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  1. Is Patch 762 ever going to get out of MS Cert?

    Since we all know the ball in now in microsofts court does anyone know the proper forum on their end to ask about this update? Instead of discussing it here if we make our presence known on the microsoft side it might (probably not) affect how fast their cert process goes.
  2. Despite the ever presence of mega tribes do the PVP'ers here actually enjoy the combat in ark? I am a long time FPS player on PC and console and the combat in this game is not anywhere close to being what brings me back to playing it. The gun play is sloppy, slow and the inherent network issues with a game this size make landing shots extremely frustrating (blood spatter but no hit marker anyone?) Combat on dinos is just holding down an attack button, not thrilling gameplay in my opinion.
  3. Is Patch 762 ever going to get out of MS Cert?

    When you do not provide sources or examples of what you read on twitter it seems like your just speculating, I also doubt they are putting on twitter the exact dates and time they submit updates to the publishers. Maybe they do but i doubt it.
  4. Is Patch 762 ever going to get out of MS Cert?

    Where are you getting this info? Do you work for WC or microsoft and have an intimate understanding of the cert process or are you just blindly speculating like it seems?
  5. Is Arks 60 dollars worth it?

    Happier with the money i have spent on ark over many of the last triple A games i purchased, Destiny 1 **cough cough**
  6. Could it be that since you have to progress through the ascension of the maps to play on Ragnarok that it stands to reason by the time you get there you will not be interested in lower level dinos. Its a progression thing, people who have played all the maps and done most everything in the game are less interested in searching for hours for the high level dinos, witch would take even longer on ragnarok due to the maps size and geography. Just my 2 cents
  7. Griffin

    All about the ground pound, the griffin can sprint backwards while looking at the ground and that makes repeated ground attacks easy and fast. I can kill everything on the ground fast short of titans and gigas easily with my griffin.
  8. Ragnarok dino spawns broke.

    Like others are saying the dino wipe is the band aid fix for PD servers right now. On ours the population gets thin after a few days, like dinos killed off are not replaced. One theory i have seen that makes sense to me is dinos still spawn in the bottom right corner of the map, the part under construction. Those dinos dont get killed but still count towards the total of the map so over time they get respawns for dinos you kill elsewhere on the map. Like i said it makes sense but have not seen any proof.
  9. Lost dinos due to bug

    Your video just shows you getting your giga killed, no bug but making bad decisions. Why put a giga with no saddle for direct control in the water at all let alone trying to get it up on a narrow ramp with an overhang that may block a tall dino like the giga anyway. Sorry for you loss but i hope you learned a lesson, this was not the games fault but your own.
  10. PvE is not PvP.

    Correct you are an alpha tester
  11. Ark should be NA 17

    This, smart response from a good active parent. Companies are not responsible for the parenting of their customers kids.
  12. Yes the griefers are what triggered the response of disabling dino grabbing but they are not the cause. Many PVE players are what i like to call builder donkeys, they just play to build structures and bases repeatedly, usually as large as possible with no hope of ever defending it from anything because hey its pve. Its not hard to build a base that is completely immune to any griefer tactics you could employ in PVE, walls to block the big dinos people kite and enough turrets, species X and dinos on neutral to kill anything anyone would drop but these builders dont think they should need to because pve. Catering to the lowest common denominator....
  13. Demolished Base

    You made a mistake trying to join another tribe without unclaiming your stuff, your fault not the games. Why would you think that anything is owed to you due to you making a mistake?
  14. Megalosaurus spawns

    I also can confirm they are spawning in the cave near blue ob on Scorched, got a couple high level ones there a while back. From my runs in that cave they either spawn in pairs or in threes.
  15. Therizinosaurus ...

    Like others have said their spawn density is the only problem i see. Theris are very strong but have a low agro range so just give them space if your not ready to fight one, same as any predator really. Way too many people see challenges as insurmountable road blocks that need to be changed instead of thinking how they can adapt and survive in this survival game...