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  1. chancho33015

    end game Fixing ARK!

    most people dont complain. you are right...probably because this is a more global thing. In all of the the official servers i have played at least 1 person per tribe has multiple accounts... I also dont know if the developers even know... they are clueless on some stuff lol But yes, i am complaining about this! I remember my first day in PVP...one guy narc me for 2 days...multiple accounts would explain how he did it lol Leave one with a clicker force feeding me ...go play with the other one... I am surprise not more people do that as often... since people are evil lol
  2. chancho33015

    New Extinction Teasers!

    Wonder if those rexes will do something different...or if it's just a new skin. Still upset about the fact that those new tek Dinos are...usless. look ok...but...nothing to add other than the look. I want those new rexes to be obviously different in looks and abilities.
  3. chancho33015

    end game Fixing ARK!

    You are right. This is more of a pc issue. People buy Ark multiple times with different steam accounts. The funny thing is that some people say, "this is my girlfriend account." Lol We all know this is a lie...since most of the time we never see or hear the dam gF. Lol
  4. chancho33015

    end game Fixing ARK!

    So, after quitting ark official servers I have had a few days of clarity. I have been thinking about the things I like the most and the things i hated the most. Also, i have been thinking about the actual gameplay on official and where does it fail. Things I hated the most on official pve: 1. People allowed to have multiple accounts. This is unavoidable and i believe is one of the biggest issues on pve. People who own multiple accounts to minimize the grind and also to have multiple bases on the same maps. The problem is that this is not done by one person per map. A lot of players do this. 2. Breeding times and breeding process are terrible! Also, it doesn't add to the game experience in a positive way. As ark is not based no in character progress perse but experiencing dangers and learning how to deal with them in order to survive. Let me explain, you can survive anything pretty comfortable once you reach stone structures from rexes to gigas. That is about level 80 in which you can achieve in one day of playing if you get help from someone. Which most people are willing to help. Once you get to that level the player makes his first breeding area and starts breeding. Once you get to the breeding phase to get a decent rex to fight an alpha other than the "gorilla" it would take at least about 2 months of breeding to get stats of at least 500 base melee and 14k hp. IF you get lucky finding a great pair from the start. What does that mean, that you have to knock out at least 20 rexes which each takes 3 hours to tame on kibble but also the fact that you have to waste hours looking for high level rexes (above 130) to start breeding. So the total playing time just to get this running might be a week or two before you actually start breeding. 3. Cap Severs! Well, all servers on official are currently at its limit which means that you cant breed... so...that means pve official is now just a building game. So what should of taken 2 weeks of looking for rexes and start breeding them now it will take a month if you are a new player. Also, this means you cant tame so you would not even to be able to start collecting resources other that without your hands. which means that it would take 10 times longer. 4. S+ promised but never delivered! I remember their twitch stream for the release of aberration when S+ was being promised by Jen and the other guy next to her. They said a year + ago that they were working on the balancing and that they were close to releasing it...but that was a total lie. S+ might not work for PVP but it will definitely improve PVE. Since pve is base on building and breeding. That would make 1 of the 2 things that pve is for much better. Also, people would be able to move entire bases without needing to demo everything which makes up for room as players would be able to move their bases from one server to another easier without losing everything! Common SENSE! People create multiple bases because they cant move things once they are set...and if S+ was allowed this problem would be solve. This would help create a flow of players within servers. 5. IF pve is the Players Vs Elements then perhaps it is time that they unable "GAMMA" on official pve. Takes away a huge part of the game! All this lightsources we were give become unnecessary and just a waste of space. With the gamma option Nightvision is useless, torches, lamps posts, tek light, and anything that emits light that is supposed to help you see at night. I know players have become used to having everything easy on pve...and I dare to say we have become too passive. But if we are playing pve arent we expected to play to survive nature? That includes the dangers of night, rain, fog, and sandstorms. 6. Dino restrictions in PVE are a problem. In pve since you cant grab wild dinos there are about 100 traps all around the map to tame dinos. Tramps that block resources, waterpaths, and sometimes even dino spawns. Forcing players to tame on the wild is a lot more problematic to the actual gameplay than it adds to the total experience. 7. I dont know if anyone understands the story of ark but I believe most people don't care too much about that on PVE official. Not only is poorly done and delivered. However, it is incomplete. Scorched Earth is supposed to have another Tek cave but it was never done. At least according to the lore. But, Ark never finished it...and they actually sold an incomplete DLC as if it was done.... i dont know what this mean to many but to me it means that they are not looking for quality of content but amount per content released! And that is never a good sign. Also, it adds to my point that the story of ark is broken. Now for PVP official: 1. Meshing...under meshing! Well, there are about 3 ways to do that. In some maps you can find spots. Others you can use ladders, and now you can use a climbing pick. For pvp that is perhaps the biggest problem as that means that no one is safe at any point! someone can literally build a base under you and just anable turrets and there goes the dynamite lol 2. Parts in which players are allowed to build in the game but the developers decide that is not without telling anyone. So you build in a spot you thought it was ok...cause the game allows you...but some how an admin comes and either bans you or demolishes your entire base without a warning. It has happen to many people. Well, those are the mayor issues in ark at the moment in official. Right now ark is suffering a lot on both PVe and PvP official. Both for different reason. Are these problems hard to fix? The meshing no. Put a killzone. I think everyone rather lose one dino than their entire base. It is again common sense. What is better? on person crying for a single dino...or 20 people annoyed and quitting because 500 dinos were kill thanks to under meshing? I cant put it any simpler than that! The breeding system...cutting times by 50% would make ark PVE playable again. I now people hate raising dinos for weeks. IT IS A WASTE OF TIME! Also, if you guys work on the kibble tree...there would be no need to have 500 dinos per tribe. IT is ridiculous! Also, i dare to say, add something quick to put dinos on inventory on pve. Same function as the beehive has. That would make people have smaller bases. It is foolish to make people build big unnecessary bases to keep 500 dinos inside! Also, to play ark no tribe needs more than 250 dinos... If climbing picks are a problem...take them out! Honestly no one needs climbing picks. if the idea is to add an experience on aberration...about going to get your first drake egg and climbing like a fool down to get one then climb up...no one ever did it like that. lol or well, there might be some fool that was dummy enough to do it like that lol Everyone goes down with spinos or karkinos...in a party for the first time. or whatever dino they like for that. Also, make element transferable! it is weird that is not. Same for tributes. I mean, once artifacts are allowed to be transfer why are tributes not? is just like you guys like forcing people to question that flawed logic. We are not dummies! lol Listen to us! lol PLEASE!
  5. chancho33015

