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  1. A quick question... I'm wondering when us console users get Mods, will the existing mods still be available? For example the Marniimods Wildlife, Castles and Keeps mod ETC? Thanks.
  2. Yeah, I'm on PS5 too. It's so bad!!
  3. Since TSOTF came to PS4, my Single Player game on Valguero crashes every time I quit to the main menu screen which causes my game to not save. I'm really not enjoying the amount of in game crashes recently, even on Single Player which is supposed to be less "crashy" Please help!!
  4. The Mod. It looks awesome!
  5. Wild Card pleeeeeeease can we have a new mystical creature in Ark on Console? The Shadow Cat, the Mod that PC players get!!!! 😊
  6. Hey, I see PC users get lots of mods for hairstyles. Will there be any chance we get more funky hairstyles on console? Thanks.
  7. So how come people are saying that it is Wild Cards decision what creature gets added? I hope you are right with this not being the last creature!
  8. Totally agree with you on this. I woke up this morning and instantly checked the Community Crunch for the winner. My face went from to in a heartbeat. My top 2 were the big cats, but hey, we got a fly...!
  9. I'm with you on this. It would of been nice to have another mammal!
  10. I mean welldone to the person that created this thing, great effort but don't we have enough insects in the game? I certainly won't be in any rush to tame a fly... A mammal would of been ideal to be honest. Reading through the replies to this topic, there are alot of disappointment people. Come on Wild Card, seeing as this is the last creature add maybe you can sneek another one in there and make it 2 new creatures coming to the game? Just a thought.
  11. The Giant Cheetah gets my vote. I hope to see this one make it in the game. We need more Mammals and especially this one to get from A to B on land quickly. Welldone to the creator of this one!
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