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  1. Redmont

    Boosted Ragnarok Server 24/7

    Why was the server wiped?Logged on today to find my base gone, and had to create a new survivor. Some unhappy chatter in the server. Was this a bug or is there another reason for the wipe?
  2. Redmont

    new dedicated server xbox one ark

    Is it a PvP or PvE server? What are the stats?
  3. Redmont

    Pizzas PvE ark server

    What map is this, what are the odds, are there any rules? little bit of detail would really make the ad stand out.
  4. Redmont

    In need of a pve tribe/server

    I'm interested, what are the stats like? Offline raid protection?
  5. Redmont

    Looking for a server

    Does it have offline raid protection? That was one of the major things he asked for in his original post.