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  1. Regardless, you're missing the point. A rex is useful for so many more things than a Bronto, but costs 1/3 the kibble, for no actual gameplay reason than somebody deciding it should. Same thing with almost every other herbivore. The only one that has the utility and power that justifies the increased cost is the Theri. If the costs were inverted, everyone who wants rexes for boss fights would be posting angrily on the forums about it.
  2. I don't know if that would be the right call or not. Most dinos take the same kibble that their eggs produce, but, imagine trying to tame a Giga before gaining the ability to make the kibble for it? I don't think the costs are balanced at all. As stated, the only reason for the increased cost of Herbivores seems to be an arbitrary choice. Especially for how much it's increased.
  3. Managed to solve it. Console command cache problem from when I was trying to do some stuff in single player and crashed the game by accidentally pasted literally every command and the descriptions of them into the console.
  4. This is the text from the popup. I've tried re-validating the game files. Assertion failed: FCString::Strlen(InName)<=NAME_SIZE [File:F:\build\trunkNew\Engine\Source\Runtime\Core\Private\UObject\UnrealNames.cpp] [Line: 486] VERSION: 0.0 KERNELBASE.dll!UnknownFunction (0x00007ff8d294d759) + 0 bytes [UnknownFile:0] ShooterGame.exe!FOutputDevice::Logf__VA() (0x00007ff7c4a4ab38) + 159 bytes [f:\build\trunknew\engine\source\runtime\core\private\misc\outputdevice.cpp:145] ShooterGame.exe!FDebug::AssertFailed() (0x00007ff7c4a37e78) + 117 bytes [f:\build\trunkne
  5. I would love to see a rebalancing of taming costs. Currently, a Giga and a Rex cost similar amounts of kibble, and the same tier, while the Giga is much more powerful. Meanwhile, the Bronto is also in the same tier of kibble, but costs nearly 3x as much for the same level. It's more than a little silly. With Brontos unable to go to boss fights, and their AOE attack unable to break multiple trees at once, their utility is far lower than that of a Rex, and their power is lower than a Giga. Mechanically there is no reason for the additional cost other than some arbitrary decis
  6. One of the wolves got the killing blow, I just wasn't close enough to see which one as a popup. She picked up the heart, and 4 levels in the process. As shown in the video. Also it wasn't swimming anywhere near long enough to run out of oxygen.
  7. And just like that, upload is complete! Video is a little choppy, and not great quality, but it is proof that this happened!
  8. Prior to the end of the event, two more wolves were lost to turkeys, but the remaining 37 wolves fought valiantly this day. And though 21 of their number did not survive, the pack remains strong and has emerged victorious! Level 50 giga vs 37 direwolves. I did record the battle, and I will be uploading it as soon as I am able. It was a little wonky, with some of the wolves having a hard time getting in to the fight due to pathing, but even with that, we won!
  9. I successfully killed a giga using only Direwolves. Level 50 giga, vs 37 direwolves, most were leveled to have 6k health and 500 melee. I could have waited for all of them to have it, but that would have put it off for at least another week, and I've waited long enough. In the end, 21 of the pack did not survive, but the remaining 16 are about to get a ride home where they will rest, and then take on their new role as base guardians. The wolf who got the killing blow has been properly named as Giga Slayer, and she will live a pampered life inside my tower.
  10. Lost one of the pack due to it deciding to run all the way to the beach and pick a fight with 3 super turkeys. It died before I could run over on my theri and even start biting them. Fortunately I have more to replace it with, so it's not a major setback. It is however, annoying. I should be ready to make an attempt on the Giga test by next weekend if the levels continue to go up as they have been. If this one is unsuccessful, I'll switch to single player and speed things up that way. I suspect that I'll need to find a low level one to have a shot with the current stat numbers, but we'll
  11. They didn't have much trouble with knockback in the previous test. I feel like your statement here is ignoring what was already done previously with fewer, and weaker wolves.
  12. I've had the pack running around my hunting grounds for a couple of days. Some have hit the 6k health and 500 melee I'm shooting for for this test, some have not. Due to uncooperative AI, the process of kiting things to them was not a success. On a related note. I've found that I CAN fit them all on my quetz saddle, but, it's too much weight for it to carry right now. So I'm going to take it around another area and murder some stuff to bump that up.
  13. Began raising another big litter of wolf pups, set the existing pack other than the breeders out in my hunting area to train for the upcoming test vs a wild giga.
  14. Keeping 40 wolves from tangling up and getting stuck on eachother is difficult in the best circumstances. That's why I've organized them in follow lines. The only way I can think of to properly pull it off with a "kill pen" would be to have something outside of it on passive that each leader could be following, but then the predators might lock onto those instead of the wolves, So it wouldn't be as effective. thought that does give me an idea... I could build a stone cage in the middle of my hunting area, drop my raptor in the center on passive with each lead wolf following... and then se
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