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  1. yeh keep defending poor wild card.
  2. L and - at the same time.. Or L and + for tribe chat.
  3. I don't know, I keep reading that the game won't be better optimized... If that is the case then this game is a waste of money... I bought with hope of getting regular updates... Dlc might come, expect the same performance and quality. Devs don't bother to answer any questions they only care about our money.
  4. yeh i feel the same way...they just dropped the nintendo switch port and forgot about it...Its not being treated as other platforms. they dropped a patch and dont even warn us, no patch notes, no nothing.
  5. Lol, that's a lazy excuse... That's alot that can be done. The game doesn't run that bad just needs better low res textures, specially the vegetation... And trees that look like cardboard.. I don't see any switch game with those type of textures... Not doom, not wolfentstein, warframe.. Etc... All pretty good ports no reason ark can't be the same only if devs are lazy... Which seems be the case.
  6. It's sad, you drop a poopty port of ark for the switch and forget about it... Not even mention it anywhere or mention it's problems.
  7. so the patch really made the game worse? i didnt tried it without the patch.
  8. its sad...the most sad thing about this game is that i paid 50€ for it, it worth like 20 .... it needs alot of work, its a lazy port.
  9. Hopefully its not yet on the eshop because its being worked on, since the one thats comes on the physical version looks and runs like poop.
  10. too bad the game looks and runs like dodo poop i still might get it, for the right price.... Waiting for it to show up on the eshop
  11. We dont know, hopefully we get a trailer soon with some information... but if i had to guess, i would say no...for now
  12. I bought my switch on the release day, im glad ark is coming to the console, this is one of my favorite games, i took a break from it on pc, its gonna be crazy on the switch....taming dinos while taking a dump
  13. So from what i could understand, ark will be released november 30 but the dlc's will be released only on the first six months of 2019......I dont really miss playing on the island but that will do it
  14. Will switch get Extintion? I stopped playing Ark on pc when i saw it was coming to the Switch....it will be my main game. EDIT: nevermind just read the link you posted.... nice, cant wait
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