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  1. That sounds like the server saving. Happens every 15 minutes. Some servers take 5 seconds to save, others take a minute or more. the imprint timer hasnt been accurate, I set a timer IRL that I know is just an estimate of when it will be ready. I wish there was a smoother (non-lag) process for the save too.
  2. On the Horison... Is a fix for the Dye in the works? I ask because I want to know if we players should wait for a fix, or if we have to repaint everything. Knowing what you devs have planned will help us know what action to take with our bases. My tribe will need about a million dyes if 'we' are to fix this ourselves. It is a time-consuming task for us, a million dyes or more, many many hours, or even days. Knowing if you will fix it, OR not, will help us plan our time. Image: It hurts my eyes to stare into the back hole of our base. Lights only give a tiny amount of reflection
  3. So far not seeing stuff I am interested in. I'm still happily enjoying breeding and building in my little corner of Center that's void of hostiles. I hate hostiles. I hate how easy it is to die. Not interested in adrenaline rushes. You folks have fun. I'll just stick with my little, calm, happy breeding place.
  4. Have you tried mating tames? I got three box of chocolates from about a dozen matings.
  5. Does game launch option -vday work? I have it on mine for years. I havent checked for this event specifically if it is working, not yet anyways.
  6. Yes please! Or make it stop deleting stuff, just make it pop tames to the top! Or port to 50/50 is better than a sudden deletion of weeks of work! and priceless love for all the effort and feelings attatched. I am minimizing my use of tames to spares on official PvE. I am so afraid to lose hours and days and weeks due to this sudden deletion of tames. I get emotionally attached to my tames, and it is debilitating to me mentally to lose any of them.
  7. Are box of chocolates not guaranteed to drop from breeding? I have bred over a dozen doeds, only got three boxes. I need more. If it is guaranteed, then I blame the poor capsule opening for doeds hiding the gifts from my sight.
  8. Harvestable Rocks deleting ladders. But not deleting the pillars they were attatched to. Bug: The pillars need to be deleted too, if the ladders werent ok. There are some pillars and ladders my tribe have placed to protect our territory, it seems to be the same kind of rock as well. Two different places: -13809.345 282942.094 -11454.197 -8066.542 274753.438 -9843.136 I dont know if this is a new change not allowing ladders to be placed where a rock spawns, or if this deletion was intentional. The pillars were not removed by the game, until the 12 hours was up after the la
  9. This is incorrect. While players seem to be able to move around, wilds are not able to attack. Everything except client-side animations are "paused" during server saves. From what I can see, the server saves act like "playersonly" (a console command I've played with in Singleplayer) What I would like to happen is for my actions, especially landing, were NOT registered actions during the pause. One time on Official, I was flying with my Wyvern, I go to land, and then I notice the server is saving (noticed because my tame did not land). While the server detects my land action, it doesn't pu
  10. Ced, I really like the layout of this post and hope to see more of the same. You made it very easy for me to read and thanks for listing all the event colors and items. I am really excited for 2X Breeding (mating interval, egg hatch speed, and maturation) Gonna raise some babies on Official PvE, leftover from the Extra Life (100% imprint on some of these in one shot from that event) Thanks so much to the whole team!
  11. My friends tribemate has a character he regularly transferred between OC and NA (one character, two servers). From what I can gather, he's gotta choose one of the servers, and on the 11th he'd stuck on the server he chooses, and cant move his survivor back to the other server. Do I understand this correctly? Edit to add: like Legacy migration with only a few days warning. This is not enough time, not at the extent at which he has stuff (and the limited timer/weight to upload/download things). Any chance to get an extension on that deadline to move?
  12. I had no idea that my preference for post length caused that kind of trouble for mobile users (I use PC, not mobile). I apologize for the inconvenience I had unknowingly caused, and I will be aware of it next time I post.
  13. I believe they did. It wasnt enough DPs to beat the timer. I was not there so I cant be sure. Regardlesss, the AI needs to be changed so it will be on land long enough for non-flying tames to attack it. But... after some searching, this has been an issue since 2017... My hope for a fix has died. The Rhinos at a distance with a Bait Rex near the Manticore... this seems to be the do-able work-around, but it feels like this isn't the intended way to defeat the Val Boss Arena. It feels so awkward to me to have to do it this way.
