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  1. Beautiful! This might lead one to believe that this a desert biome in a PGM? If so, could you fill us in on how you accomplished this?
  2. Ark is a great fun game, all be it a bit frustrating at times, still thats what makes it a great game. The mechanics, the updates, the added content, the strive by WildCard to continually make this a better game is impressive! Keep up the good work. Now, at my first glance of this post I too was upset that PS4 was going to receive these exclusive items. Then before I choose to spew diarrhea from my mouth and bash a company that has done great things I read the posts! Everything was cleared up about the exclusives! ALL platforms will have access to them eventually! We can move on, tell the PS4 player fan base Welcome! Let them endure some of the issues PC and XBone players have had! They will in return give their feedback to WildCard from their platform and that will help track down issues for all platforms. Welcome PS4 Players and good luck Surviving!
  3. Yes, single player is not saving ATM, and Dedi servers are getting wiped if you reboot. Trying times for the survivors, but update 736 should rectify most of the issues.
  4. Pretty exciting stuff! Can't wait to start exploring!
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