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  1. greenslade

    Crashing after todays update Low level fatal error?

    Same here, only since the small patch after the major one. Rag only, can log into Island fine.
  2. greenslade

    Too many tamed?

    I 'spose it all depends on what you look for in a server... atm I'm playing semi solo on official but I like to trade..and chat, so I'd be looking for a server with a good high population.
  3. greenslade

    Too many tamed?

    Whenever I've looked at the PVE unofficial server list there aren't any with more than 5 or 6 players. Where are these 'good' servers I've heard people talking about?
  4. This is already making a difference on my server. Tame cap is off and has been off for 24hrs ... woot! I guess lots of low level para's and trikes are no more. We have a mega tribe who's timer is nearly up and all theirs will b gone soon too ... best update ever ... happy days. For those saying they want timers to be 'able to help their friends', ask them to place a wooden structure somewhere...it's the same timer. Although I suspect you r one of those who keep spreadsheets of claimable dinos to fill up a massive warehouse of useless tames. I know u enjoyed it, and I'm never against stopping anything ppl enjoy but I guess you'll have to actually play the game now. Taming yourself is fun, trading is fun too... no need to pick up someone else's leftovers - you'll be grateful this madness has ended in the long run.
  5. greenslade

    Odd items in Halloween drops?

    The one thing I've been hoping for, and not seen - anyone got a Box of Chocolates? The ones we got in the valentines event?
  6. greenslade

    Halloween Event?

    I'm enjoying because I was around last year, and the year before It's only 2 days and tbh I kinda dread these events 'cos you never know what's coming lol.
  7. greenslade

    Halloween Event?

    I tamed a mega earlier so I don't know why people are thinking they can't be tamed. Also, all these haircuts we're unlocking and the skins - are they staying after the event? And I'm quite enjoying it tbh.
  8. greenslade

    Fert egg timers

    I'm having this trouble too, finding it impossible to transfer fertilized eggs (not wyvern but from bred dinos) due to the spoil timer counting down and resetting the transfer timer. A lot of ppl have been reporting the same thing in global chat as our server has hit tame cap so we're trying to move our eggs off to another server to raise them.
  9. greenslade

    Defending the Base From an Alpha T REX.

    Yeah, with any dino, it's best to quickly get all of them on passive and kite the dino away from ur base and tames. If you die it doesn't matter, it's everything else that matters. I keep a 'trash' ptera around specifically for this.
  10. greenslade

    Disgusted and Discouraged!

    I know, but that's what it feels like when it's 2x every weekend. I suggest they stop making it so common, or make evo events different each time, 1 week its taming, the next breeding, the next farming, etc, etc. Atm it really does feel like you're getting the short straw if u choose to play during the week.
  11. greenslade

    Disgusted and Discouraged!

    +1 for 2x as standard. It would ease some of the weekend crush. I for one don't need to play weekends and could easily play mostly during the week but it feels bad to be doing it on half rates.
  12. greenslade

    Game-breaking lag on ragnarok

    We really do need more Rag servers, not sure if it's a deeper problem than simply overpopulation but it would surely help. So many people are on so few servers - only 70 are online at any time but got to be hundreds of ppl, and their bases and tames, clogging it up.
  13. greenslade

    Ragnarok - Desert & Unicorn?

    It there guaranteed to be a wild unicorn up somewhere? Or is it a rare random spawn but 1 max? I've been looking for weeks but not found one, I know RNG can do that sometimes but if there is supposed to definitely be one at any time on the server then I will try again but take it more seriously.
  14. greenslade

    Good names for Otters?

    Tarka ... has to be.
  15. greenslade

    Need more servers?

    Please could we have more Ragnarok PVE EU servers - always 70/70 at prime time.