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  1. Bye Felicia
  2. suggestions

    To make endgame gear
  3. Thing is, we don't know that these issues are being ignored by the devs, we only know that they're unresolved. Saying the bugs are being ignored makes unfair assumptions
  4. Back to my first point: Content first, bugs after. It's the order of operations for game development, which is why the game's EA status is relevant.
  5. Except that NMS was released as a finished product that was missing promised content/features, while ARK is an early access game still in development. Apples vs Oranges. No Man's Sky made promises and failed to deliver. ARK hasn't reached it's potential yet. There's a difference.
  6. suggestions

    Tek replicator.
  7. For the umpteenth time: Content first, bugs after. Fixing the bugs while there's still content to add wastes time, as the new content breeds new bugs. Also, they fix bugs here and there along the way, but just wait til the planned content is all in, you'll see waves of bug fixes.
  8. I feel like wild Wooly Rhinos should aggro to campfires, as a nod to it's modern descendants' behavioural tendencies towards firefighting. Because the tundra isn't dangerous enough
  9. The green name will show if you'ryou're looking in the right direction, no matter how far away you are. It CAN be useful to find a lost animal, but it's definitely not user friendly
  10. If wolves are getting a pack/alpha bonus, they'll need to be nerfed in the wild, currently they do tend to pop up in packs and are dangerous to even high level players without those bonuses.
  11. South Snow Cave is pretty easy, big entrance means you can get pretty much any mount in with you. A set of fur armor and maybe some fria curry will keep you from freezing
  12. SA companion app said 49.
  13. So, negligible difference in damage, the rex does more, but not by much. Seems to me either one is a viable choice.
  14. Got kibble together and went looking for a 150 anky. Flew off to a spot where they spawn, spotted one, spyglass out, it's a 150. First one I looked at was 150. Sweet. A few tranq arrows later, she's unconscious. Uneventful tame, it felt weird to feel safe. When she stood up, I plugged her stats into a calculator. Health, Stam, Oxygen, Food.. . All average. Then I got to melee: 49 points. 49. I'm still in disbelief. 49 points, in melee. I was expecting to have to tame a dozen ankys to find a good roll like that. I'm so excited to get this breeding program going
  15. High level beavers are super common on the center. I feel like they're basically even, but I don't have much experience with thornies .