    Time to say good bye.

    Well, that clarifies the situation thanks
  6. chancho33015

    Time to say good bye.

    well, i am trying to see if they answer on twitter...lets see what they say lol My friend didnt get ban for other programs for sure...he only had that one. i had it for a time too...until...well...he got in trouble...then i was like...nop...DELETE lol Lets see what they say on twitter. i will posted here. I am curious to see what they say...
  7. chancho33015

    Time to say good bye.

    This is straight from their code of conduct! Hacking - examples are not limited to but can include using third-party programs such as in-game automated bots, ESP, Aimbots, and Game Engine Modifications. So if you were to download "auto clicker" even in its simplest version ...that would be considered an unfair advantage. It is not part of the game, not part of windows, and definitely and advantage over other players in terms of allowing your self to not play while the PC does everything...weather is breeding or narking someone for days without having to play. So yes. Using any third party extension to avoid playing the game would be considered to WC an offence.
  8. chancho33015

    Time to say good bye.

    nah, it was one of those cheap free clickers that you google.
  9. chancho33015

    Time to say good bye.

    apparently that is against their code of conduct, so be careful. had a friend ban on that note!
  10. chancho33015

    Devs need to change their ways...

    hey dont get angry at me lol they recorded the conversation with the GM. IT is pretty interesting to read. I dont know what is your personal opinion about this matter but i think most of us share the belief that in order to survive on pvp one must fall into finding little things like this surface spots to avoid undermeshing. I think all players in PVP have resorted in to cheating to avoid other players from using dirty tactics. IT is part of the game since day 1. WC has three options... keep dev wiping, banning, or fixing it. one thing is clear, banning and wiping is not a solution nor is it the answer. We all know 50% of the ark community has multiple steam accounts because they are always looking for an advantage to avoid the grind or just to cheat. But i dont see WC telling them to stop doing that as 1 players is buying ark twice...100 dollar game per player...that is good money to their pocket 😛 The undermeshing doesnt seem to be a thing with a clear resolve...as they stated on their post the way their maps are built is pretty complicated... this might be a forever problem. Either way, all players of ark know the drill here. We try to survive or we have the option to quit. But surviving means going out of our way to find an advantage to survive... by any means necessary!
  11. chancho33015

    Devs need to change their ways...

    They got Dev wipe... you are right. They got devwipe!
  12. chancho33015

    Devs need to change their ways...

    I dont know if i should laugh about this or not. But that says it all lol Who remembers when devs says, "we will not close any legacy server" and they they went out of their way to sabotage them? lol This is the type of people we are talking about...
  13. chancho33015

    Time to say good bye.

