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  1. I see the new DLC "Ark: Disappointment Sustained" has come out on time, as usual.
  2. On my private server for the TheCenter, the engrams for the Camera and the new traq using the bio narcotic from the jellyfish are there. That said, apparently the new jellyfish and squid are not.
  3. So, what exactly was given to the TheCenter map with this patch? As I understand it, the TheCenter did not receive the new water creatures but did get the Alpha mosa and the Megalosaurus from last patch. Anything else that the TheCenter players might want to know about? Also, is there a standard place to see patch notes that pertain to the TheCenter map for patch days?
  4. Are these new creatures on the The Center map as well or do we have to wait for them to be patched in?
  5. It's pretty and all but doesn't it just scream, "HEY! Look at me, I'm here, shoot me!" That said, I'm not a pvpplayer, maybe they like drawing attention to themselves. As a pve player, my crew and I will enjoy these outfits quite a bit.
  6. Okay.....isn't this the same thing as last week? What am I missing here?
  7. Good to see Ark Advance get it's day. My small server is quite enjoying the many ideas and really happy to see discontinued mods picked up. Thanks for all the work iSpeZz and team. Special thanks to those willing to turn their mods over to him so the community could keep using them.
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