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  1. Hi everyone! I wanted to focus on Extinction's wasteland: a creature that would make the wastelands more livable when tamed, speciflcally. Also, I thought it would be fun if the wasteland had its own wyvern-like variant. I'm so sorry there's so little information rn, I'm busy with college and haven't had the time to draft a description! I hope the tags clarify things until I'm able to put something better together... I don't have access to research on the real-world Anguis Rarus, so I don't know if they were true legless lizards or not... I do like the little legs, though, at least for the sake of making them different from basilisks. Edit: 1. "Meteor Protection" Your angu can predict an oncoming meteor storm. Too far from safety? It's ok, just go underground! The angu can burrow underground while keeping its rider perfectly safe, either allowing you to get to a safe place, or allowing you to continue exploring! 2. "Increased Damage After Killing Corrupt Creatures" The Angu has a grudge to bear against corrupt creatures, and upon killing enough of them, it will enter into a frenzy! I'm not sure what the damage buff should be in this case, probably better off if somebody with more experience in game dev figures that out. Yes, this would hopefully work in loot/element raids. 3. "Corrupt Creature Deaggro" That glowing throat pouch allows the Angu to deliver a wretching scream, which seems to temporarily confuse corrupted creatures! Good for getting the little pests off your back. 4. "Preserves Corrupt Nodules" The anguis can preserve corrupt nodules for a long period -- poly in droves for you! This one might be a little OP, so I won't be disappointed if it wouldn't make the cut. 5. "Wasteland Debuff Reduction" If it's gonna be a creature that makes the wastelands more fun, being able to reduce the debuff is key to that. Gross explanation: it's some kind of slime they secrete from being element-affected. 6. "Breath Attack" Speaking of gross ideas, (and them being wyvern-adjacent), one of the largest living legless lizards is mythologized to turn into glass -- so, what if that element-affected throat patch allows them to frow up a chemical mixture that crystallizes instantly, allowing them to perform crowd control during loot/element raids? I feel like that idea could be better expanded on, but gotta throw it out there. Open to suggestions on how they should be tamed! I'm always partial to KO taming, though.
  2. (Was meant to be a reply to Whistleaway, but... oops) Hard to explain why, but I think the free DLC contests are inherently going to have more casual critters 🤔 I think its really just because they have more leeway, if that makes sense...? Like I'm going to resubmit this for the next free DLC contest, but I wouldn't do it for Extinction. Extinction has its own mode of progression (that and specific design commonalities), and I don't think a cute kitty is what people would want there... But I'm definitely gonna resubmit for the Fjordur contest, way more casual. (That, and an invisibility-counter-critter would make perfect sense for that map, but that's beside the point 😁)
  3. Oh man, sorry about that! Sending yours a vote, the Bourbon was actually on my list of potential creature inspos for this too
  4. If this doesn't make it you should totally submit it for extinction. I had a similar idea (dropped it for another creature) just because it would be so fun to swing around the Sanctuary with a monkey
  5. Yoooooooo we need a seal in ark. Center would be a good map for it too
  6. (^Made with rendering help/suggestions from my friend, give her art a look https://instagram.com/c_csarcasmfactory / https://www.tumblr.com/bewareofjabberwock ) Description This has got to be a long shot, but no harm in submitting it. A creature from a conversation I had with my buds one night. Out of all the ark creatures, there's none that you can look at and go "housecat!" The saber is the closest thing, but even that falls short. However, I don't want this creature to just sit around your house and look cute. There are mods for that! So, I'll fire off a list of ideas. I don't expect all of them to make it in -- but it's better to go overboard than to suggest nothing. (You guys are very much welcome to add your own ideas below! + Edit the art if you want, just don't post it without credit.) After thinking about the current 'niches' in the game, I decided to settle on making this a cave creature. Specifically, making the Leptofelis a creature that would encourage people to cave more often. I know a lot of players avoid caving, which is a shame. Imo it is one of the most rewarding parts of the game! Most of its abilities (cave-related or otherwise,) can be traced to its ~~big whiskers~~ advanced senses. On that note, part of its duties as a cave-cat would be to alert you to nearby caves -- and potentially give you hints of where the cave entrance is. Furthermore, it would also be able to track down all kinds of in-game loot for the survivor. As illogical as this is, that would include underwater loot. Like a portable parasaur, it would also use its advanced senses to alert the survivor of enemies. In cluster servers, this could serve as a PVP counter to creatures like the Shadowmane, Desmo, Rock Drake, etc. Taming Methods This, I'm very unsure of. I would appreciate any suggestions that anybody has! I do have some ideas, though. • Kitten-napping In real life, cats