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  1. Bugged Drake Nests

    This issue is happening on my server as well and i would assume it is pretty common at this point, hopefully wildcard is aware due to the tickets and has people working on a solution.
  2. Cannot Tame Queen Bee in Aberration

    I have a bee tamed on Xbone, like Ace said you need to lose the agro before she accepts the flowers. There is a parallel to real life there somewhere........
  3. We need kibble to tame and imprint in Aberration

    More accurately it is the version of aberration that the devs intended. If it is not to your liking the game allows you to play single player or a unofficial server with settings as you see fit. I agree with many here dilos would fit right in and was a little disappointed they were left out but its not game breaking, you can still get an anky or doed it just requires more time or you settle for a lower one that still is way better than using your tools. Bottom line for me though is i would rather take extra time on these key tames than have aberration spoiled by allowing transfers, it would kill most of what makes this map fun and unique in my opinion.
  4. We need kibble to tame and imprint in Aberration

    When SE first came out it was just like aberration, no transfers into the map allowed. This was also before evo events where even a thing so yeah you dont NEED the kibble dinos there, you WANT them.
  5. PVE Pillaring & Space to build

    I am not a malicious person at all, the thing you are not getting is that there is no requirement for anyone in any game mode (PvE or PvP) to cooperate to provide you or anyone else a place to start or a place to build. We all payed for the game and other than that everyone is on equal footing and allowed to play the game as they see fit on official servers. Like others have told you in a perfect world all the pillaring would not be required and people joining servers late would be able to have a normal start in ark. That is not the landscape right now nor will it be anytime in the future, humans as a species are notoriously selfish and possessive, even of things they don't technically own. As it stands there are far more veteran players than newbies given this game is now 3 years old, many of them have never actually improved the way they play and build what i call donkey bases. These bases waste vast swaths of land and are usually built in the easy spawn zones. So ask your self what is worse, being able to move about in the starter areas pillared off or being stuck inside some massive base in the same area and have to be let out or killed to respawn elsewhere? Yes some of the pillar are put there by trolls and people will ill intetions but guess what your on a PUBLIC server, if you expected sunshine and rainbows from everyone you meet then again you are showing your naivete. like I said in my original post the pillars are cause and effect, usually but not always new players building in terrible locations and in PVE you cannot remove anyones buildings so the best solution is to prevent them building there in the first place.
  6. PVE Pillaring & Space to build

    https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/entitlement Check the link out and read number 3 a few times it might help you out. How exactly is anyone stuck unless trapped inside walls or spikes? How exactly does the game make it clear your are supposed or not supposed to do anything? Are you reading the loading screen blurbs and taking that as gospel? Again this is a SURVIVAL game, it is up to you to survive by any means allowed withing the constraints of the game, nothing more and nothing less. The game itself and the players do not inherently owe you anything. I agree i would be a nice thing if everyone on a pve server would work together and share everything and get along all the time but that is a pipe dream, wont happen in this game or any other similar game and if you think it will then i just feel sad for your naivete.
  7. PVE Pillaring & Space to build

    This is a survival game correct? Ragnarok, your favorite example in your rebuttal, is an end game map correct? Personally in find the survival aspect of this game painfully easy as long as you put some thought into what your doing, i have been playing this game for three years and have according to the game died 31 times. That is mainly PVE but with a little PVP sprinkled in there. If your just starting out and you die you didnt have anything you cannot replace in 5-10 minutes. My first spawn on Rag i made it with a new character from the volcano flow all the way to my friends starter base in viking bay on foot, to quote the dark souls players "get gud." No matter the map no one is beholden to new players for anything, they dont owe them a starter hut or land or free gear. The sense of entitlement in the player base of this game is staggering at times. One of my favorite aspects is that you get what you earn or are able to take, nothing is given to you by the game itself. Like i said before no server i have played on has ever been even close to completely blocked by pillars so i will throw it back at you where is your evidence that this is the common situation for new players and not a lack of effort to find a clear building area. The one thing we can agree on is the need for more servers, the game takes a noticeable dip in performance long before the max player count is reached. I would say more servers with a lower player cap just for the performance issues alone, I dont know how people have fun in the large tribe wars on PVP when the game bogs down to a crawl or simply crashes when there is lots of things in one area.
  8. Player Pit Traps

    These "traps" have been around forever literally, they still exist on the island after that map has undergone major overhauls multiple times. Preparedness is your best defense, one of the best things aberration added was the climbing pick and you should never leave home without one.
  9. PVE Pillaring & Space to build

    First come first serve, if your not in the initial wave of survivors on a server then you get the scraps of land not the prime locations. This issue is a cause and effect thing, people started resorting to this because others will build as close to your base as possible it seems at times. This can be bad on a logistical level as well as killing framerate in the area. Every server ive seen where the noobs cry about pillars there are still plenty of places to build but they require you leave the spawn zone and explore a bit, you know do some work and not just build in the first spot you see. It boggles my mind how many people build in just plain bad places, blocking paths or killing resources/blocking spawns.
  10. First drake egg run. What's the best mount for doing it?

    Iv'e gotten about 10 eggs so far from those nests with the crab with no issues, you definitely want to stay on path and not get lost but the crab is a great mount for the task as all the spawns save the drakes and seekers will ignore you and while they dont do amazing damage they are tanky enough to kill many drakes. I can do the whole run in 30-45 min on one rad suit but i have a repair station at the halfway point if needed.
  11. First drake egg run. What's the best mount for doing it?

    I watched the above vid but did something a little different and in my opinion easier. I went to the same spot on the bottom to get the eggs but my way down was much different. I didnt like the idea of dropping dinos down and climbing back up so i did some exploring and found a foot path down from the blue biome all the way down to the nest site in HOD's vid. I used a high level Karkinos, the jump lets you get to all the nests without dismounting witch i find safer than climbing with drakes everywhere.
  12. What's your favourite map?

    Scorched pre transfers is my favorite so far but as i explore aberration more and more it is moving up the list. Im with many others here in that i really really like ragnarok but it is by far too easy, i pictured it as an end game map where everything should be harder but it is the opposite and im disappointed. I have many fond memories on the island but it has more to do with starting out in ark and learning everything along with everyone else, that sense of newness that only scorched has captured for me since.
  13. My cheap crab trap

    Sarcasm is hard to convey in text...
  14. Rock Drakes are too weak

    I too would like to know where you got the idea they were supposed to be just as powerful as wyverns? Can you direct me to patch notes or a community crunch or even something on twitter where they said anything like that? Seems like you are assuming based on preconceived ideas of what the drakes SHOULD be in your opinion. Aberation is neat because the map and the new dinos are not cookie cutter re-skins of existing assets, adjust your tactics.
  15. So does the frog not gather cementing paste anymore?

    I have been getting it in large amounts from the glow bugs, strange it is not working for you.