    Well, i think i am quitting in official servers. This is not the first time i quit Ark. First time after quitting took me 6 months to get back to ark. I don't want to say is because of my moral ideals but in part it is. I tweeted the only Ark guy who is honest Zen and I asked him if there is any chance of any new Official Mod to become part of the official game and he said, "this mods have a chance of becoming official on ark but we dont do this mods to be part of the official gameplay". That answered bother me as Ark just simply ignores the fact that their are things that can greatly improve the game but for some reason they do not. Maybe this is a conspiracy theory but i believe they do not because that forces people to pay for nitrado servers...but that is my theory. I got no evidence about that. Also, the grind burns people out. To what point is having to seat for 18 hours to feed a baby ok?! I mean, I think they don't lowered the grind because that forces people to play the game...and I honestly dont like a game to control my life. Also, the reward system is freaking lame! You kill a boss, get nothing but element and a darn flag... that is some [email protected]#$ S$%^ I have been trying to hold on to see the next installment of ark "Extinction" but honestly if aberration came with this many problems there is no chance in hell Extinction will be any much better. Also, what happen to some people who got banned bother me SO DARN MUCH... i dont know if you know the story but you can look it up on youtube. They recorded the GM conversation and his answers just made me realize that ark bans just because they are too lazy to fix the issues. To the point that they ban even without following their own darn rules of their own code of conduct. .. It is pretty sad to see this and just do nothing. And is not like I haven't been punished my self by ark. On my own Forum i have been given warning when i disagree with them...and they say is cause i used bad language...which i have never. But they have locked my account before for months. While not following their own code of conduct. I guess in the end is all the problems that come with being part of a game that just is not willing to improve due to the fact that they want to put less hours to save more money to their personal pockets. It is what it is and things will never change... Keep in mind this are the issues that they have never been able to fix since day one of the game: 1.Pillar problem 2. Dupping. 3. Forced crashes 4. Glitching through walls (enemy or own) 5. not being able to build in some areas even though they are intended to be built on. 6. unbalanced game on pvp and pve. 7. Kibble tree was never fixed (even though they promised to re work the kibble tree to not force players to own 500 usless dinos). 8. Tek generators arent any much better or economical than gas generator. (if you account for the fact that if you put the tek generator on its lowest range is 1 element for 18 hours with only of a radius of 4x4 foundations of distance) . 9. Ark story is delivered terrible! ( this one is more my opinion but as a film major who ever decided to tell the story in random "notes" across the map should be fire. Also, there are even some grammatical errors in some of them). Like for realz lol 10. Ark is intended to be play as a community but the tribe alliance system is crapola . You can't share, you can't send a message ingame (not talking about ally chat). you cant directly have an option to allow allies to open or close things. All ally does is being able to see your buddy in blue, share troughs, and cables). 11. Developers will ban you on Twitter if you ask them tough questions. (happen to me with one of them) - Again, i have never used terrible or bad language. I write just like this...all the darn time! 12. 1 year of practically no EVENT (like they used to when it was in beta stage of development). I mean, i can go on and on why i decided to quit...but i think this is pretty much it. The grind, the glitches, and the bad management of development combine is what people pay for when they buy this game...included my self. Its just not worth it in official. Not to mention what happen when they promised to keep legacy servers and fix them...but they never kept that promised either. They just stright up started them to sabotage them to force people to move. I mean, they could of just being honest and tell all players that they were going to close them to open the game in official. However, the fact that they decided to LIE and then tried to sabotage the players to force them to move was the most immature thing i have seen in my entire life. If stuff like these doesn't help you see what is going to come on the NEW DLC...they we all must be blind. And i have finally opened my eyes!
  14. chancho33015

    Time to say good bye.

    Well, it all started 9k hours ago. I started like everyone else with a 2x2 thatch hut near the red obelisk on the island. I created a tribe, then tamed my first dodo, and finally 9k hours later did everything. I was from the beginning of ark when the Raptor was the best mount ever. I remember taming my first Griff on ragnarok using a raptor and then chasing the darned thing all over the map. I remember joining aberration and having many great adventures like saving my drake from the clutches of hell via flying with just wing suit. I remember my little base on center I had in secret to scape from my tribe. I know is kinda mess up but I needed my alone time, ok! Now I will leave ark on the map that started it all. The island. It has been a fun 2 years + in this game and perhaps now I will miss the next DLC...but I think when is over...is over. I know there is a lot of great people here. I wish you guys the best! But is time for Orion to leave for a new adventure. You guys keep it real. I will not miss you official lol Now I will be able to sleep...and not wake up early for imprints...thank you jesus...take me home lol May the odds be in your favor.
  15. chancho33015

    Saving PVE The monotonous Cycle!

    you are right. Keeping base alive for as long as in can... burning out... too much crazy stuff with glitches and stuff... Honestly yesterday was the first day I felt like "@$!# this". After 9k hours of official gameplay. I wonder how many of us are still here from the beginning. I still remember when the raptor was cool. It has been a long time here for me... Time perhaps to move to newer things. Hesitant to do it... but... it might be time to do it... [emoji25]