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  1. turkey are so OP u cant kill them not even with a rex and i have level 445 rex with 1125 damage
  2. Are we going to have EVO aswell this weekend for the x2 taming with the Turkey Trial 3 event
  3. here is 1 other fast trick if you have other copy working copy ark on other pc copy over the battleye folder after u delete it works well i just had the battleye blues and beat it
  4. there is a adjustment you can make that alow resource to re spawn closer to buildings i think im sure i have seen it then u should u use supper fert to get back the stuff that dont re spawn so u got some i dear what is working in distance but setting in the ini file in there server i can not remember what one or name under look under all building names in the ini something should be there i hope this helps you i had same problem
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