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  1. 272.3 Update Causing Crash

    happening to me too
  2. Fert egg timers

    I'm having this trouble too, finding it impossible to transfer fertilized eggs (not wyvern but from bred dinos) due to the spoil timer counting down and resetting the transfer timer. A lot of ppl have been reporting the same thing in global chat as our server has hit tame cap so we're trying to move our eggs off to another server to raise them.
  3. Defending the Base From an Alpha T REX.

    Yeah, with any dino, it's best to quickly get all of them on passive and kite the dino away from ur base and tames. If you die it doesn't matter, it's everything else that matters. I keep a 'trash' ptera around specifically for this.
  4. Disgusted and Discouraged!

    I know, but that's what it feels like when it's 2x every weekend. I suggest they stop making it so common, or make evo events different each time, 1 week its taming, the next breeding, the next farming, etc, etc. Atm it really does feel like you're getting the short straw if u choose to play during the week.
  5. Disgusted and Discouraged!

    +1 for 2x as standard. It would ease some of the weekend crush. I for one don't need to play weekends and could easily play mostly during the week but it feels bad to be doing it on half rates.
  6. Game-breaking lag on ragnarok

    We really do need more Rag servers, not sure if it's a deeper problem than simply overpopulation but it would surely help. So many people are on so few servers - only 70 are online at any time but got to be hundreds of ppl, and their bases and tames, clogging it up.
  7. Jat, could you let us know if the technical team even work weekends. It's bad enough both my servers are down but the constant refreshing to see if they are back up again yet is doing my head in. If it isn't likely to be fixed until Monday (or later if it's a big issue) it would be awesome if you could give us a heads up sooner rather than later. Thanks.
  8. Big lags and freeze all time.

    Same with rag72
  9. Ragnarok - Desert & Unicorn?

    It there guaranteed to be a wild unicorn up somewhere? Or is it a rare random spawn but 1 max? I've been looking for weeks but not found one, I know RNG can do that sometimes but if there is supposed to definitely be one at any time on the server then I will try again but take it more seriously.
  10. Good names for Otters?

    Tarka ... has to be.
  11. Need more servers?

    Please could we have more Ragnarok PVE EU servers - always 70/70 at prime time.
  12. @Rippy I see no-one going overboard in this thread. You say we're annoying you but we want to make our views about this known, we feel very bad about it even if we didn't lose anything. It's EA and we're giving feedback in the only way we know how. If I didn;t care so much about the game I wouldn't bother. Sometimes, when bad things happen you have to give people space to say what is on their mind. If nobody did then how would the devs know the depth of feeling about this? EDIT: Reading this again I assume you're referring to some other threads I haven't read..maybe your comments would be better there, where the people who are raging are posting?
  13. We know this is pre-release, and we appreciate they are trying to do something about the awful griefing some servers have with pillars. We are also very aware that a big injustice has been done to some of the longest most loyal players. What makes it even worse is the very people who have made our Ark lives worse over that time are the one's who have benefited and are boasting about it now. That's why I said it would be better if it had happened to everyone, not just a few who were unlucky not to have logged in the day before. This really is very sad, it's hard to get over with the claimers bragging about it. We play PVE because we don't want aggravation or to 'take or be taken from' really is a very sad affair atm. I would have preferred a total wipe by mistake than this.
  14. +1 I didn't lose anything, it would have been better that we all had than just some. The people who benefited and didn't give the dinos back are the worst kind of people on the servers too. Leaves a very nasty taste in the mouth.