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  1. How many Egg laying Dinos on the island map
  2. there is a adjustment you can make that alow resource to re spawn closer to buildings i think im sure i have seen it then u should u use supper fert to get back the stuff that dont re spawn so u got some i dear what is working in distance but setting in the ini file in there server i can not remember what one or name under look under all building names in the ini something should be there i hope this helps you i had same problem
  3. so any anky that is 350 damage and above and 450 and above is good from wild tame i just dont want to waist kibble on junk tame
  4. yes but over what % for level 150 should i keep what should i not keep?
  5. with this even from baby giga to adult how long will it take
  6. what is the best stats to look for when you knock out anky and u want to breed them from Level 150 what stats
  7. sounds good your megatherium what stats did u boost hp and damage?
  8. oh ok i know that lol i should have guessed that lol thank you was planing to use a wolf level 233 in the caves
  9. what is Bary sorry
  10. can a baby or a juvenile Rex fit through a dino gate after hatching making hatching room and i set it up forgot about this
  11. what is the easiest cave on the island map to do and what is the best cave for chitin
  12. thank you for the tip
  13. how many post do i need to to get rid of the Early Birds on my profile please
  14. hello there how long does it take for the tap to fill up with sap?
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