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  1. Rexes with 800 MD and hatch with 20k hp.. level 380
  2. What is the actual max breeding level is there a cap??? Like 450 or 500?
  3. What is MAX Bred Dino level??? WIldcard? I currently have rexes that are over 400 so what is the actual cap is there one'?
  4. Then they need to learn how to play its not that hard
  5. Doesnt make a difference i have tried it with both
  6. Hand feed while its a baby then when its juvenile you can do a trough. Ark.gamepedia.com will teach you how.
  7. Bad network connectivity is why you cant see the servers i had the same problem in Europe a few days ago keep trying it will show up
  8. I have been hatching only on the ground on extinction to many bugs atm for hatching and transfers will be here soon anyways. Best to move them to your home base on another server less painfull
  9. Is why i hatch my eggs on the other servers extinction has issues right now....
  10. 255 pings sounds like more duping is back
  11. Yea yea bugs happen in all games not just ark i have over 4500 hours logged in ark and looking forward to testing and playing Atlas. Question to wildcard what platform will this be built on?
  12. It shows how you have never worked in the software industry before. Its not that simple I work in the industry and yea its annoying but its the way it is,
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