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  1. Been at it for the last 6 hours now. Its very specific as in only a number of servers isn't showing up for me. I'm not exactly sure what else but I can't find scorch servers from 731 to 781. I can join other servers my character is in like 785 so its not like i have a connection issue to Ark. I just have problem connecting to a certain server like I'm blocked from 731 to 781.
  2. Troodons are smaller than pegomastrix so i don't see why they can't be picked up, i understand having them on the shoulder may be a little over powered since they can knock out people pretty easily, but at least allow us to carry them by hand like a snail or dodo. the amount of time I try to re-arrange the troodons and they fly past me when they go up a ramp .... or if i want to move them from one side of the map to the other and I need to use a flyer... Just wished I got the option to at least carry them in my hands like a dodo....
  3. Been trying to connect to an official server for the last two hours and it still hasn't shown up on my server list. Been checking the server list through steam and still not coming up, even changed the last digit in the port like some suggested and still no difference. I know its up cause my friends are playing on it but it kept saying server is not responding if i try to join game. It always happens to me on some random days that the server just won't respond. is there a solution to get around server not responding or just not play for a few days ....
  4. At first it was on an official server. we had a lvl 95 plesio parked under ice berg where I was planning on building ontop. it disappeared the next day, We thought at first it got lured out but we could never find it. no death report and its been almost 3 weeks now. Last week I started practicing on building on singleplayer and had two megalodon under the berg. but I was also building in another location and the next day when I return to the berg. the sharks were gone. I had gates down there so it couldn't had escaped. Now. last night when I wanted to test how wide the holes were and see if i can park large water dino in there. I logged off and came back to host the game. they all disappeared. Very very sure there's something wrong with the berg ....
  5. Another reason i think the quetz was underground is because he was still set to passive and was unharmed. Impossible in this game. lol.
  6. Thank you for the reply! Another player on the server who said he'll help search did find my doed at 50,50 sitting in mid air after I logged. He was sitting about 100 feet in mid air just chilling and pooping on all those dino under him haha. My quetz was still on follow so I assume he moved from there, cause I decided to fly through that forest south of the Grand Peak and whistle like crazy. Eventually I paused to type and bam, the quetz crawled up behind/under me on my ptera. Thank God I had people with experience on missing dinos ! Another note. My quetz may have been underground cause I didn't see any green names when i flew through that forest and the quetz seemed to have flew up. Just a little moment before that, I was on my ptera getting a supply drop and I suddenly fell through the ground with my ptera and hit water. I got dismounted and was thinking of logging to get out of that spot, i moved left and suddenly i appear above ground next to the drop with my ptera waaaaaaay under me, presumingly still near the water. whistled him and he came back up. Scary thought. Still too buggy for real release. Heck, they still haven't fixed the whole fall of the flier and body falls through the ground with no loot to recover. Still pissed me off.
  7. I was flying on the quetz halfway from the volcano and to by base around 80 40, then started getting hungry so i swapped over to my ptera and had the quetzal on follow, deciding that it'll eventually turn up. waited by the base, half an hour later. nothing appeared. I went out searching for it. Searched the whole damn swamp,the forest then the peak. nothing. searched the air, nothing. even at the highest thinking it might get stuck. nope. Theres no death message, i have a deod sitting on the platform so if doed fell off then i would have a death message about that too. I searched all the closest forest and still nothing. Will it forever be on follow ? Will it turn up?
  8. Yeh, it's important that I keep my tribe alliances if i were to merge, especially ones where they might not come online to make a new alliance if I were to switch. I made many friends but I'm quite a solo player achiever as I made a base(more like a giant mansion) all by myself. However sooner or later, I'll need tribe members to help keep my base stocked and running. I've traded some goods for labour from the other alliance I might merge into but it might become easier if I were to merge than to invite new players. Just the important part is tribe alliances and do I keep them. haha
  9. Hi, There is just one issue I'm afraid of when tribe merging. What happens to the tribe alliances made from the tribe that merged into another ? Is it still in effect ? Or does it suddenly get broken ? I wish to know because I wish to merge with another tribe however I have two alliances going and one is kinda offline until determined. But I used their base for holding my dinos plus feed their pets while they are gone. I wish to know if the tribe alliance break when merging. Ty.
  10. Was looking for a new laptop to play ark portable so I can show off the game to more friends but the game need to by played in high graphics to be awesome. Was looking around, saw some surface pro then book, then ended up looking up virtual reality headset. Got me thinking. This game would be so awesome using a VR headset. 'Cause come on, I actually sometime move my head hoping to see more then my screen shows then realizing it has absolutely no effect and I'm only straining my neck. I need to be able to move my head left and see a carno racing up against me. This game has so many reality aspect that being in the game would be so cool !