are domesticated when they're very young. Therefore, raising them from kittens would be a realistic option. ...Though it would have you play the part of a dastardly villain by kidnapping said Leptofelis kitten. • Assuming that ASA incorporates the dropped item texture concept: Treats Sneak up on a wild Leptofelis in Ghillie, drop some meat nearby, back off, repeat. Might not be too fun but that's how I rehomed a stray Felis Catus in real life, so it is realistic. ...well, if you ignore the difference between stray and wild cats. Alternatively, if ASA doesn't incorporate those new textures, corpse-dragging. Abilities • Lucky Whiskers: Ever been stuck going circles around the pin of an important artifact cave, without being able to find the entrance? Alternatively, have you ever been bested in PVP simply because you couldn't find your enemy's underground base? Well, worry no longer! Your little guide can help you find your way in. (Up to the community below on how this should work.) • Cat v. Bat The Leptofelis would do increased damage to Onycs. • Reflective Nature: It wouldn't be a cave creature if it couldn't help you through the darkest caves. And with those whiskers and reflective eyes, it's no wonder! When mounted on your shoulder, this little guy will act as a type of cave vision. (Up to the community on how this should work) • Artifact Hunter: Your little friend can also help you make the best of every cave! With their advanced senses, detecting the hum of an artifact or loot drop is no big deal for them. 1. Like the Fjordhawk with corpses, the Cave Cat will give you a visual hint on where the artifact or drop is. (Or: 2. ...uh... up to suggestion .) • Treasure Hunter 1. The Leptofelis would alert you of new supply drops above a certain user-chosen quality nearby. 2. It would alert you to the quality of treasure outside your rendering distance, greatly speeding up supply runs. • Primal Hunter: If your modern cat can't help its prey instinct, you can be sure a prehistoric one won't be able to either. When left at home, the Leptofelis's inventory will slowly generate meat. (If ASA fixes the issue of wandering creatures clipping through walls, I'd say this would be an on-wander ability.) • Primal Gatherer: Your cat knows that sharing is caring, though. It will have the option for its inventory to act like a portable feeding trough. That means you can safely take that break without your poor carnivores starving, • Introversion: Your cat might trust you like nothing else in the world -- but not strangers. It's not quite as subtle as other tames, though. 1. Works similarly to the parasaur, showing text on the top of the screen. 2. If it detects an enemy survivor nearby, it will let out a loud yowl. Since this ability is based on smell and vibrissae, this means it can detect invisible shadowmane-riders trying to get the jump on you. Dossier Wild While it's one of the Ark's cuter creatures, it's hard to deny that Leptofelis Vallesiensis is lower down in the food chain. It has adapted to this through spending a majority of its time in the Ark's caves. That isnt the only trick that this cave-cat has up its sleeve, though! Those whiskers aren't just for show. The Leptofelis has extraordinarily acute senses - nothing can sneak up on it. Potentially an adaption to the dark caves they like to call home? Domesticated With Leptofelis being reminscient of Felis Catus, it's no surprise that some tame them just for the company. That, and as backpacks. However, some crafty survivors figured out how to use those big whiskers to their advantage. For one, some train their furry friends to keep an eye out for enemy survivors - and mounts. Seeing as they can detect the stealthiest of creatures, this comes in handy! Of course, that big fur coat also comes in handy for insulation, much like Lutra Peloso. However, other survivors have elected to use the advanced senses of Leptofelis to assist in their cave exploits - earning it the nickname of "the cave-cat." Those big whiskers are sensitive to the vibrations of the ark's technology, a useful trait for the Ark's treasure-hunters - especially when combined with their talent for navigating the darkest caves of the ark. If Felis Catus still retained a prey drive after years of domestication, it is no surprise that the Leptofelis would too. Leptofelis doesn't waste what it hunts, either. If there's too much meat for it to eat on it's own, it will share it with other domesticated animals! (Transparent version)
  7. Love the giganto... Though, I will say, I was expecting more of a yuty-like feather covering. I can see what they were trying to go for, though.
  8. Why choose not to? I could maybe see them not spawning on some of the paid DLC maps due to them not fitting in*, but out of the 7 free DLC maps, why only Lost Island? *They would definitely fit in on Scorched Earth, and I don't see why they wouldn't spawn in Extinction when every other dino does.
  9. They were able to put the Carcha on every map, (though they did just rip the giga spawns, but I can see why), so I don't understand why they couldn't spawn the rhynio anywhere else but Ti and Li.
  10. Called it. At the same time, though, I'm glad that they're not going to rush it.
  11. I mean there will be more votes... Personally, I think a bronto tlc would be way more efficient, but nothing is stopping you from voting dreadnoughtus again in the next creature vote.
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