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  1. sequel ARK: Survival Evolved 2 ?

    I agree this game could have a long life if care is taken by the dev team, alas it seems somewhere along the way the dollar signs became more important than integrity or making something to last that your customers want. Ill play until it becomes boring but the signs are there they wont be in this game for the long haul unfortunately.
  2. Auto-decay claiming way too much.

    Not to sound mean but single player may be more your speed if that little bit of a setback has you throwing up your arms and declaring defeat. You made a mistake assuming the decay timers worked how you thought they should instead of looking it up. This game is complex with many things to consider, more so if you play online. The decay timers are there to limit server clutter which is desperately needed. If you indeed had a large amount of resources stashed you have no excuse for any part of your base being thatch, let alone your foundations that had said resources placed on them. Long story short dont blame the game because you didn't understand its mechanics, learn from your mistake and get better or move on.
  3. Most OP weapon/tool in ark

    OP tool for me would be the Tek helmet, non blurry night vision and threat detection that works through walls.
  4. Self raising dinos

    I have not done this myself as i see no need for an army of poop flinging monkeys but i have seen it done before can confirm it works.
  5. Self raising dinos

    Mesopithicus is the only one i know of that will do that
  6. What is your favorite tamed Ark creature!?

    Lightning wyvern is my all time fav, mobility and power with cool visual effects.
  7. What's your main land mount?

    Titanosaur, fast and powerfull and nothing attacks you...
  8. Proper preparation prevents poor performance. If you dont want make your tame area 100% secure then at least have some gaurd dinos in the area on neutral while following one of the stationary passive dinos and problem solved. Not the games fault but your own unfortunately.
  9. Update 765

    So we got shorted the Ragnarok map extension huh? PC got the expansion almost a month ago and i swear i read on upcoming patch notes we where supposed to get it in this one that spent almost 2 weeks in cert with microsoft...
  10. Who's idea was this ?

    This, except i do not trust the trackers in the long run. I have had tracker nodes disappear on official and private servers after some time. But otherwise yes just keep anything that flys that your relying on for a ride to stay on passive and be careful not to put it in a situation that it needs to tank something. I remember a while back in a crunch someone asked about a grounded setting for flyers that Jeremy said they would implement but still waiting on that one, big surprise...
  11. What dinosaur would you live out of?

    Uh Wyvern for sure. Others have picked more practical dinos but for my money nothing is a more fun mount!
  12. Wyvern baby damage.

    The question was about a stat on one of the dinos in the game that is no longer exclusive to one map and can be transferred to any map so what logic are you using to suggest it doesn't apply to general discussion? If your not a moderator then dont try to do their job please. On topic you got a good roll OP best one ive had was 360% and for attacking gigas never fly low always try to be at max range of your breath attack and never at an altitude that physical contact is possible!
  13. Do you ever make constructive comments or just troll with every thing you say? Do you even read the title of the thread before you say anything? If you are not worried about what happens on PVE then why even spend time commenting on something about it, just move on to something that you care about. On topic the kibble rework is needed for both modes, too many dinos in this game have no use other than egg producers no mater what stage of the game you are at and how the trees work now a lot dont follow your natural tech progression. Id bet money we hear about the next DLC after aberation before any news on the kibble system.
  14. Accessing dino inventory

    they knocked it out most likely.
  15. Ark: Aberration

    They did the same with Scorched earth and honestly it was great, changed the flow of how you progressed and made ark feel fresh. They will eventually allow transfers i would be willing to bet.