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  1. Commander 1.1.2 has been released! See OP for download link
  2. Hello Everyone! Commander 1.1.2 RC1 has been released to my Patreon supporters! Public release to follow soon after testing is complete. Genesis Part 2 Items and Creatures added + mapping functionality. Crystal Isles mapping has also been added. Lot's of bugfixes, especially the one that affected EU players using the map teleport function, this should all be working as intended. More to follow soon.. -Sparcmx
  3. Unfortunately Commander only works on the Steam release of ARK. I have the Windows 10 version which was kindly donated and have made numerous attempts to get it working. The in-game console is not the same as the Steam version, it blocks all external programs from interacting with the game window rendering Commander useless. I have not given up on this version and will make another attempt once Commander 1.1.2 is publicly released.
  4. There was a bug in the mapping tool that affected players in the EU region, Commander 1.1.2 should address this issue once and for all. It's not you, it's me
  5. I suppose I should get off my butt and update this gnarly utility. Gen 2 calls!
  6. I've 90% completed the code for Commander 1.0.9, Violet Exchange and the 100 things she does with Ark data, discord, SQL and Commander will make server owners very, very happy. I've collated all the issues people have had over the months and can confidently say this is my favorite build by far. And I'm not winding down, there are things on the horizon that beckons the Commander, and I will deliver. Deep breath
  7. Commander has been released! Head on over to sparcmx.com to grab a copy
  8. ARK Commander 1.0.7 beta4 is available for public testing. Obtain via https://discord.gg/3EXA2MU - Map savefile version 8 support.
  9. This is due to the command used to spawn. I believe GMSummon doesn't have this issue, and you can set the level too! This is in Commander 107 also
  10. don't forget the pin drop Okay, sorry for the lack of updates, I've been conveniently abusing twitter for this purpose, I should be bouncing to all my social points but its quite time consuming. My wife reads your posts and lets me know and I address the issues your having in code but I'm unable to post very often. The issue with Commander being offset is due to screen resolution, the current build only supports 1920x1080 in overlay mode, the centering is hardcoded for this size (yes I know, that's stupid) and I have fixed this issue in 107. Commander will allow you to move the window and snap to screen edges.. And it will remember its position.. Ragnarok will be in 107 and also the ability to just add your own map. RCON is a shady area, partly due to Ark not providing a complete feature set. I have progressed further with this and have opted to use SourceRcon API which seems to run quite well. I will endeavor to have all RCON management functions implemented and if Wildcard fix the givetoplayer commands, you'll able to give items to other players using RCON, might be a big IF though. I'm pretty close to testing phase, if the beta code is stable enough I'll post a link to it here but not officially announce it.
  11. Ark Commander Library has been updated! 49 New mods and 3 updated, more to come.
  12. Massive mod library update coming this weekend. The Library is being overhauled to introduce modlist sharing to the public, mod creators can maintain official lists and a range of import export options will become available (This also includes ACM import/export support). Commander 1.0.7 is progressing well and I've implemented a lot of idea feedback received over the past few months. More commands, GUI resizing / snapping and (hopefully) configurable layouts. The GMSummon command "Replaces" spawndino (hazzah!) and RCON gets some more love. I'll try my best to grab the latest Taming information but don't hold your breathe, this stuff is complex. Commander startup has been improved so you don't have time to swear at it now. Mapping system completely re-written and will allow realtime display of Dinos. Lost dino? killed? devastated? Extract dino from backup and inject into the current savefile. Mass edit stats of every living thing and stuff it back into the savefile, happy days. Last but not least, a Glider public release will happen once I nail a memory addressing issue, I'm basically creating a "Trainer" to control Arks viewport, it's weird. discord.gg/rkyNDSU
  13. I'll put something up for the Crunch some day...
  14. I'll start to post some screenshots of the Commander update soon, lot's of things have changed and been added, just finishing up some bits and pieces with Glider then full steam ahead on Commander.
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