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  1. This has happened several times and lost over 100k Hexagon in the last week. I just transferred from Gen 602 to Crystal Isles 854. Before I left genesis i had 58kk hexagon. Bought a single red loot crate. I get to crystal isles. Spawn in and i'm back down to 5464. I keep reverting back to this same amount repeatedly.
  2. Same thing on Gen 602. Going down every 5-10 mins. Can't do anything.
  3. Yeah I uncryo'd alright. Have some gachas that are going to people. Good times....
  4. Thats what i was thinking over morning coffee. I dont want to have to scratch my head and think about things when i look at a cryopod. I want it simple and easy to read so i can select the best breeders to go with whatever project i'm doing. Currently it's Gachas. I like that its becoming a mini ark smartbreeder. The colors and mutations addition is spot on. Just needs some tweaking. Please for the love of god put a mating cooldown timer on the pod. That would be the icing on the cake after they fix the mating cooldown problems/gender etc.
  5. Why reinvent the wheel with cryopods. You guys had the info screen in the animal perfect. Here are some suggestions on how to improve the new cryo UI. Also as an incentive to keeping dinos cryopodded. Why not cut the cooldown timer in half like the passive XP. Make it so that you only gain the bonus when in a cryofridge. Forgive the sloppy paintjob. It's 5am
  6. Becareful Podding/Unpodding currently. It will put the females into Cooldown if you pull it out multiple times. Otherwise I agree the UI is nice looking. Love the mutations/colors being in your face. I'm hoping that the cooldown was supposed to go onto the pod but is going on the dino instead.
  7. Server is completely unstable. It was timing out every 15 mins during the event. Xmas is over. Server is still crashing and timing out every 10-15 mins. I've disconnected so many times in the last hour. Lost dinos in the volcano because I can't get back to my corpse due to it dropping me in the lava. Server needs to be looked at. Magmas are still respawning a bit to fast. Makes it extremely difficult to solo farm.
  8. I just got hit with it myself. Clean install of game. Can't get in. Updated video drivers still nothing. RIP mamga babies
  9. Can PVE get a cost reduction on operating? Otherwise its a useless item for us. 200 element a day to run at max range is a bit steep for operating from a pve standpoint.
  10. I'm really hoping they address gigas in the future. I've played since day 1 of beta. Raised 100's This round i've had to raise gigas like a normal person. So far i'm on 3 weeks cause i've been trying to be a little more on with imprints. Podding while i sleep etc. Then the power went out. 4 hours later I'm able to get back on. Imprints Late. Weeks of work down the drain. I know there is always an event in the future. But why should we have to wait for events for long dino raises. I'd like to see 1 imprint a day. I dont care if it takes 11 days to raise. I remember the days of imprints every 4
  11. Teleporters and tamed dinos from other tribes. This has been brought up before. Would like an allies only function on teleporters. Also would like to be able to see when other tribes dinos will go away via H like the countdown timer we have on structures. I have other peoples tames stuck off my teleporter at my base. They do not speak english so i can't get them to remove them. It's been 4 days but they are logged in. Maybe make it a function where you can't teleport other peoples dinos much like you did on genesis with hlna. Or you can only teleport allies dinos.
  12. Aberation/Crystal Isle Element. Would like the ability to craft element in the Tek Replicator with the gems, gas etc without the use of batteries. Really tired of batteries being stolen out of a charge node. It's extremely frustrating. Took a lot of work to get the replicator. Should be able to craft every type of element in it after you have it.
  13. Ocean Platform-To high above ground. So started this morning with the dedicated storage. Now im trying to put in irrigation since I can't place the dedi's down. Same issue-Too high above ground when anything has to snap.
  14. Are we getting a rainbow of colored dinos for the Anniversary event? Would like to see every color of the rainbow out there for a week.
  15. Yeah Sluggo. I'd love to get most of the Val server on the same Genesis server. Would be nice if we could all end up in the same place. Server listings prior to launch would be awesome.
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