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  1. so tell me WHAT ABOUT THIS foxes the problem THIS METHOD is just MANUALLY hitting delete singleplayer data button it WIPED MY MAPS Notes my survivor data it wipes it ALL NO DIFFERENT than hitting the in game option which we're all trying to AVOID wipeing out all that time you ASSHOLE
  2. on XBOX One theirs is an option which has in the Description forces Max Level to 150 but updating currently so can't get the real option name so just do some reading under advanced options.
  3. find the option to FORCE MAX LEVEL check that and done but even still not ALL dino's will be affected but more of them will be 150
  4. true but ONLY flowering plants produce these nutrients and again only flowers mainly pollinated by bees produce these as well because bee's prefer vegetables and flowing tree & Grasses while the other key pollinator the Butterfly prefers flowers and flowing ivy's to the vegetables that bees like.
  5. ah Let me stop you at most herbivores eat grass and go BACK to first Grade Agriculture lessons on Nutrition this also applies to ANIMALS and no animal can survive on one food source alone. Take for example a Cow I grew up near a dairy farm and when I was a Teen I worked on that farm and yes the cows mainly ate grass & Hay with Straw for fiber BUT the majority of their diet was Soy Beans for Protein, Iron, Potassium, & Calcium, followed by Corn for Starch, and lastly apples for Vitamins. so without Bee's we lose Soy Beans & Apples, which means we lose the cow because no grass based plant can produce Protein that's usable by animals which makes the cow grow slowly, we lose the apples which means the cows have weak immune systems and die of infections that they can easily fight off today. and with out the Cow we die cause we eat more cows per year than any other animal. now if you say pigs & Chickens can replaces cows your wrong because Soy Beans & Corn are the major components of livestock feed. so no bee's no food for humans. sorry for the double post.
  6. ah Probably NO because ever since social insects evolved the queens have given up mobility. in Termites the queens actively try to move but are so heavy they end up grinding their legs down to nubs that can't even scrap the ground. in Ants the queen can only move with the assistance of "Nurse" workers who carry her and go where her legs go, Now in Bees the Queens maintain the ability to crawl and climb on vertical combs BUT she is actually too Heavy to fly when prepping to migrate a queen will either lay an egg for a new virgin queen then stop producing pheromones when the new queen is born and is then killed by her own hive OR the queen will mass lay and shed the undeveloped eggs so she can fly and lead her swarm to a new hive where she will mate again and become a Laying Queen again. The first method is used by honey bee's in North America & Europe while the second is used by Killer Bees & Africanized Honey Bee's (yes Killer bees and Africanized Honey Bees ARE different breeds) now all bee lessons from Animal Planet & Discovery Channel aside I hope these bees are: 1. Self Feeding 2. Can be told to build their nests at specific locations. seriously Biological Natural defense system with no ammo or fuel costs = Awesome (only if number 1 is true) 3. Queens are not a passive tame. Seriously too many bugs and bug eaters are passive tames. 4. Ignore Bug Repellent IF you damage their hive. 5. Available on Scorched Earth map. Because of the Australian Rock Bee the Real Life Giant Bee (seriously these things can get Half as big as Rhino Beetles) I know not all 5 will be met but that would make the bees so much better IMO
  7. ok I want Oil to be made liquid and Terrain Deformation to be implemented so I can dig a trench fill it with oil and set it on fire to guard against this unholy lookin thing... I played Diablo 3 and that game has cuddlier looking maggots than this thing.
  8. oh it is but its dev's stopped it in mid development there was originally planned 2 more free Major updates each with a new race one bringing in free galaxy mode with no rebel chasseing mechanic but now FTL's Dead so lets return the topic back to the giant Mantis lol
  9. Don't forget the Crystal and Lanius FTL Awesome little game that ALMOST COULD! rip
  10. wow do you have an entomologists eye... like a brick to clarify I AM an Entomologist (Insect & arachnid Biologist) the creatures in Enders Game were the Formic that name said it all along with queens & Swarming behavior, The name Formic is the beginning of EVERY ant species name in Latin so the Insectoid aliens from Enders Game were highly evolved ants. now THIS new bug is a Giant Mantis now I believe the Semi-tamable refers to the fact that while mating the Female eat the males head forcing the male to rely on a miniature secondarily brain in its abdomen which can only keep the male alive long enough to finish copulation before death. So I'd say with this one tame the females cause the males are not going to live long lol.
  11. Kraken if you had discover magazine subscription you'd have been able to read about the discovery of a huge horseshoe crablike shell fragment in Australia that is assumed to be the remnant of a massive domed Trilobite similar to the horseshoe crab exact estimates are unknown at this time but thickness of the fragment and the length of the curve put this at 4 meters or so this arthropod may have grown so large to compete with the over populated giant sea Scorpions that pre-dated the first land Mammal-like reptiles by a few billion years.
  12. Ever hear of the Vampire Butterfly? well there's a Corpse Moth that eat meat too I think they made a blood sucker hybrid of these 2 just to creep you out
  13. actually Kraken their was a Giant Crab in the fossil record it was a 4 meter long Horse shoe Crab and it weighed over 2 tones assumedly this was no freakish case of Gigantism Horseshoe crabs were much bigger. & now for my post: Let me set a seen 2 Asian chick dancing naked on the beach at dawn they begin to sing Mosura ya Mosura Tasukete yo te yobeba Toki o koete Umi o koete Nami no yo ni yatte kuru Mamorigami Mosura ya Mosura Yasashisasae wasure Arehateta Hito no kokoro Inorinagara utau Ai no uta IT FRIKEN MOTHRA! lol
  14. ok so this looks to be a man sized Vulture so its a Condor! sweet.
  15. its actually Natural Medicine Herbal medicine means a single or multiple PLANTS are used in the medicine while Natural Medicine can contain Animal organs, Liquid Tissues, and even Excrement. secondly Japan still has a thriving Whale meat Market its their Pork, think from their view Pigs if they escape can Devastate an ecosystem look at Australia's Feral Pigs Japan being smaller would rather limit their Ranching to the Kobe Region, so for them Whales are an Economical food stuff they require NO LAND to raise, no FOOD to grow, and no BREEDING by human hands, and the Meat is rather nutritious for humans and the o8il is used for other purposes than lamp oil. now I'm not in favor of hunting Whales I'd do the same as the guy I'm quoting I'm saying get your terminology and the reasons right when you say to hate something. the more you know eh? :3
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