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  1. pvp 7AKE ARK [5T,5XP,3G] S+/ORP2/QoL Mods 5/27/17

    Server is online and kicking! Would love to see some new faces today
  2. pvp 7AKE ARK [5T,5XP,3G] S+/ORP2/QoL Mods 5/27/17

    Server is still up and running, just updated to the newest game version. Would love to see some new faces!
  3. Hello everyone! We've just launched a brand new ARK server and would like to invite you to come and join. We provide a professionally run server hosted off of a VDS which we've configured to auto update itself when new updates are released for the game/mods every hour so you can get right back into the game if there is any downtime for admins not being around. We're completely community driven meaning we want YOUR input and suggestions to improve our server and community to better fit everyone's wants and needs. We really look forward to seeing you on our server and involved with our community, if you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to join our Discord server and ask, or drop a question in the comments below. Thanks!Name: 7AKE ARK [5T,5XP,3G] S+/ORP2/QoL Mods 5/27/17IP/Port: TheIslandType: PvPvE steam://connect/ Server Rules Be Respectful (Don't Harass or Flame Players) No Raiding or KOS of New Players (Use your best judgement, don't wipe someone out with a small wood shack and a low player level) No Exploiting/Hacking. Server Rates x3 Gathering x5 Taming x5 Player XP x2 Fortitude Per Level x0.7 Food Consumption x0.7 Drink Consumption x10 Carry Weight Per Level x10 Dino Baby Mature x10 Egg Hatch x2 Day Length x0.5 Night Length Floating Damage Text: Enabled 3rd Person: Enabled Map Location: Enabled Server Mods Structures Plus ORP2 (Offline Raid Protection 2) HG Stacking 5000-90 Meat Spoiler Egg N Poop Collector / Incubator Mod Collection: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=932848185 Please visit our Steam Group and join if you're interested in playing on our server. There you will find all the information needed for our server, our community Discord server where you can speak directly with our admins/community, and keep up to date with everything related to our server. Steam Group http://discord.gg/8CpK2Yr
  4. pvp Deleted

  5. pvp Deleted

  6. pvp Deleted

    Those looking to join as small groups/solo players I'd be happy to help get started by lending some dino's/resources from my personal tribe.
  7. pvp Deleted

    Looking for fresh faces to play with! Have a couple active groups on the server now. Server is only a few days old and plenty of room to build, come on over and join!
  8. pvp Deleted

    Server has started gaining some active players! We hit 7 players today which is a solid start for day one! I hope to see more faces on the server tomorrow, you're invited
  9. pvp Deleted

  10. ARK One Year Anniversary and Patch 242: Enter the Dragon!

    Happy early bday!!! You still have all of the goodies to look forward to that they drop.
  11. Biome Update, The Center Contest and Xbox Patch 736!

    So much greatness happening!!
  12. Unravelling the Mysteries of the ARK: The Dragon Arena!

  13. 3 Word Stories

    To drug my
  14. aaaaay mackey! Hope you remember me as Snorled from arkaholic! :D

    1. MrMackeyMKayyy


      I sure do! How's it going? :D