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  1. Hello, I am a legacy gamer, so one of the early access players. I have been playing this game for a long time, I must be very surprised ... How I treated as a loyal user and have to put up with deliberately tolerated manipulations by others ... Dungeaon entrances and areas are repeatedly blocked in order not to be able to use them. I've had to put up with a lot since the release. But it is really time that something happened !!! WildCard, you should be ashamed of yourself. Again on the new content, Dungean inputs are blocked by offline animals. Please solve this problem
  2. ViennaJoe

    Babys Dead

    I get up in the morning, slept for exactly 5.5 hours, and the work of almost 2 weeks is dead ...... why is everything dead?!?!? What nonsense you have programmed there ... some rexes were not 12h old, freshly tamed. Crashes every day because you allow players to come to the server with an extremely horrific latency .... and now this ....
  3. Hello unfortunately, you can not build on platforms on ark genesis 2 ... reason too many buildings on platforms ... grandiose way I have no single platform with aunem building on it .... so a Tribe restriction would be advantageous ... or the problem is also due to the many stryders, with tranmitter and bed ...
  4. Great, wildcard knows exactly how a DLC makes it uninteresting ... The transfere are open too early and in this case even meaningless ... This will make the missions easier and the game for most gamers faster uninteresting ...
  5. someone have the same problem? i cant feed the otter...
  6. I really must congratulate you! No support for legacy servers! A permit for the people, the already exaggerated player. Those already blocking the half server, or new people exclude. I had hoped it would get better and not worse! Now, where you have to sever and change miscellaneous players on other existing servers ... It is already very strenuous the important access points like the RED Ark on my server are completely blocked .... Or new people son egoisten meaningless are blocked simply because they do not want any new people ... By your no support announcement, which is pr
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