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  1. WOW Caverns of Lost Hope!!!

    I hate this cave with a passion! Usually never go there solo but with a friend on squids.
  2. I usually just go in the ocean on my mosa or squid and kill squids and alpha for the pearls.
  3. Tame times are too high

    lol after almost 6k hours it really doesn't bother me except for how long it takes on the gestation period on live births and not eggs. I work a full time job and I like sleep.
  4. What is your favorite activity to do on Ark?

    yeah the pigs only get 10 food from raw meat and eat fast, so you have to use cook meat so it gives 25 food per. Squid is just like a giga except they die on me before juvi stage sometimes because I am bad.
  5. Tame times are too high

    Tame times are fine, now breed timers for aqua and herbis is terrible, no one should have to wait 6-13 hours just for something to pop out a baby. Gigas, squids, and mosas should not take 2 weeks to raise either. At least we get x2 to help with that sometimes.
  6. What is your favorite activity to do on Ark?

    I prefer gigas to pigs and squids lmao.
  7. What is your favorite activity to do on Ark?

    I like taming and making babies all day!
  8. Daeodon Stats ?

    We used them for dragon boss and monkey, worked well there, we only leveled them to about 8k hp and the rest food while filling them with cooked prime jerky.
  9. U wont like this post for no reason!

    Put only points in speed and make a racetrack!
  10. Kentro vs Bosses

    Kibble tame on 1.5 is 49 minutes, why waste your time with berries?
  11. This happens way too often.
  12. When is flyer V3 coming?

    I like titans! They are cute.
  13. Clubs and Troodons

    Troodons are fine, clubs are fun.
  14. website Unofficial online creature stats saver

    Going to try this out, will give feedback soon! Thanks!
  15. Imprinting and Baby feeding question

    I have 4 rex on one trough at the moment all raw meat, I can fill it and log out for 9 hours. I like to log out or render my base as to put babies in stasis so they eat slower. Yes dodo kibble is cheap and easy to make and sometime I put a stack or 2 in there in case I am going to be gone longer.