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  1. The snow looks so pretty, really wish the island had gotten it this year. Maybe next year! And love the baby dino doodles near the end. So adorable.
  2. Looking forward to this next patch. I hope everything will make it. Though I have my hopes set on the breeding and family trees specifically. All that was mentioned in the digest would be cool, but I would rather the other stuff get added in a higher priority.
  3. I read the dossier and such but there have been many points in past dossiers which have been lost or tweaked in actual gameplay. I was seeking clarification because almost always in the spotlights, if you can ride it it will show you doing so.
  4. Anyone know if you can ride the kapro? I didn't see a saddle so probably not, which is a real shame, but also sorta makes sense I suppose.
  5. Anyone have an answer to this? I play multiplayer and can't afford a server or anything. I play with 1-2 other people and we so want to do this but if it's impossible without a server, we're raptored. Because we're not going to remove our 1st world and all the work we put into it. I am super excited for new content, even if I'm sour about the price. But I need to know if it'll even work in our situation or not.
  6. I love it when new creatures get added. I don't mind every few releases being a 'mystery'. But for the last 3-4 being mystery releases, it's getting frustrating. I understand that WC has been getting a lot of flack for releasing info on the sheets that then isn't fully or correctly implemented in the game, but come on. Give us something. I am really disliking this new trend. Maybe give us a name, or some tidbits of info as if a full sheet has been ripped up with some data removed. But these mysteries are.. not really mysteries. A moth, a mantid, a buzzard. All cool, all things I am looking forward to. The presentation is just getting tedious.
  7. I really think the gigas should be looked at again. I know they're supposed to be the king beast and an advanced tame, I don't have a problem with that. I have a problem with the fact that even after you tame a high level giga, a wild one can still take you out pretty quick even at a low level. I don't play PVP (pvp server but all friends so no combat), but I can imagine a giga charging your base would leave you in a SOL situation.
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