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  1. Sometimes the thorny dragon has been a bit underwhelming to me stat wise, his taming is pretty hard(but he is the only wood gatherer in SE but still, Id buff him overall and the Bronto is a pretty sad tame.
  2. I was thinking about giving it a Venom Throw(with a slow effect) So he can deal with the wyverns in a more easy manner, it would make sense that they developed this behaviour specifically for them, they dont have Spikes its not like dinos abilities are realistic anyways but I think Id just change it to venom (and if you want it for Bosses maybe you could add in total hp damage but im not very deep to balancing tho) I think the slow effect would make it actually very good
  3. I wish both the Moa and the Maip got added, they would make scorched earth feel a lot more unique, it would be so cool if maybe they added 2 creatures per vote for the Main DLC. Oh and a question cap, which creature would you like the most to get a TLC???. Id choose the titanoboa
  4. Like, I pretty much like the concept of it being a wyvern competitor/killer Id just add simpler taming, making it tamed by passive/knock and being feed with wyvern eggs instead. Id like the theme of it being an agile high jumping creature so it can raid wyvern nests, but I would add Some Kind of extra air maneuvering capability so it can actually face the wyverns in a better way(inside the trenches)- something like being able to shoot some Kind of acid shooting so it feels like a back and forth duel against the wyverns breath would be fun and give it extra utility. (maybe it could slow them making it easier for them to be taken down with the Crippling Slash) Since it would be such a good tame I expect Its taming to be pretty difficult but I dont See this as a good(tame while riding) Ahhh i Love the design thats shown in your Dossier and hope thats the one implemented if it wins. Both the Moa and the Maip fit so well Id love to See them both added.
  5. Most people who have seen this abomination were not able to tell the story. This dino hides in Sand very near to any lymantria/mantis spawn point spawn point. This giant insect digs a sand trap and waits till it senses something walking on top of it, when the prey is on the trap he moves the Sand so the dino will be drawn into him to have an easy meal. Taming method: drag and throw an insect into Its Sand trap and throw it inside(try not to Fall in there lol) The taming percentage will depend on the thrown insect. Stats Very Tanky 450-Base HP but has mediocre scaling Base damage stat 25 When on trap Mode it has a x5 damage against any insect-type dino Right click- atack is a gran/bite which drains the stam of the objective Left click- is a normal bite atack C- would be a Sand throw atack,blurs Vision and disables a flyers Ability to *fly*(this has Synergy with trap Mode and its used by wild lion ants if Theres a lymantria flying close to it) Interacting with it you can entable trap Mode in which he'l make the same trap as the Wild Variant. (But you can specify which Kind of prey you want it to Grab) . You can select if you want to enable Sand throw or not while on trap Mode (you can go into trap mod while riding but youll Start losing Oxygen) If he is on passive the trap will still be activated and the only change is it will not deal damage to whatever he trapper. (A great tool for taming; Stamina is a very important stat to boost on it since the time a dino will be trap depends on that. After tame you'll have the Option to let it go into Coccon stage: After a certain time itl come out as an adult and lion (yep, that thing that killed you was a just a baby) After emerging from the Coccon it comes scorched earths signature Scouting Flyer. He will have a base sprinting speed of 3600. Left click-Will be able to Grab small creatures with its (feet?) Right click-shots dimorphodon like venom X3 weakness to fire damage 150 base weight 200 base hp Inmune to sandstorm effects.
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