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  1. Stats Recovery from Breeding

    So there's the evidence. Thank you for that. I think I'm starting to get why I've never seen it, breeding mostly kibble tamed dinos, the increase from, let's say 96% to 100% is negligible when it comes to how it affects the stats. (IE less than 0.1%) Next question, is when you say that extra little bonus 'mostly' goes into melee, is it really species specific, or will you get the odd boost to other stats?
  2. Stats Recovery from Breeding

    I guess because I'm on officials, any gains are too small to see. I'm confused, I suppose, because I haven't seen any evidence that Taming Effectiveness affects babies, other than setting the base stats the offspring could inherit. Let's look at a hypothetical breeding line. Let's say I find a pair of 150 ankys in the wild. Let's also say that I accidentally punched them both a few times after they went down, reducing their effectiveness to 0%. When they're finished taming, they'll stand up at 150. When I make an egg and Hatch it, the offspring might be better, say 175, if it takes the better stats, but it won't Hatch at 224+, as it would if I had perfect kibble tamed the parents. I guess that's where I'm confused, because the dinos I have that were tamed with low effectiveness don't Hatch offspring any stronger than the sum of it's parents.
  3. Stats Recovery from Breeding

    But why do my crop-tames Hatch around the same level as their parents, with the same stats? I've seen a lot of theory posted in these forums, but my experience has brought me to understand that the stats a Dino stands up with are the ones it passes to offspring. If that's not the case, then why don't these babies hatch better?
  4. So what did you do in ARK today?

    Not 'today' but last time I was on, levelled up my character that lives on Ragnarok. On my way back to the base, I just happened to spot a blue doedi not far from our gates. Spyglass... 150. "Guys, 150 doedi, it's blue" "knock it out, I'll go make kibble" There was a slight accident where I may have stepped into my tribemate's line of fire while we were knocking him out, and it MAY HAVE resulted in me getting killed a little bit. Finally, it's in flee mode, (no trap today) so we know we only need a few more hits. "watch out, there's another doedi here" "what Level? " Spyglass "145, female" "looks like we're taming TWO" Other notable fun, knocking out a scorpion with a boomerang because why not
  5. easter event EASTER EVENT 2018

    How you gonna have a 'NEW' event for a holiday we've been celebrating for centuries? Different but not new? Come on.
  6. Stats Recovery from Breeding

    So I'm not crazy. I keep seeing people on these forums claim that breeding assumes 100% TE, or something to that effect, but I've never actually seen any evidence to support it, other than being told to check Ark Smart Breeder. The stats your Dino stands up with are the stats that will transfer to offspring. Period.
  7. Easiest creature to raise?

    If you have a couple stacks of chitin lying around, you could raise an archaeopteryx with minimal effort.
  8. Temperature Control

    You could, theoretically, place two rows of AC's four foundations apart, but the areas of effect may not overlap as well that way. 3 foundations gives you a 'max effect zone' on the center foundation. As TheDrizzle404 said above, you can also place ceilings over your AC's, but fear of babies hatching through the ceilings keeps me from doing it that way
  9. Ankylo/Doed tame

    This is what I don't understand when people say the baby comes out as though you got 100% effectiveness. Because it doesn't. If I tame two ankys with crops (55% TE at level 150) and they stand up at lvl 191, their offspring will generally Hatch at around 190-210, depending on the stat allocations. The stats the parents stand up with are the stats that transfer to offspring.
  10. Temperature Control

    The effective range of an AC is about two foundations.
  11. Life Span of the Legacy Servers

    You dug up a 6 month old thread to complain about legacy wipes that were announced weeks ago?
  12. Close Calls

    Out exploring Abberation on my Iguanadons, when I stumbled into a pack of ravager. He fought bravely, and killed a couple, but the pack overpowered him, and I was forced to run and glide away. He gave his life for me. I'll never forget you, unnamed Iguanadon
  13. Favourite Harvesters

    For things like metal and stone, options can feel kinda limited. You're going to have your anky, doedi, pick-wielding mantis and golems. Maybe a dunky, the anky of the sea. But then we get to wood, and there's a real wide variety of options. Do you bring a chainsaw on a travel mount? Take a mammoth, or a beaver, or a therizino? Same goes for thatch. I could run around on a megaloceros, or casually get like a billion thatch from a bronto tail swipe, or with a wyvern. Sure there's a 'best' way for everything, but there are also a lot of great ways to do everything too, it really comes down to style and choices. Take meat, for example. Sure, a high melee giga is going to get insane meat quick. But a good Rex, spino, or allo will do it pretty quick too.
  14. Blocking Dino Spawns or Making a Good Defense for a Stone Farm?

    Could always have something (or a few somethings) follow your doeds for security. A pack of raptors or a couple of carnos, for example.
  15. Did the Glider nerf completely break the Glider Suit?

    I don't know if Xbox has this nerf yet, haven't been on much lately, but I loved gliders as they were as a PvE player, is there really any need at all for this nerf to effect anyone other than PvP servers? I don't like the idea of a cooldown, mostly because it'll involve changing how I fly (I'll need to start diving instead of closing my wings and popping them back open to drop altitude)