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  1. No there are people running exploits that is why its currently turned on so they can find the new exploit and squash it.
  2. Servers are up after patch but no sessions can be connected to
  3. NA-PVE The center add some more maps sitting around for hours trying to get on to any seriously
  4. Need more NA servers bottom line
  5. Its random loot works just like i figured it would, I get ascendant maps sometimes but mostly if you want to get maps kill aggressive creatures.
  6. Dododex.com has alot of good information and what is needed for each tame.
  7. its a problem for all of us when to much crap loads in 128 g of ram doesnt help much with this game, video ram is what it uses and even with 12g myself i still get that crappy error.
  8. What time does the event start there is no mention of it in the update! Wildcard put the pipe down and update us with proper information for once.
  9. if you leave them out i will take them its a survival game
  10. Have nvidia but i dont crash with a 12 G card. If the game crashes its because the servers are garbage.
  11. Server is garbage 5160 NA rubber bands constantly and lag spikes, ever since you removed the Thanksgiving special its been terrible
  12. Check your firewall on your machine, check your antivirus it could block it also. Something you did turned on a security setting most likely a blocked port. Game works fine you should check your machine.
  13. The constant rubber banding in caves, dinos that launch out of water into sky to just die. I would think by now wildcard would pull their heads out of their arses and make a decent game. You had years to get it right and still same old crap. Rubber banding in game is out of control as well, We love the concept of the game but cant stand the crappy servers that your using update them all or give us our money back for an un finished game.
  14. Wheres all the turkeys? Cant find a single one nor much of any other spawn.
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