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  1. New Crop "Herbivore prime": Oats Inspired by primitive + crops, but instead of bringing all those crops to the main game, why not just one new one: oats? Seeds found the usual way, though less common than the kibble 4 and berries, when planted and matured in a medium or large plot, produce "fresh oats," an extremely effective taming food, that 'spoils' into "dried oats" a slightly less effective food that won't spoil (think cooked prime/mutton.) Dried oats could also be cooked to make 'oatmeal' a hearty meal for hungry survivors.
  2. You can hit the (Xbox) cap pretty quick if you're a breeder. In a small tribe, merged from two smaller tribes on a player server, my tribemate bred quetzals, I bred ankylosaurs, and we were both JUST getting to the good payoffs when the server wiped He had maybe 5 or 6 rexes for eggs maybe a dozen quetz, I had 7 or 8 dilos, maybe 20 ankylo around. Doesn't sound like much, but that's >15% of the cap. And all the other tames were what killed us. Raptors and Carnos, Pteras and Argies, Mesopithecus packs and dimorph swarms. . .
  3. 2 and 3 must be tied together. If RPG is removed, bosses will absolutely need to be nerfed. Haven't tried, but I'd wager a full tribe with high quality rocket launchers could take on the Broodmother
  4. ARK forged a leader out of me Team play, diplomacy, political strategy, I have a better understanding of all these concepts through my ark experiences.
  5. Windowframe A.C. Snap There's little to no functional reason, but for aesthetics, I think it would be cool if an A.C. would snap into an open windowframe
  6. There's got to be a drawback though, if I can pop your doors and storage open, it needs to be a pain
  7. Would you consider having anky and doedic damage stone structures?
  8. imprint

    A tribe imprint option would be great. Let anyone in the tribe cuddle or kibble the baby, it still gets the stay increase, but no rider bonus, or a lesser rider bonus to all tribe members. As I imagine it, once the baby is born/hatches, it has to be claimed and fed (as normal) and will start a care timer. At any time before the first care, the player can select 'enable tribe imprint' on the dino. If tribe imprinting is not enabled, cuddle/walk/kibble will initiate traditional (player specific) imprinting.
  9. You're doing it wrong, you shouldn't get cut off if you don't say candlej
  10. None taken, cordial thanks for the factual correction
  11. Gives me an item idea Prybar: A metal bar for opening locked structures (also serves as a metal club) Low durability, fairly high cost for balance (one or two uses, like a prod) Possibly crafted with metal, obsidian, cp, organic polymer?
  12. *over a year My point was meant to differentiate between release and EA, ARK isn't technically 'out' yet.
  13. Bugs will get squashed once content is in. The game hasn't 'been out for a while' it's been in early access for years. One can assume these things will be fixed by the time the game releases in full.
  14. We need a snorkel
  15. Just a thought: Equip to offhand slot? Further: 3 variations; quiver(arrows), ammo pouch(simple/adv pistol/rifle), bandolier(shotgun shells, grenades, RPG) I'm thinking it eliminates/reduces ammo weight, but is actually somewhat heavy itself, for example a stack of 50 arrows weighs 10, the quiver might weigh 15, but hold 4 stacks of arrows (200 arrows 40 weight) and still only weigh 15 (like a monkey backpack) the ammo pouch(3) and bandolier(2) would have progressively lower carrying capacity. I feel like tranq darts could go in both the ammo pouch and the bandolier, but the shock darts should be bandolier only.