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  1. bumping for interest. I'm also hosting and would like the details. My guess is that we wont be able to host our own servers though, we'll probably have to go through nitrado.
  2. enabling us to use dedicated servers would be amazing too. I know that the OP was referring to non-dedicated servers, but we really need a good environment to get with friends. Official PVE servers are a pillar hell making it extremely difficult.
  3. We(My father in law, my wife, and I) played official for about 6 months back when it first released into early access. After all that time spent(we spent better than 12 hours taming a high level sarco - it was literally an all day affair) they released the scuba gear, which I was totally stocked for, however, I was like 3 levels away from being able to make it and it would take soooo long to get there. So I found a private server with a couple of mods and it totally changed how I looked at the game. a couple more months later, I started hosting a server myself with a few mods. Now I
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