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  1. You took what i said out of context, so in this case you are just as foolish as OP..
  2. Take a hostile action against someone or in this case a company in order to get them to do what you want them to do, honestly you think that will work anywhere in the real world? The naivete on display here is astounding....
  3. Like PlanB and Frozen said, well within your capabilities to protect yourself from griefers if you put forth a little effort. Too many people in this game just complain at the first sign of adversity, have you never played a public online game before? PSA people will do anything you can think of to make you have a bad time if you let them, put the time and effort in and you can stop them in their tracks.
  4. Only $55? At least its not like most of the triple A games that release that are stripped down and they sell you the original content as DLC. Like others are saying this is early access, says right on the title screen it may not run right, lag or crash. It does have issues, you can lose stuff under the map, but think about how that situation pops up... You died in a survival game, dont say the game is bad because your bad at the game.
  5. Your comparing real life creatures imprinting to a video game that let's you tame and ride dinosaurs..... the only two tames that are really unreasonable for one person are also the two most powerful you can breed, almost like it's a balance mechanic, weird....
  6. Too many people in this thread just playing devils advocate, plenty of people have been doing the breeding and imprinting since the inception of these mechanics without any real complaints. Is it a serious challenge? Yes it is, so is playing mlg for any of the FPS games out there, guess what not everyone can do it and that is not the fault of the game devs. People are not honest with themselves, admit if your are unwilling or unable to do things and dont blame others because you cant do something.
  7. Nothing worth doing should be easy, old saying that holds true here. Not everyone should easily be able to get the 100% as the bonus is quite significant. Its very doable and yes you will be tired but its not dangerous to your health unless you have other existing issues which are no ones problem but yours. Too many people on this game saying "this is hard, fix it for me!" witch I interpret like "I am lazy and bad at this game, change the game so it is easier for me so I dont have to put forth any effort!"
  8. If you make any purchases based on a two sentence blurb about the product you are in for lots of disappointment in your life...
  9. I have no problem with greifers being able to drop stuff in my base, fair trade for being able to transport potential tames IMO. Like many others are saying its not hard to have up to snuff defence able to deal with anything someone could drop, the main people i see complaining about this are those who go to PVE just to build overly elaborate large bases that they have no hope of defending. If trolls scare away all the minecraft builders who "claim" large swaths of the map "for latter use" I have no problem with it.
  10. I may have to speed up my plans for a secondary base on the island/Center.
  11. Yes no candy cane club or mistletoe or coal for us lowly console peasants. Im most disappointed we dont get access to the potential of rare blueprints he drops. The cosmetic stuff is nice but BPs are actually helpfull. Pretty sure the amount of console players is at least equal to or most likely greater than the amount of players on PC, if it were me id try to please the larger audience but i dont have hard numbers so maybe that is exactly what they did here.
  12. So with console players not receiving visits from raptor clause the holiday is looking pretty bleak on scorched earth. If i understand correctly none of the dinos you can get skins from will be appearing on scorched so unless those of us who came back for scorched and have no infrastructure on other maps transfer servers this week we will miss out on all the holiday content. How does this make the players with their primary or only base on the scorched map feel?
  13. So since there is no raptor clause on Xbox those of us based on Scorched will get no holiday content at all unless we transfer to hunt dinos?
  14. So are the consoles for sure not getting raptor clause? It specifies the skins we can get and how after describing how raptor clause will work but it does not say consoles are not going to see him. Not very clear to me can anyone confirm one way or the other?
  15. Why do people waste their time trying to help sour apples like this is beyond me. Everything he is whining about, and make no mistake it is pure whining, is preventable if you play smart and react and adapt. Simply put the problems your complaining about are avoidable, I have not had the issues your experiencing other than at short time starter bases. Like others have advised make your walls encompass a bigger area so your dinos are not right on the edges or have them follow one central passive dino. Best advise I could offer you for this game is do some homework, research the issues your having and see what others have done to overcome them instead of just spewing rage on the forum.