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  1. Koola Koola Name: Koolasuchus macrognathus Time: Early Cretaceous Diet: Meat Temperament: Watchful Wild Watching the shore from the waterways of aberration is the largest amphibian I have ever encountered. Koolasuchus macrognathus rivals the sarco in terms of size and in some ways exceeds it in terms of power. Mainly found in the large lakes and swamps of the bioluminescent regions, Koolasuchus uses the glowing lining inside of its mouth to mesmerize prey-before lunging out of the water and delivering a massive, bone-crushing bite. Its skin also secretes a mild toxin that causes blurred vision in would-be predators. Interestingly, Koolasuchus is very resistant to radiation, meaning it can also be found in the element rivers of the cavernous depths. While Koolasuchus is very powerful in water, its small legs and flabby body mean that it is rather slow on land. One should make a concerted effort to avoid combat with it in water. Out of water and away from the shoreline it quickly becomes less aggressive. Taming Koolasuchus’ saggy skin and bony head make it resistant to most conventional methods of delivering torpor such as arrows or darts. However, one can turn its vaunted lunge against it-by lobbing blunt-force or explosive projectiles into its mouth while it struggles about on land to get into position for a lunge, enough torpor can be delivered to knock it out. Domesticated Koolasuchus’ powerful bite and speed in water make it a very effective tame for traversing the waterways of aberration, as it can defend itself against some of the most terrifying creatures in the caves. However, many tribes have tamed Koolasuchus for another reason: the shed skin of the animal can be used to repair and craft HAZMAT suits, and the toxin secreted by the animal over time can be used to feed baby rock drakes, like nameless venom. Indeed, I have even seen some saddles that acted as a radiation-resistant ‘cockpit’, allowing the rider to explore the depths astride their amphibian friend even without a HAZMAT suit! Features and Abilities Koolasuchus is designed as an animal inbetween the Karkinos and Spino in terms of firepower, weight and HP. As such it is useful for combat and for freighthauling. . Koolasuchus is radiation resistant, meaning it can be used to explore the deeper caverns of aberration. It features a saddle that acts as a submersible cockpit that resists radiation, AoE poisons, and the grabbing ability of creatures like the mammoth, karkinos, flyers etc. However, be careful-while you are safe from radiation and these other issues while mounted, if you get off in an unsafe area without HAZMAT or the necessary precautions you will be vulnerable, so don't forget! . Koolasuchus produces 2 useful materials-Koola toxin and Koola skin. Koolasuchus, like a toad, secretes a milky venom from its skin. This slowly builds up in its inventory into a stack of 5. If you are unable to collect nameless venom Koola venom can be used as a substitute when rearing baby rock drakes. However it does not have the healing properties that nameless venom provides to rock drakes when force fed. Like all amphibians, Koolasuchus sheds its skin in large sloughing patches. shedding Koola skin is collected with scissors, much like wool from an Ovis, and can be used to repair HAZMAT suits as an alternative to Polymer. You will know when the maximum amount of skin can be harvested when it starts to sag on the creature. . Used defensively, koolasuchus venom is mild, and when attacked the vision of the attacker will be blurred and slowed for a few seconds. It is only released as a defense mechanism when the creature is below half HP, hopefully buying it time to enter the water and swim away quickly. . Koolasuchus has a sledgehammer bite that can cripple creatures it targets. Uppon a successful lunge the target is slowed and a large amount of damage is applied-however unlike the bite of the Allosaurus, which also slows its target, Damage Over Time is not applied and the only damage is applied with the initial strike. This will allow Koolasuchus to slow targets for other tames to pile onto in PVP. This attack must be charged for 3 seconds to be used and must be charged for 6 or 7 seconds to apply full damage, during which the Koola will be very slow. When wild, doing this on land can be turned against the Koolasuchus by firing stuff such into its mouth to apply torpor. . Other attacks include a normal bite and a tail whip to lash at enemies to its rear. Like the sarco the Koola can also lunge around itself. . Finally, because it's Kool: Koolasuchus is highly luminescent, and when swimming its mouth will gape open, acting as a high-power lantern! This does not apply charge to the area, so be sure to bring a charge pet along if you venture into the depths.
  2. Ceratopsians are some of my favorite prehistoric critters, and there is a lot that can be done with their abilities given the large "canvas" that their frill provides. It would be a missed opportunity if Chasmosaurus didn't have a bioluminescent frill. I especially like the fact that the frill doubles as a flashbang.
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