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  1. id say move to the new servers off legacy, but they are all at tame cap post easter event... its a C F there OC servers need atleast 2-3 more island and rag servers, as the one that got added was just dumped onto and filled up. the player base is just so concentrated that its become very hard to do anything sadly
  2. as i presumed, but as an australian, we also have to list sales taxes etc etc and pricing must be in local currency, just a thing where it said it was in USD would be very helpful as no indication otherwise would lead you to presume the website which AUTO FILLED i was in australia is pricing in AUD as well.
  3. @Chris, hey mate, just PRESUMING the price is in USD as no where does it tell us the currency it is in.
  4. compare it to the cost of the console CEs sold at EB games... actually saving quite a bit if i remember right
  5. and all of the super limited stock will now probably sell exclusively to US.... :eyeroll: $105 shipping for 1 business day UPS to my place would be a bargain. iv used them sending stuff from aus to usa and its always there way before you think it would be. but now. unless there is WAY more than the stated VERY limited stock. internationals wont be able to get any..
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