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  1. My Daedons and Direwolfs mate after the Evo++ start.Its the normal gesation time with 8 and 4 hrs for them.Why?

    My Direwolfs and Daedon mate,few min. ago.Its still around 4 hrs. and 8 hrs gestation.Why?
  3. Are you buying aberation?

    Yep, buying it.
  4. pachrhino egg kibble

    No issue,making that kibble on official leglacy server
  5. Char stuck at Lv 100, legacy server

    There is no xp at all,that I gain.we did both Beta Bosses,here at the Center.Still implantat says Gamma and not Beta
  6. Ive bee long time at lv 100.We played at the Iland and before the wipe we changed to a Center server .3 days ago we did the Gamma Bosses at the Center.After that I saw,that I dont gain any xp.Its still 1798538 .1 xp . Last night we did the Beta Bosses,I received all the Tek endagrams.l still gain no xp and the implant displays only the Gamma,not the Beta Bosses.Also a tribe mate I spoke about that,still have the Gamma and not Beta impantat.Whats wrong?
  7. Imprinting

    I cant understand,why Players breed and dont have the radom Kibble at home.Sure its all about extra work,to tame the egg layers and make s save water set up for the Dimetredons.
  8. Bear stuck inside invisible wall in metal cave

    Same issue,bear ar stuck at the Behemth Gateway.
  9. I agree,with both.there shoud be more things explained
  10. Hello all

    Hi ollimi
  11. Questions on purlovia

    Idkn why,but my purlovias jump out of the dirt,for no reason
  12. More saddle skins

    I agree,also like to have some nicer ones
  13. ARK: Aberration Expansion Pack Announced!

    WoW,looking forward,for this DLC
  14. Hello peeps

    Hi Katee