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  1. All if the ideas suggested sound like they would be beneficial to players and bring positive changes to the game. My only concern is when you say : Longneck rifle damage adjusted to have armor penetration Will the amor penetration of the longneck/fab sniper only affect player worn armor? Or will it also affect armor on dino saddles?
  2. Lol you know what i mean! Pay to win!!
  3. Yes its free to play but you know what that means??? Pay to win! Also you know this game will be horrific on mobile. My xbox cant handle ark at times < 5fps so mobile really? Its a gimic! even if they make a game like ark that can run on mobile it will be plagued by so many bugs( think how long takes wildcard to fix a bug, now think of half the amount of devs patching said bugs as its a mobile game) then comes the control's. Lol ark on mobile no thanks!
  4. Here read this it has the info your looking for:
  5. 7,257 still not the highest in my tribe lol (xbox)
  6. Yeah my S.E server is facing the same thing, we only transfered there about a 2 months ago and there is always people in the server. Id like to see these statistics for myself. Also why have they left it so late DILO! We have 200 dinos hundereds of turrets and what a waste doing them boss fights was- we have to do the unthinkable and demolish tek gates ??
  7. The release to the list of servers being wiped was delayed untill today(i know lol). It will be posted on survivetheark.com sometime later today according to jat.
  8. Hi jat the xbox server im playing on has crashed 3 times in the last hour everytime the server rolls back to same point. Someone in global chat has said they are causing the server lag by duping things to wipe the server. How can i get help to resolve this?

    1. LikeWise


      Dude they disabled the forums because EVERYBODY is going through errors right now...Smdh they would get flooded with support tickets if they opened them. Believe me theres a lot of us experiencing the same problem. I just lost all my stuff.. All of it

    2. Brittanyxxboo


      My server no longer exists :/

  9. The Ark dino dossiers book looks awesome, hope its available as an individaul purchase soon?
  10. Hey jat is there an issue with splitscreen play on xbox one when trying to play on non dedi server, i keep getting the message saying that "There is allready a player with this account connected" when i press start to join when the first account has joined. I have never joined the server so there defo isn't an account allready connected, both accounts are signed in to xbox live and both have xbox live gold, have tried to hard reset on xbox same issue, tried multiple non dedi servers get the same message every time. Here is a thread where someone else has the same issue thanks.?


  11. Hi do you have any idea on when the digest q&a will be published?

    1. myksta0121


      Sorry just seen your reply thanks :)

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