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  1. You quoted your "feedback" in a way that was actually appropriate and provided some good personal suggestions that I actually wouldn't had argued against had you actually delivered them in that way. However your delivery's often consisted of insults and simply saying the new model is trash, ugly, and non-threatening. Which are all incredibly opinionated and provided little to no actual feedback that would be beneficial to read. Mug is actually an informal noun that does mean face but is often used in a derogatory way or used in the context of an insult, "Ugly mug" is a super common phrase that is certainly not simply reminiscent of just 'face'. *Moulting is what happens when a bird loses its feathers, obviously. Yet you used that word in a way to imply the model is ugly, because obviously it is not supposed to look like the Argentavis is moulting, since why would it moult constantly? It doesn't even look like it is moulting, which is another point to be made. Those things attached to its body are called feathers. EDIT: Btw, I don't really like the idea of flooding this entire comment section with this argument, so unless you say something unbelievably incorrect, I'm just gonna make this my last comment.
  2. Firstly, I never skimmed what you were typing. I read the whole thing, hence why I responded to it in full depth. I don't half ass my responses. I like how you quoted pretty much everything out of the original context so it seems like you were providing some general honest feedback, for a perfect example, your first... 'feedback', we'll call it: "Can we get an actual eagle without making it molting. Glad I ditched him for the Griffin, was about to start missing him then I saw that mug never looking back now." You called the new model a mug and said it looked like it was moulting? You even just talked about 'ditching' your Argy because it is getting remodelled. All this shows is that you seem a bit salty about the change, and aren't even providing any proper input that would actually be useful to the developers. "But if you had been reading again you would know I said I wanted an actual eagle, not for them to change a vulture into an eagle." Where did this idea come from? In none of your comments did you ever imply you wanted an entirely new animal that was a type of Eagle opposed to the Argentavis. You were originally saying that you wanted the Argentavis to represent that of an Eagle and now that this is changing you aren't happy about it. Where on earth did this statement come from? "The only thing that counts here is realism and there already is a vulture in the game which makes it very unrealistic and out of place." What? Scorched Earth and Ragnarok having a vulture makes the fact the Argentavis looking like a vulture unrealistic? What are you on about? That's like saying the Diplodocus is unrealistic because the game already has another Sauropod (the Brontosaurus). "Debating this with you is a waste of oxygen", it's only a waste because what your saying barely makes sense
  3. While I'm not a Dev, I think you can expect they won't be bringing in the transfer gun, or demo gun, or any of those tools and likely not potentially OP things like Nanny's either.
  4. I really wish you would drop this, but here we go again. I'm not devaluing your opinion. I'm criticising your way of providing feedback as you claim that the new model looks "old" and "horrendous" to the developers, which hardly helps them at all, you should give a more logical and well thought out insight to your point and then I might have taken it more seriously. To be quite honest with you, I do not care about your personal experience with vultures. Because quite obviously, the vultures you have encountered, are not Argentavis, which were probably 4x your size and incredibly intimidating. Also Vultures (very dependant on the type) such Black Vultures which are the largest of all vultures, are very dangerous and aggressive when scavenging, and will attack pretty much anything that tries to stop them from eating dead carrion. This black vulture, I think, looks very cool and I would fear this more than the world's largest eagle, the Philippine Eagle: Not because I think the Vulture is probably more dangerous than the Eagle, to be honest with you the Eagle probably has more muscle behind it and power, but that isn't what the Argentavis is, it is a Vulture (well not really they were Teratorns but basically a vulture) and thus should look like one. A colossally sized vulture, that would make me quite afraid of it. It's like making the Carnotaurus look like a Utahraptor for the sake of "oh but it looks more intimidating so who cares what appearance of species it takes on" right? That would be ridiculous.
  5. I'm not trying to devalue your opinion, but rather emphasise the fact you said "but at least it wasn’t as horrendous (the new argy model) as it is now", I was trying to say, the new Argy model is not bad, and you are spreading your word like fact that the new Argy model does not look good. All I'm trying to tell you is, the new Argy model looks good, and is good, it's perfectly fine to say you'd rather there was a design change, and that in your opinion it should have a few alterations to make it more broad and intimidating, but saying your word like law is never a good way to spread an idea, especially to developers who need useful input in order to improve content effectively. Can I just say by the way, "Besides a typical modern day vulture is not threatening", 1. Your wrong about that, 2. Have you ever encountered Argentavis before? I imagine it would be horrifying. Even then, despite the Argentavis not being a modern vulture defying your point in the first place, can I just say that at 2:23 in this video they are terrified of the Vulture, and this thing is tiny compared to an Argentavis! Just because an animal is a scavenger, doesn't remove the fact that it can be intimidating.
  6. Not at all, you're being close minded about the entire idea of the model. The new model, is factually: higher quality, more accurate (as a judgement of research and skeletal structure) and in my opinion, far better looking. How is it boring? It looks infinitely better and looks really cool and dangerous compared to the old goofy Argentavis that looked like some kind of non existent fat eagle that could barely lift off the ground.
  7. In my honest opinion, the current Argentavis doesn't look cool, it looks terrible. It is super low quality, the feathers on the tips of the wings are triangular due to the low quality and overall the design represents that of an Eagle rather than a Vulture. The bone structure of the Argentavis indicated it had a shorter neck (for a vulture) which would support your point, but the current Argentavis barely has one. The "face melting" as you call it is the skin that modern day vultures have, and I think it looks really cool myself. I think they should leave it how it is and I am so hyped for the remodel because honestly the Argentavis has had the same model since day one and it looked really bad.
  8. This TLC looks awesome guys! Could we maybe see the sail on the Spino getting a bit thinner at the top? Just my opinion <3 HYPE TRAIN HAS LEFT THE STATION p.s did i mention i am soooo excited for this
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