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  1. Bullet soaking dinos

    I think damaging saddles is DEFINITELY a mechanic that should have been brought in during the 'preview' phase. Saddles already have a durability stat, but as far as I know, Roll Rats are the only ones whose saddles take damage and break (so I've heard, anyway)
  2. PvP/PvE Dino Tier List

    Not unreasonable, I've just always felt the carno is underrated. Although, the baryonyx being added kinda changes things in a way I hadn't considered. Sure, the Carno is outclassed by the bigger carnivores, Rexes, spino, giga, obviously, but for it's size/class it can be pretty devastating. But then there's bary, comparable in size, but infinitely better mobility.
  3. We need kibble to tame and imprint in Aberration

    Yup. I felt they wouldn't have seemed out of place on scorched either.
  4. Advice/Guide for new Prim+ Players

    Just thought I'd make a post with all the helpful tips and things I've picked up over my time on prim+ servers Early Game Pitchfork. Pitchfork. Use the pitchfork. 15 wood. All it takes. Much more cost-effective than spears, which require flint and fiber, and you'll want that fiber later. Traps and bait. Dodos are an easy source of poultry to make fish trap bait, and once you've made bait for a dead fall trap you can use the meat it catches to make more, just a few traps and you've got easy, endless meat. Fires and Firewood: Learn lumber station and fresh firewood as soon as you can. I know you want to get that lumber house built, but crafting fresh firewood is essential, as it spoils to dry firewood, and that stuff burns for ages. Keeps you from having to get wood as often. END DEFORESTATION MIDGAME So you've built your lumber house, time to fill it with dinos and stuff. You'll want a handmill, crafted at the construction table, to replace your mortar and pestle. The handmill holds significantly more materials. While you're at it, learn Bonemeal Fertilizer, and get to collecting Keratin. Not Chitin. Keratin. You can grind out quality fertilizer en masse, with a decent carnivore to collect the resources (spoiled meat, hide and keratin, you'll need charcoal too) I've maintained some pretty large greenhouses, and banks of plant x, without ever taming a beetle. Can't emphasize enough how useful this is, especially since you're going to want a lot of crop plots to grow all the fancy prim+ crops. Rice. Fresh rice can be harvested from crop plots, and turned to dried rice in a smokehouse. Dried rice can be cooked in a cooking pot or Cauldron. Cooked rice doesn't spoil, and is a Great way to stay fed. Smokehouse. One of the most common questions I see is 'is there a fridge?' yes. It's the smokehouse. It runs on sparkpowder. The next most common question is about making jerky. Again the answer is smokehouse. Jerky is super easy on prim +, you'll need: Cooked Meat and Cooked Prime, obviously, Organic oil (from grinding seeds or cooking fat from Phiomia or mammoths) Crude Oil (from nodes, beetles, basils) Salt (from grinding crystal) Sparkpowder All that stuff in a smokehouse, and soon you'll have more jerky than you can handle. Salted jerky works the same as regular jerky when making kibble, the name just tells you how it was made. A few resource notes: Steel is made from iron ingots and carbon in a forge Glass is made from crystal and silica pearls in a forge Leather is made over time by leaving salt and hide in a tanning rack That's all for now, I'm sure I've forgotten lots, feel free to ask questions, if I don't know, someone else likely does
  5. PvP/PvE Dino Tier List

    I'd argue for the Carno to move up the ranks a little on both PvE and PvP lists, as it can be a fairly useful tame, even after you've acquired bigger and stronger dinos. In PvE, the Carno is well-suited to cave diving, small enough to fit in most, large and tough enough to fight off the threats within. Knockback attack, in either mode, the ability to keep enemies at arm's length is helpful.
  6. Feeding trough no longer spoils food in it

    Unless there's been a change I'm not aware of, there's no real benefit to Large plots if you're building an irrigated greenhouse, as large plots only have a higher water capacity. Any size plot has 12 inventory slots, ie they all hold the same amount of fertilizer. It's cheaper on resources to craft medium plots for crops, and small plots for berries, and using the smaller plots allows you to fit more in the space
  7. Updated kibble crafting!

    We could still use a 'prime veggie' for herbivore tames. It would be nice to have an option for taming (example: a 150 Bronto) that falls between 1hr with kibble, or 8hrs on veggies. Maybe 2 and a half hours if using 'prime' Herbivore taming is easy, but takes forever without kibble. Side note: Prim + has an elegant solution, with additional crops, and each herbivore species preferring a certain crop
  8. PVE Pillaring & Space to build

    True enough, but.. We should be leaving space in and around the spawn beaches so noobs can place their campfires during that early game grind.
  9. The timers on structures reset when a player from the tribe they belong to is logged in and renders them (within x distance, basically if you can see it you've reset it) The length of each timer corresponds to it's building tier. I don't remember them all exactly off the top of my head, but wood is about a week, stone is 12 days, I think, and metal two weeks? Thatch and greenhouse only last 4 days.
  10. KIBBLE Problems and My opinion!

    Mutton and prime exist. Herbivores need a 'prime' veg, like in prim+ To address points 1&2, tame fewer kibble dinos, save up your eggs over time if you're concerned about cap space. Sure, having 3 or 4 females and a male of each species will get you the eggs quicker, but try exercising patience and restraint. The longer and harder you work for something you want, the more gratifying it is to achieve it.
  11. have ragnarok map in official cluster break balance even more?

    Yeah, metal, for example, is tremendously common all over the center
  12. Berry tame this stego

    I get the benefits of kibble, don't get me wrong, but the stego is right here, right now. Though the tames themselves are quick, getting the eggs together to kibble tame her would still take a couple of days.
  13. Berry tame this stego

    Because I have nothing better to do for the next six hours. Maybe sleep, but I probably won't
  14. I'm done with wildcard !!!!!

    Admittedly, GP's tone can come across a bit condescending. He hasn't given info because he has none to give that isn't already out there, what he's trying to do is clear up our understanding of that info. Stop trying to play the victim to avoid admitting that you were mistaken
  15. I'm done with wildcard !!!!!

    Slow down there, champ, that ain't trolling. GP looks to be correcting misinformation here, as it seemed some folks had their facts mixed up.