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  1. Dang... only one more week to prep my lost island base with no EVO event *sigh*
  2. You realize how insane that is for any medium to large sized base? Even being 6 man server... we have dedis for every resource and tons of vaults ... no where we could store the items to rebuild, plus the amount of time to replace the turrets appropriately and re spam the whole area.... gives me a headache thinking about
  3. No I am not, we have had it happen before. Tribe leader bailed for a month and they had to switch ownership. But then again back in early ark i had moderators respawn in dinos for us that fell through the map... I know they stopped that support when the original servers became legacy.
  4. Well tribe leader has been inactive almost two months and admins used to be able to help with that and now im told they dont? I dont remember reading any changes to the policy on this... this is very harmful especially on small tribes where i am not stuck with a 5 tribe in a 6 man highly competitive environment. Should they way tribe leads work be changed to automatically hand off after a month of log ins if the admins no longer want to be involved? Edit: This response.... I think a no would of been fine. If we had the tribe leader log in they could just transfer it to us.... why would we need them there? ha ha "Hello Survivor,My apologies for the confusion. By all parties I also mean the current tribe owner as well, the one that is currently inactive. We will not be able to move forward with this tribe ownership change without this person being present. "
  5. Get an error on the load screen non stop after that last patch, did it break for anyone else?
  6. Ooooh wonder if that would work? Since I thought they made it so you can no longer land on their backs and stay.
  7. The Christmas items are made in the Smithy, however you need the Coal and Mistletoe from the present drops that you need to make them. Edit: And I would personally take high quality usable items over a temporary x-mas blue print any day ha ha
  8. Argents? As a new player you shouldn't be going anywhere that their are Argents Unless for some reason they are appearing on beaches right now.
  9. That happens even with out the event going on! You die a lot in your first few days on ARK, its your learning and leveling period.
  10. Was all good until a guy with turrets on a Quetzal started going after them lol Got some good items before that though, including a journeyman Giga saddle
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