to know the answer to this.
  4. That's a fair point, but, I think it could be done more simply. If the follow point for the dino were offset, then basically, that's where it would calculate your position for following purposes. You'd set it back enough, or to the side enough that staying up your backside wouldn't be the default position. The other things, like them having to circle around are a non-issue. Because you would wait for them to be in position before running off again. Different speeds would be a problem, but not as much of one as it is now. Right now, even same speed dinos end up getting tangled up. Especially brontos and other long bodied models. because they follow point is in the center. So even if you set them to Very Long distance, it puts their ideal range somewhere around the middle of the tail. So a functional baggage train where each follows the one in front of it is basically impossible to organize without other players.
  5. Formation following having the ability to set up formations, or even just offset the follow point a few feet to either side would be immensely helpful to solo players and smaller tribes. Just imagine it, a pack of Dire wolves or Allos charging in a classic Wedge, or dual column formation as they rush in to take down bigger prey. A proper baggage train of brontos that doesn't get tangled up with eachother every 2.6 seconds because each one is offset to one side or the other from the one in front of them. A lone survivor flanked by a pack of Hyaenodon that aren't tripping him or themselves up... All of these would be good things, A massive quality of life improvement, especially if they would automatically run around to return to their follow point after killing something and harvesting its delicious meat.
  6. What I want most of all, is for the amount of food it takes to tame a bronto to be reduced. I don't mind it taking a lot of berries, or veggies, those are easy to come by, and it's understandable that they would take a lot. But the kibble cost is another matter. A bronto is nowhere near as powerful as a Giga, nor as versatile as a T-rex. You can't do bosses with them, they're slow, and hard to maneuver. But, they cost nearly 3x as much of the same kibble as the Giga or the Rex. Not only does this make them much more expensive to tame, despite being worse at most things, but the final max level is slightly lower than the Rex. The main thing a bronto is good for is gathering a lot of berries all at once. They used to be the best cargo haulers for heavy weight overland, but the Basilisk now takes that spot. Which is somewhat annoying, but not a huge deal.
  7. I ran around, gathered lots of berries, got eaten a few times, knocked out a high level Bronto, and it will hopefully be tamed in a couple of hours. I say hopefully, because it got to 75%, and then the server hit the cap, because everyone still thinks they need 800 of each dino.
  8. I ATE A BABAY! Okay, so only part of one. Prime jerky, had a random single piece that just wouldn't fit in the jerky fridge... So I ate it.
  9. Didn't help at all. I'm not getting the time out error or anything like that, it just takes a ridiculously long time to load that one file. The rest load normally for me.
  10. Long loading time I don't understand why this takes so long to load. Is there an actual reason? Is it because I primarily play normal and it has to reconfigure everything? I assumed that's what the restart was for, not loading things before even loading the server.. It's been working on "PrimalGameData_BP_PrimitivePlus" for about 15 minutes now...
  11. Use your crossbow to take out the cnidaria around the area you plan to fight in.
  12. I always kill them no matter what they stole... Nobody takes food off my plate.
  13. Pegomastax are Ark's equivalent to bandits in Skyrim. Bandits: "Hey, you see that guy who just killed a dragon and ate its soul? Lets mug him!" Pegos: "Hey, you see that guy riding around on that Rex/giga/anything else that could kill us in one hit? Let's mug him!"
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