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  1. Please take this kindly, but that feature would break official. People would have 1000 gigas all within 5 seconds of hatching and right before 2x events one tribe could fill the entire server Dino cap in an instant, preventing all others from being able to tame or raise for the entire weekend. This is already a problem without egg automation. It's just too much for a live server to manage fairly. It works great for personally owned servers because they could just ban players who don't play nice. But as we all know, official servers cannot have these toys without jerks ruining it.
  2. I do agree with you on this. But when you're dealing with a small company you have to learn to expect there to be problems when it comes to dates, and even promises. I too was very disappointed when the dates were pushed back repeatedly. I've been wanting to play on Ragnarok for a while now (Xbox). They are not ignoring their community though. It is impossible to make everyone happy. There are some people who want all the servers to be wiped and start completely over launch day. I'm not one of those. But if you look carefully you will see that they took both sides into consideration and had to make a decision. Like it or not this was their solution which by no means makes everyone happy. Of course I wish that they gave people more time to make their adjustments before the launch date, but seeing how much of a time crunch there on I'm not surprised. Point is, there are bound to be disappointments along the way, but if you really like the game you'll stick around. I know I am.
  3. I have no need to continue building. So quetzals are not a problem for me. And pillars will not Decay if there's someone online. Notice how I said Mega tribes should be the ones to pillar the nodes? I said that because Mega tribes typically have someone on every 4 hours if not constantly. There is nothing you can say or do to my server because we take care of it. Here's my final points before I decide to stop reading these posts... If you can take the time to try to come up with ways to negatively impact a server such as you just did, why not use that same creativity to counteract it preemptively. If you properly set up your bases, your important resource nodes, and make an effort to create a positive PVE experience with the other tribes on your server, you can prevent just about anything. And the more people on your server that think in this way, the easier it will be to solve problems before they begin. You cannot deny the fact that there are successful PVE servers that have been going since day one that when properly maintained are great place to play this game with little worry of griefers. I seriously suggest that you spend some time looking for a GOOD server and strive to keep it that way. Seriously, I do hope you find one and enjoy it like the players on my server. I'm planning on moving to a new Ragnarok server when the game releases. If you play on Windows or Xbox, hit me up and once I find a good server and set it up I'll send you an invite.
  4. Then leave. That's it. Plenty of servers to move to. On my server we have all of the important nodes with pillars nearby but not blocking. This is done in agreement with all the players that make up the larger tribes. This way no one can come in and build in any areas that would be problematic. When you go to a new server check to see if people are doing preventative maintenance like this. If not ask the people who are the mega tribes if they would consider doing it or allow you to. Easy. Like I said I've been on the same server for well over a year..... No issues. Be creative not lazy.
  5. I played on a PVE server for well over a year (same server) and not once have I had to report anything. Just deal with it on your own. If you've got toxic people in your server then team up against them. If your server is a poisonous place then leave. Find a better server. A lot of older online games never had a report player service, and you had to take care of things yourself. Stop whining and find a server that you can play on we're people actually help each other out. And don't go saying that there is none. That's just being lazy. If you pick a server where there's people that are problematic and you chose to stay and build and invest that's your own fault.
  6. Read the whole thing. They will support legacy servers with all updates patches and maps/dlc. They are just saying that the customer support ticket team will not fix individual issues on legacy servers, since they need to focus on new server clusters. No worries if you are on legacy, you will get all patches and updates same as new servers.
  7. I read the entire article, but my question is for console release of Ragnarok. There is no mention to console Ragnarok servers being legacy since the date of console Ragnarok release is same as full game release. My question is if they are creating Legacy Ragnarok servers for console on release.
  8. @JatIm glad to hear about the status of current release events. One concern, since now that Ragnarok will be coming to console at the same time as release and new official servers does that mean that if you are playing on a legacy server and want to move to Ragnarok we will be unable to transfer at all? I have been anticipating Ragnarok since the announcement and have been spending all of my time prepping for the move. It would be so disappointing if I have nowhere to go with all the work I've been doing. I understand that you want to have equal footing on a batch of new servers when the game releases but I really hope that there will be Ragnarok servers that will allow transfer from Legacy.
  9. Please if someone knows, can you place BeeHives on redwood trees? I know they can spawn on them, but can YOU place a tamed one on redwood trees? Thanks
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