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  1. I'll put something up for the Crunch some day...
  2. Dont get too excited its not a release! :$ 

    Just playing around with some logo ideas, what do you think?  Yea or Nay?

    1. tednik
    2. WinterJasper


      its nice gj :) but what's it for


      greetings :)



    3. sparcmx


      If you ever decide to do an ARK Youtube video, where you need a smooth flying camera to show off your creation.  Or if you are Lame Wolf Productions and need a dollycam for a scene, this is the program for you :P

      Basically its a stand-alone app (like Commander) that controls the ARK viewport, you create curves on a map, x y z pitch yaw etc.  Glider will then interpolate movement between your curve points and export the motion as a sequence of JPG images.  Easy.

      Frame by frame output means your PC doesn't need to be a monster to get 60fps with Epic settings!
          ** Think of it as, Stop Motion for ARK :)



      Releasing to testers this weekend..

  3. Count me in, although it will be 3am when you start. I shall arise 2pm PST, toast in hand
  4. just wondering but.  AC says checking for update "All up to date" but it's not.

    Annunaki Genesis (v3.9.7)

    Annunaki Genesis (v3.10.3)

    is the current

    drake saddle is missing

    Ark Advance 10

    changes have been made; Steam Punk was taken out and made into a separate mod

    and yes the quantity thing..Bush People is really messed up. << made my own in your program.>>

    sorry to harp here.

  5. anyone know Now to delete my old posts? I look like a spam job.

  6. hey there

    Are the quality sliders going to be fixed?

    it always outputs quantity,10,0

    admincheat GiveItem "Blueprint'/Game/Mods/CorrectedStructuresOld/Glass/Walls/PrimalItemStructure_GreenhouseWallWithDoor_Child_CorrectedStructures_Chi.PrimalItemStructure_GreenhouseWallWithDoor_Child_CorrectedStructures_Chi'" 1 10 0

    this was set to  1, 100,0

    love this Program!


    While AC is running in ARK if I bump the CTRL key it spawns a random loot drop..?? lol weird.

  7. hi again;

    Many of the level sliders are not working, many are just "10" for the level  no matter what the slider says.

    bush people spawncodes are all miss typed

    could you Please add a minimize button to the UI

    If you  could please pass this on. I'm not sure where to put this ..

  8. Hey there Sparcmx "Sir that  makes my life much eaiser" = )

    AC said an hour ago it had found an update was updating.

    Can you tell me what that update was?

    Is it possible to add a Minimize button that you click with the mouse ?

    just asking, know the Genius you are could probably implement this without any undue effort..

    "Rolls Eyes"


    1. mrrollie


      guess I should of read you update before asking Sorry

    2. mrrollie


      Did you by chance have the time to RE-Edit: Bush People?

      LOL Sir. it's really messed up.

      I've made my own version in the custom Tab so no big deal.

      I'd would look better Re-edited..

      Once again " LOVE THIS PROGRAM "!!

  9. Hey there; I really hate to mention it but

    The Bush people 's script are all messed up


    admincheat Summon CHEAT SUMMON BPMTASE_C

    admincheat Summon CHEAT SUMMON BPFLAWWOMAN_C

    as you see; these will not work until I edit them 1st ; They seem to all be misquoted.

    I think this needs an update..

    !!!! LOVE YOUR PROGRAM !!!

    There are other mistakes in other modes.


    could you add : GateMod; Grid  <<<  All

    NO biggy I have already made a folder just for those.

    Thanks A lot

  10. love this  program!

    Q: will the creatures in the vanilla group be updated soon?

    Many are missing even though the programs says it's up to date

    sometimes; it seems the quantity slider is not working as well as the quality slider. In the items area

    Thanks & "I'm not complaining just letting you now "

  11. Having to revisit Twitter after years of not even bothering..  I feel old  (squinting at the screen tryin' to figure out what the hell I'm doing).

    1. Karrah


      That is so funny because I found myself on Twitter tonight after years of being absent only wondering what I was doing and why was I putting myself through that!?!? *Thumbs up!*

  12. I think I need to clean house..  just under 10000 lines of code for a command spitter, a little excessive.
    Optimize optimize, select chunk - delete..   Lemony fresh!


    Yes, I'm losing my mind :P 

  13. excellent app - makes ark a lot easier for admins now



    1. sparcmx


      Your welcome, and with regards to admin I've been working on the rcon side of things and will re-introduce it soon so you can give items to players, kick, ban, teleport..  All that fun stuff

    2. tomhud


      thanks sparcmx really appreciated

  14. It appears to be another tribe stealing dinos
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