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  1. I'd like to think the devs have their priorities set as far as moving forward from here, but I think they'll likely be implementing changes as they're ready. I'd expect that we'll be getting things like the dino pass, dynamic bridges, etc. early, as they're likely to need fine-tuning after being added, with optimization being a high priority throughout, and bug fixes as they get figured out.
  2. Cross Server trading and breeding is my bread and butter on PvE. Take out transfers and you may as well kiss your players goodbye
  3. Only because the power ran out. If they'd been able to keep their generators running it wouldn't have been a problem.
  4. Two new Structures: Electric Fence Foundation and Electric Fence How it acts: a zzzap does a little bit of damage and causes wild dinos to flee, damages human melee attackers, takes reduced damage from bullets and rpg (foundation takes regular damage) OR crazy high 'health' when powered, When Not Powered, it's little better than wood, if at all Electric Fence Foundation must be 'snapped' to an existing Metal Fence Foundation, When placed, an Electrical Wire may be snapped to the Electric Fence Foundation to connect it to a generator. When powered, an Electric Fence Foundation powers any foundations snapped to it up to a TBD limit (say 20 foundations long, each foundation supporting up to 7 or 10 Electric Fence pieces above it,) where additional generators are required beyond that to power further. Thoughts?
  5. Maintaining/balancing a full-time work or school schedule, social/family time, and ARK breeding can be challenging, but it's possible. There are lots of ways players find the balance that works for them, usually strict time management is a key factor. I work 40 hours a week. Fortunately for me, my schedule is rather accommodating (would be better if my 'weekend' were on the weekends). Most workdays, I only play for an hour or so, base maintenance, feeding, stockpiling food and resources etc. Often, I'll mate dinos, and incubate eggs in these times as well. On days off, I can drop an egg that'll hatch almost immediately, and get it through baby phase. In most cases, after about an hour of baby hand-feed, I'm free to do chores and things around the house between feedings. Toss in a load of laundry, feed the babies, do up the dishes, feed babies, vacuum, babies, clean bathroom, feed babies... Once the infants hit juvenile stage, they're eating from a trough, so I only really need to check in every 8 hours or so to top off. (At this point, a tribe is handy, though there are other options, like using cooked meats, jerky, or excess kibbles to extend the 'fed' window, berry eaters are easier) I check in and top off troughs in the morning (5 minutes, max 15) and again when I get home. I tend to breed species that finish in a day or two, staying away from the longer quetz, giga, Mosa, etc breeds, some players might see that as a barrier, but it could be done. The choice to mainly breed 'faster' species means I'm not racing home from work because "I gotta feed my babies"
  6. For the longer raised, I hatch them on my days off, by the time I have to go back to work, they can usually be left alone with the troughs, so I can top up in the morning and again when I get home
  7. ARK is basically the game I dreamed of as a kid. The game I wished someone would make. There are things that irritate and frustrate me, but most can be written off to the nature of an in-development game. My hope is that after the developers 'finish' the game for release, it continues to grow and change, not necessarily 'new content' on a regular schedule, but still adapting to the needs of the players. I know there's SOTF, Primal, and ArkPark to be worked on, (as well as prim+ needing some love) and ideas for official mod support, but hopefully the core game continues to grow and stats relevant, I suppose. IDK, just rambling, I guess I just wanted to say that in my love/hate relationship with ARK, the love outweighs the hate, and I look forward to the future of ARK
  8. (Based on my own understanding, not a 100% accurate representation of how it all works) You can't compare split-screen to a player-dedicated server. When you set up your console to run a server, you don't play on that console, you need a whole 'nother Console to actually play on. While the HOST console keeps track of the basic/important data, your PLAYER console does it's share of the processing. Basically, when you get too far apart, you render too many things for one console to process. Too many bushes and trees and rocks and dodos and dinos and terrain meshes... When you're playing on two separate consoles, your box does the processing for you, your friend's does theirs, and the host takes care of everything else
  9. There's a lot of potential for an 'Ice Age' DLC too though, it's the one I want.
  10. It won't happen. Console hardware just can't handle it.
  11. You're on every day, but do you see it every day? If you don't render it, the timers don't refresh. Unless your friend is in your tribe, then he could reset the timers.
  12. I feel like War could be the solution to Server Dino Cap issues that have been popping up. Encouraging tribes to engage in Wars by rewarding them with skins maybe? The War system would probably need to be adjusted/revamped a bit to make it work, but it feels like a fairly simple solution
  13. Close to what I suggested before. I want 'Oats' as a crop. A very rare seed drop, planted in a medium or large plot to produce 'Fresh Oats' an effective taming food which spoils in 10-15 minutes, becoming 'Dried Oats' a less effective taming food that doesn't spoil. Further, dried oats could be cooked in a pot or cooker to make oatmeal, a great food source for players.
  14. Like a boss fight, but you lose all the gear and dinos you brought in regardless of winning or losing.