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  1. grimlosios

    Legacy Servers for Aberation

    Yea there will be legacy servers for the new expansion
  2. grimlosios

    Most Useless Dino?

    Easy... female megaloceros
  3. grimlosios

    Underwater bases

    Needs to be powered by a tek generator as well
  4. grimlosios

    So where's everyone gone?

    Most of the new servers are capped at prime time
  5. grimlosios

    Need more servers?

    More PVP center servers
  6. grimlosios

    Is Solo PvP even possible?

    ofc solo pvp is possible just hide your stuff good
  7. grimlosios

    Is Arks 60 dollars worth it?

    its not worth 60 tbh
  8. grimlosios

    So what did you do in ARK today?

    Tamed a bunch of stuff