  14. My friends doing a test run on Val told me they failed to win the boss fight because "maticore just flies in the same place" This needs to be fixed.
  15. Any chance to postpone deletion, and give legacy players at least 30 days once the server list is available? From my personal experience, 30 days is not enough time to move everything. Edit to add: 15 days means sacrifices may have to be made. I can relate to the emotional pain of having to give up stuff due to the limited time available, like when we had four days >.<! For everyone having to endure this, my heart aches for you, I know what it is like. You are not alone. I wish more people were more sympathetic in your struggle, I too have felt the pain. I still have nig
  16. I personally didnt lose interest in my gaming/social home of over 2 years... I am still interested, but my enjoyment came under threat (see my full post) after it became legacy. I tried to continue my enjoyment, but I struggle to get my old legacy save file to work well without lagging like 2fps or crashing. I left Legacy mostly because of lack of support. Example of verbal attacks: I was called nasty racial slurs, reported it, but my ticket was turned down due to it happening on "Legacy". I've seen numerous rule-breaking incidents, and felt an overall feeling that PvE Legacy beca
  17. The post I wanted to reply to, for some reason I cant select a section in their comment. I do not think the mana is "op" for PvE, I personally hate the term "op". Please do not put words in my mouth that I never said or thought Weberms. I dont like building materials handed to me, same reason I dont like Creative Minecraft. I dont like to lose anything I spent time on. It's why I do not play PvP, because I dont like it even MORE if some player caused that loss to happen. PvP seperate from PvE is not unheard of. Now for semi-joking, which I rarely do, but i
  18. Before Flier Nerf: Less than 5 minutes to fly from one base on my Unofficial to another base. After Flier Nerf: 15+ minutes between bases, with one or two rest stops. This was my unofficial, my rules, my server. And the flier nerf was unwanted, but was forced on us regardless of how much I verbally rejected it, or verbally requested configs to opt-out. Flier nerf may never have happened to PvE if PvE and PvP were coded separately. I see zero reasons why any tame needs any nerf on any PvE server. Who cares if a tame dodo on PvE could 1-shot a wild giga... (just to sho
  19. I remember years ago we would get breeding multipliers at least once a month (I played Official, now called Legacy, as early as 2015) I dont recall if we had breeding boosts for Easter... Then one day, Breeding boosts just stopped showing up, and I prepped for it every week for weeks. It took me months over many weekends to realize breeding boosts weren't coming anymore. I miss those old days of breeding boosts. I dont miss the high ping or unplayable servers tho. Edit: took me a while to read through all the comments... I struggle everyday to not be negative, not just on foru
  20. While harsh-sounding, I agree with the overall message. I have found Boundless to be more entertaining now.. While Ark is still more beautiful, Boundless is far less buggy, and uses almost none of my memory, Boundless uses far less than Minecraft and Creativerse! but ark is still the most beautiful game I have ever laid eyes on. I just wish it wasn't buggy up to wazoo, nor easily abused by jerks. I have over 20k hours in Ark... I have played since 2015. I stopped playing Official Ark (outside of helping my friend) because of how easy it was for jerks in the game to grief my tribe's s
  21. When the new structure pieces go live, I hope we get more Engram Points per-level.
  22. I'd add to that comment, "PVP-only". Transfers unlocked for all PvE servers, all the tames, all the time, I would be so happy! On PvE, if everyone's tame can 1-shot wilds, what harm does that kind of DPS do to anyone else on PVE? I cant imagine any PvE downside, except possible boredom for some. My hope for uncapping flier speed for unofficials has died. I'm so sad this hasnt happened still. Gimme the config pretty please?! Classic Fliers borked a lot of stuff (fliers stuck in transfer obys, and overspawn of Quetz) so I refuse to use it. Antinode and speed saddles are a close second,
  23. I dont know about Xbox, but on Official (PC) I have seen at least 4 GachaClauses in the Sunken Forest. I do not have a GPS, but I can give you a screenshot with map in the shot, with a landmark (blue webbing). They're wandering between here and the water.
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