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  1. Yeah Sluggo. I'd love to get most of the Val server on the same Genesis server. Would be nice if we could all end up in the same place. Server listings prior to launch would be awesome.
  2. I hope they run the valentines event for a few weeks versus the one week since we are waiting on the release a month longer then expected. So many duplicate chibis during xmas. Never did get any of the special ones. Nice to get a second shot at them.
  3. I hope they drop it and don't say a word about a release date. Over the years I get tired of listening to all the people whining how they took the day off of work and release date was missed. I haven't had this much suspense and excitement since Scorched Earth was released. Although I won't lie. Knowing it should be coming within the next week or two has kinda killed doing anything in game for me.
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