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  1. I might unironically like this better than the normal game lol. Creative building on ARK takes way more resources and grind than games like minecraft where you just pick up blocks and put them back down to make houses/bases, and combat on ARK is miles ahead of a game like minecraft just in weapon and dino variety, so a game that combines both concepts well is very promising. Also making custom items look good/blend in nicely for blocky games is way easier so modding would be very nice. Hopefully it will have some open source coding support cause I prefer coding over the UE4 blueprint system.
  2. Lots of really cool stuff here, great work guys! I love how there's a new underwater weapon besides the crossbow. Now we just need some aoe stuff and maybe some utility weapons. A few things I'd like are: Torpedo launcher: like rpg but underwater, homing variety too? Depth charge: underwater grenade (maybe make it stun whales too to let people who still have wooden rafts get away?) Just could really use some AOE underwater weaponry to get rid of clusters of piranhas and torpedos I'd imagine would be useful for cracking open underwater TEK bases.
  3. lots of cool stuff here, but what ever happened to ARK Digest?
  4. When I saw the question about shoulder mount snails I thought of having a mini-snail, and now I just want mini versions of all the dinos. Tek shrink ray anyone? Who wouldn't want a shoulder mount t-rex?
  5. Those are some gorgeous looking caves, and I can't wait to get my hands on some tech gear and those new sea dinos. I love underwater stuff and it's great to see it's getting some love with these cool new things to do underwater and the upcoming tek ventilator. On a side note, I just thought of a great idea. An underwater focused map. Will start a new thread on it for more info
  6. ah great. I just stopped playing scorched as, when i finally got a flier capable of luring dragons, a dragon killed half my dinos including my fliers over night.... With this I can transfer some good pteras to scorched and get back in business
  7. Yes. I've always loved everything from medieval stuff to super high tech sci fi stuff. If you don't like high tech stuff, there's always primitive
  8. This is the one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen in video games. Keep up the amazing work, so hype to make an underwater base and those tek suits look awesome with the speed and strength boosts. That power fist attack looked awesome too. Hopefully with weaponized rexes I'll finally have a dino that can 1v1 a rock golem more than like lv 10 xD. A few questions/things to consider: Will the dinos equipped with the laser tank armor stuff be able to use it without a rider (E.g. If I leave my rex outside on scorched will he be able to shoot down wyverns that come by if provoked when I'm offline?) Earlier in an ark digest, it was mentioned that there would be no higher tier reusable grapple as the jetpack would be able to let you all out fly. Would it be possible to still get one anyway? I love grappling around, especially in caves, and it'd be nicer to have some mid-tier grapple (around lv 70 made with poly) that is reusable. Will there be any tek tier things that give torp? Will we get forcefields for protecting structures? It'd be super cool to get some imprisoning force field gun thing that'd be like a tek tier net gun for all stopping any dino from moving
  9. Procedural Generated ARKs would be way more awesome if when generating an ARK, the server owner could choose (through a config file or something) the priority of each biome, allowing server owners to mix and match what biomes they want on their map. E.g. Snow = 0.1 Oasis = 0.1 DesertMountains = 0.1 WorldScar = 0.1 Dunes = 0.1 Canyons = 0.1 HighDesert = 0.0 LowDesert = 0.0 Redwoods = 0.1 Swamp = 0.1 Ocean = 0.1 Basically It'd have a value for each biome and the priority of it with the sum needing to add up to 1. Each value would be the percentage of the map that would be that biome
  10. I get a swarm of giant bees just by taming one (the queen) AND honey is implied to be used for taming herbivores (I assume a prime meat equivalent for herbivores)? Sign me up! Oh and people can't complain about them like ants because the nest high in the redwoods so you'd have to be looking for trouble to get attacked
  11. Looks like how arg looks in its dossier lol Hopefully this one looks like how its displayed as in the picture. It'd be cool to have a vulture.
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