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      With the latest server update on PC (v276.493), if you're going to attempt ascension, before doing so please make sure you've opened a supply crate/transmitter/obelisk/ basically anything terminal/tribute inventories. It's a temp workaround to characters being lost when ascending whilst we're investigating character issues further.


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  1. Sl1pg8r gives his opinions on the Flyer Nerf

    Actually, I don't think they do. They set the game up so people with lots of different play styles would enjoy the game. Then made a decision that although might have been good for vanilla official servers, messed up the game for many of the modded unofficial servers and the other maps, one of which is an official DLC. Most of us simply want the ability to set our own speed cap on our servers. Why this request isn't being acknowledged at all by the devs tells us they don't get it, they don't understand what they've done and are far too busy patting themselves on the back for a job well done to even consider that "balance" if far more complicated and really not obtainable for every server, every mod, and every play style with a blanket nerf.
  2. Re-balancing the Fliers, Mk. 2!

    It also doesn't represent the amount of suspicious accounts suddenly advertising it on the steam forums. Nor the servers like mine that have mods that already apply to the flyers and refuse to remove those mods.
  3. Re-balancing the Fliers, Mk. 2!

    Not to mention many people are on spring break right now, it's warming up and people are excited to get out and about, especially those of us in the northern hemisphere.
  4. Re-balancing the Fliers, Mk. 2!

    Yes, yes I have, that's where transponders come in. It's a survival game, not just for you but for your tames. What exactly would be the point if there were absolutely zero danger to you or your tames? I always put whatever dino I'm on, on neutral when I'm out. Admittedly I seldom use transponders and I spend a lot of time searching for my tames if I die. But it would be a really boring game if there were no element of danger at all to anything I did. If it ever got to that point, I'd go play farmville.
  5. Re-balancing the Fliers, Mk. 2!

    Because you choose to, but how much are you actually seeing from the air? I play on the center, there are a ton of cool little places that you'd never see flying around.
  6. Re-balancing the Fliers, Mk. 2!

    I used land dinos to explore from day one. Birds aren't for exploration, saying that the flyer nerf was necessary to get people onto the land in PVE isn't accurate, we have had and always will have a choice. Just because you chose not to do that until they nerfed the birds does not make this heavy handed slam to flyers a necessity.
  7. The New March 29th Update--- PLZ LOOK

    Why is the request for the ini being completely ignored? It's a simple and reasonable request.
  8. Re-balancing the Fliers, Mk. 2!

    The point of letting people have private servers was so we could decide how we want to play the game. We can put on mods or not (glad someone around here is not pushing that mod), My whole server was designed for people who don't have hours upon hours to play everyday. We can make progress and not take months to do it. Giving us the INI would make this possible again.
  9. Re-balancing the Fliers, Mk. 2!

    and in every thread on this topic that I've responded to I have said pretty much the same thing I said here. "Give private servers the ability to adjust the INI".
  10. Re-balancing the Fliers, Mk. 2!

    Although I don't agree with him. His opinion is just as valid as yours.
  11. Re-balancing the Fliers, Mk. 2!

    I do agree that both a nerf was needed and that this was heavy handed. I'm no good with numbers. Numbers mean math and maths be hard at 1am. Have you given any thought to what many of us have been asking for repeatedly since this patch dropped. To let those of us with private servers change things in the ini? I don't have hours to play every day. I have other responsibilities.
  12. It doesn't suggest there will buffs and based on their track record I'm going to stand by what I said. IF they buff them at all, the percentage is going to be tiny compared to the nerf. If you pay attention to the people who think that the nerf is perfect just the way it is (the same people that WC will be listening to), they will nerf damage and weight.
  13. not necessarily. There's more they can nerf, weight, health and damage. Ark isn't about survival and the devs actions have proven this time and time again. It's about the grind. They honestly believe that having to spend days grinding to build a small base makes the game harder. Besides, read the wording. "v2 of flyer nerf" this does not scream buff. Most people simply want the option for private servers to change this extremely heavy handed nerf. I completely agree that flyers were way too fast. I run a PVE server and had to tell some idiots on my server at one point that enough was enough and that I wouldn't be dealing with anymore 300+ speed Pteras. But to drop them down to almost base stats and basically tell us to either get the one mod that is nothing but junk, or deal with it is not a very community friendly move. Giving us the ini to change it isn't that hard. They didn't take into account The Center, which has places like skull island, resource rich, but impossible to get to without a flier. Nor did they take into account SE where you have to outrun Wyverns. I run mods on my server, there's plenty of dangers in the sky and our only hope was to be able to outrun them, now we can't do that anymore. So I'm looking at a choice that really isn't a choice at all. Get a mod that is known to be crappy, that will probably mess with the other mods I'm running, or get rid of the mods that require us to be able to outrun them. I refuse to be forced to play the game how they intend me to play it, and I shouldn't have to. Isn't this what allowing mods, and private servers was about? Since this patch dropped, my server has been pretty much empty. People aren't willing to risk stuff they worked hard to get knowing they're going to lose it. Before they at least had a chance.
  14. Community Crunch 36!

    I'm sure it was. I made a small greenhouse and gathering the mats was insane. I'd be happy if I never have to gather another crystal ever. ^^