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  1. Dang... only one more week to prep my lost island base with no EVO event *sigh*
  2. Ooooh wonder if that would work? Since I thought they made it so you can no longer land on their backs and stay.
  3. The Christmas items are made in the Smithy, however you need the Coal and Mistletoe from the present drops that you need to make them. Edit: And I would personally take high quality usable items over a temporary x-mas blue print any day ha ha
  4. Argents? As a new player you shouldn't be going anywhere that their are Argents Unless for some reason they are appearing on beaches right now.
  5. That happens even with out the event going on! You die a lot in your first few days on ARK, its your learning and leveling period.
  6. Was all good until a guy with turrets on a Quetzal started going after them lol Got some good items before that though, including a journeyman Giga saddle
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