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  1. DeweyDecimal

    pve Featherlight raising important question

    Cannot confirm 100%, but it seems the Abb shoulder pets will eat all kind of seeds, Berry seeds, veg seeds.. All of them. Not sure if it's only certain glow pets, or if it's adults or babies, but when we've raised them in the past, seeds would sometimes get into the troughs, but get eaten quickly
  2. DeweyDecimal

    rockelementals Rock Elemental tame in caves

    I've always said this should be a thing. For balance's sake, I'd make it the longest breed in the game; over 100 hours to incubate/gestate, and 30 days+ to 'adulthood'
  3. DeweyDecimal

    Aberrant Bear Breeding Breakthrough

    Six more pregnancies today, two aimed at possibly mutating the Health or Stam stats in the last batch. No success. Three aimed at combining more stats, (two melee and an oxygen) of which only one was a success. Finally, an attempt to pass on Easter colours failed for the third time running. At least now I'm one stat closer to getting them all together. Next batch shall mate the hp/stam/food male with his hp/stam/food/melee offspring, in the hopes of a 4 stat male, as the remaining stats are all on females.
  4. DeweyDecimal

    Breeding Confusion

    Torpor goes up as the level goes up, babies don't inherit the stat. It sounds like OP got wasted (speed) points from the father of the baby.
  5. DeweyDecimal

    Official PvE worth it?

    Because pillar/land claiming is more or less working as intended. As so many forum users have explained in the past: often times, areas are pillared to protect resource or Dino spawns, to prevent other players building uncomfortably close to one's base, or to keep pathways open
  6. DeweyDecimal


    There are resources that don't get made or used much that could work as currency. For example, most players freak out when I give them a bar of soap, because most of them didn't know it existed. (filthy animals)
  7. DeweyDecimal

    Aberrant Bear Breeding Breakthrough

    Bears don't give much tho... A tribemate did a bunch of levelling by killing unwanted baby gigas. The XP for killing a baby is equal to killing a wild Dino of the same level and species. If shooting bears was a viable levelling Strat, I'd have been level 100 weeks ago
  8. DeweyDecimal

    Aberrant Bear Breeding Breakthrough

    Those stats are still spread among different bears for now, in the process of breeding them together. Today was almost a total writeoff. Six pregnancies, each aimed to combine two high stats in single offspring, (ie stam/hp, melee/hp, hp/weight) one by one I watched the babies pop, checked the stats, sighed, and introduced them to my breeding pistol. Some were 'worst possible' others got one stat, none were worth keeping, until the final pregnancy produced triplets with both health and Stam. Post-edit:they have food too, one of the last stats I check, so I forgot to mention it Only one 'successful' breed out of six, but at least the triplets should help get the rest of the stats to come together.
  9. DeweyDecimal

    Giga spawns

    I'm guessing you're on the center. Do gigas only spawn at snow and lava now? Gigas used to spawn all over the jungles, basically everywhere.
  10. DeweyDecimal

    Stats Recovery from Breeding

    @DarthaNyan I finally saw it with my own two eyes on my own dinos. A baby bear who's tamed mother's melee was 329.7, popped with 331.1 I'm guessing it was a significant increase because the mother had a strong melee roll in the wild, right? A lower melee roll ought to have yielded a lesser increase. If I've come to understand it correctly.
  11. DeweyDecimal

    Aberration Wild Levels

    But... Higher food stat gives you a better buffer between feedings.
  12. DeweyDecimal

    Easter Tames

    I haven't got pictures just now, but my tribe went HARD on the Easter tames. A rainbow of sheep. We already had a pink one from Vday, now it has a pink partner, along with two or three blue ones, two or three yellow, and a minty green pair. I think that's all of them. The little barn where we keep them is filling up, we haven't had to sacrifice many lately. Reapers. So many pregnancies. I don't even know how many, a dozen or more, throughout the week. A few of them were Easter coloured. Not mine. Bummer. Tribemates got some really cool ones though. A single Rock Drake. Out of the 15 or 20 eggs we hatched. Some bears. I've got a pink/purple stripe down the back of a baby blue bear. And a yellow stripe on a green body. And I think a darker blue stripe. Found a 145 spino, yellow with pink at the edge of her sail, and a pale green belly. That was pretty solid. A couple of basilisk tames, I haven't even really seen them. Got a baby blue ravager early on, a pair of Bigfoots, one all yellow, the other is blue with yellow accents and a reddish skin. A low level female Trike, looks like a Picasso. I think one tribey got a couple of diplodocus..es? Diplodoci? I know a giga got tamed on one of the other servers on our cluster, but the bulk of the tribe was on abberation. Shoulder pets galore. Dozens of shinehorns and Featherlites and Glowtails... A 'superman' blue body with red on his back, rollrat that was a 145 or 150, that was fun. I'm probably forgetting some, it was a busy week
  13. DeweyDecimal

    Advice for a solo player

    Movement speed and weight. Movement is important so you can outrun predators while exploring on foot, and I find it helps the knockout process go smoother. Weight because even if you use dinos to cart materials around the base, you've still got to pick it up, either to transfer it, or craft with it. Other stats as you choose, I usually buff my health. Fortitude is important on Scorched, and helpful on the other maps.
  14. DeweyDecimal

    Ark 4/20 Event

    Increased narcotics output
  15. DeweyDecimal

    Cloning a Reaper King?

    Except that my Easter coloured bears have 0/20 mutations on both sides. So do their offspring. While the event colours are effectively the same as a mutation, it quite literally does not count as a mutation. TLDR; not the same