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  1. I have had this happen to me, but I have Gold. The in-game map does reset, but only every once in awhile. It is infrequent enough not to bother me.
  2. I was thinking about why they have been so quite for so long now, they must be working on something big. I hope in the near future they will come out and say "hey we have been working on extinction and quality of life stuff and its ready for everyone". At least I hope this is what is going to happen, we can dream right?
  3. I have been waiting for information about these things, but Wildcard has gone quite on what they are working on. I wish we could hear something about what is coming for Ark.
  4. His issue is the same as mine, which might be more severe than than your issue. There are other posts out there about the in game map resetting, I just don't have them off the top of my head.
  5. My handheld map only resets every once in a awhile, but my custom markers remain. My current problem is that the map wipes (despite being singleplayer) and I lost all my structures and dinos. In another post someone called it a memory leak, it happened right after a crash, which Ragnarok does consistently.
  6. Check out the topic by Neuroviper, on this issue. That thread has more information
  7. Just had this happen of Ragnarok on Sunday. There is another post about this as well. I lost all my dinos, structures, and gear. Same thing everyone else here described. I had over 100 hours on this map :(. It is a local world I play both singleplayer and non-dedicated on it with my friends. Unfortunate really, I think I will use creative mode to rebuild my base, but I lost several Wyverns that hatched at 170. Lost several other max level dinos and all my stuff I had stored in Viking Bay in that Egil Thoroughway cave behind the waterfall. This is the first time this happened to me, my Island map was unaffected.
  8. I am glad I am not the only one having issues, maybe if more of us experience this issue Wildcard will fix it faster. I was actually going to create a post about this, you beat me to it. I have been having crash issues with Ragnarok for months now, and no fix. I love Ark, but no bug fix for this in over 4 months is upsetting
  9. This just happened to me for the first time, on Ragnarok single player. 2 bases and over a hundred dinos lost. I play on Xbox. Wildcard basically told me to spawn stuff in to make up for the lost stuff. However, the Island does not do this for me, everything there is fine. I am not currently playing the Center or Scorched Earth so I have no input there.
  10. I will look into moving again, somewhere without two caves. I might just deal with it though moving all your stuff in Ark just sucks. I also think it is an issue with the map, any other map I run has zero issues. Thanks for the information
  11. Unfortunately, no mention of a fix for Ragnarok crashing and no update on S+.
  12. I moved from Viking Bay to this spot to avoid crashing lol. I don't have the loop crashing problem though. I will try a reinstall of the map, would this delete any non-dedicated data on the map?
  13. I still have issues at Viking Bay, the same as before, my game also crashes in the southwest where my new base is. Initially Ragnarok crashed every 2 hours like clockwork, but it has become more frequent. I just use the command "saveworld" all the time. Viking Bay is better, I used to crash every five minutes there, but now it is like every 10-15 minutes. I still have stuff there so I go there a lot to pick up stuff.
  14. I recently moved from viking bay to the southwest, just north of the wyvern cove, Ragnarok still crashes but only about every 2 hours. This is much better than viking bay which crashed nearly every 5-10 minutes. I love Ragnarok, I hope this crashing will be fixed.
  15. My base is in viking bay i haven't been able to play Ragnarok in months. I cant stay in long enough to build a base elsewhere. Ragnarok just causes Ark to crash.
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